DKC chapter 829: Welcome new translator rukis-mukis

Chapter 829 brought to you by rukis=mukis, June and Ninja. This chapter is a gift to celebrate Thanksgiving. I would also like to welcome our new translator Rukis-mukis.

Below are her words to readers:

Hi, I’m Elena and I go by rukis-mukis. I’m an university graduate from a small country in Europe, with a degree in Chinese studies. I just wanted a challenge during my time in university and well… I got it. I’m a huge bookworm, I could read non-stop, book after book. I joined the translators team here at MoonbunnyCafe as a comics translator at first, but then I wanted a bigger challenge, so I joined the DKC project. I’m a challenge freak, I guess? Anyway. It’s really nice to meet you, Readers, and I hope you enjoy our work!

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