DKC – Chapter 829

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Chapter 829 – Variant Red Acacia tree (5)

He took a few steps forward, fixed his ice-cold gaze at the sign, and suddenly, his lips curled into a stern sneer: “Purgatory City is something else, it’s been two years since they made the sign, and now it still looks as good as new.”

Being called out, Zi Yan’s face didn’t redden, nor did she gasp, saying: “Of course, this point is something Luoyu Palace Hall should learn from.”

Luo Haochen was stopped with a stifled breath held in his throat.

He heavily humphed coldly: “Don’t beat around the bush, Miss Zi Yan, how to resolve this matter, you give an account, otherwise, we can only use strength to decide.”

Luo Haochen, since the beginning, had not bothered to spare a glance at Su Luo.

In the beginning, he swept a glance at Su Luo, and discovered that she was merely an insignificant fifth rank, so he took her for Zi Yan’s attendant. Therefore, he did not directly look at her at all.

Zi Yan’s gaze and Su Luo’s eyes met and conferred.

Although they had just met, but they had a complete understanding of each other. With only a brief glance, they could understand what the other was thinking.

“What do you want to do?” In a negotiation, the first to offer a price would be in an inferior position.

Therefore, Zi Yan simply would not be the first to offer a price.

“There are five Red Acacia Seeds on this tree, we, the Luoyu Palace Hall, get three, you get two.” Luo Haochen spoke coldly.

“Ha——“ Zi Yan coldly laughed out loud.

She didn’t know about anything else, but Su Luo obviously needed three seeds, if she dared to agree, Su Luo would tear her up.

“No way! We get three, you get two.” Zi Yan’s expression was cold and stern.

“This also won’t do, we must get three!” Luo Haochen was also not someone easy to deal with.

“Then that’s to say, we won’t come to an agreement?”

“Miss Zi Yan, take a step back and look at the bigger picture.”

Zi Yan gave a sneer: “You want us Purgatory City to take a step back? Luo Haochen, you have huge guts!”

“Miss Zi Yan, you cannot represent the entire Purgatory City.” Luo Haochen frowned. If it was not for fear of Purgatory City, why should he waste so much words with her?

“Red Acacia seeds are on the tree, whoever grabs it first, it would belong to them, why speak so much nonsense?!” Zi Yan said coldly.

“Great! These are your own words!” Luo Haochen’s lips curled into a cold smile.

Zi Yan’s words just happened to match his intentions!

Seeing how quickly he agreed, a sudden feeling of unease appeared in Zi Yan’s heart. She took a furtive glance at Su Luo.

Su Luo shrugged her shoulders. Words after words, how could there be time to carefully ponder?

Since it had already reached this stage, then let’s see how this turned out.

She did not believe that the Red Acacia Seed, that even the little divine dragon could not pick, could actually be picked by the people from Luoyu Palace Hall.

“Elder Brother, let me go pick them.” Luo Dieyi perked up her pure baby doll-like face. A very unwavering, determined-to-win expression flashed through her eyes.

“Okay, go.” Luo Haochen nodded his head.

Zi Yan and Su Luo looked at each other, smiles visible in the depths of their eyes.

Both the little divine dragon and Zi Yan could not pick the seeds, how could this little girl Luo Dieyi pick it? Wasn’t this a joke?

However, in the next instant, Su Luo and Zi Yan’s expressions changed slightly.

Because Luo Dieyi pulled out a pair of white gloves that gave off silver lights from her sleeve, and slowly put them on.

As she was putting them on, she sent a provocative glance at Zi Yan that was full of disdain.

“Golden silkworm silver threaded gloves?” Zi Yan cried out in surprise.

“Considered you are also knowledgeable.” Luo Dieyi humphed coldly, and slowly walked towards the Red Acacia tree.

At that time, remorse was over Zi Yan’s face as she looked at Su Luo.

“It’s over, it’s over, it’s over…..if I lose the Red Acadia Seeds this time, will you beat me up?” Zi Yan was sullen, ashamed, and with a pitiful face, she looked at Su Luo.

Suddenly, a bad premonition appeared in Su Luo’s heart.

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