DKC chapter 586 Next chapter is a mini-cliffhanger

Chapter 586 is brought to you by June and Ninja. This chapter is gift for the one sponsored by Kittapak S. A warning the next chapter’s mini-cliffhanger question will be answered tomorrow… So if you don’t like cliffs then wait to read it tomorrow. You all have been warned 😉 As for the Taste of Chicago… I had alligator sausage, rattlesnake and rabbit sausage. Breaded steak sandwich, rib tips, seafood gumbo, Keifer soft sever ice cream….I also had Chicago’s famous Italian beef sandwich from Al’s number one.

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2 Responses to DKC chapter 586 Next chapter is a mini-cliffhanger

  1. Hope7 says:

    Thank you for the chapter. Looks like you have a great foodie adventure, that’s the correct way to travel😄

    • June says:

      that and a huge food coma… will see if I gained a few ponds from this and many other food adventures to come.

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