DKC – chapter 58 thank you my wonderful team

Today’s regular release of chapter 58 is here. Thanks to our translator Miss MuffinMan who managed to escape the clutches of her rambunctious younger cousin.. Oh no…she is being dragged away again… I pray for your safe return -.- Also a big thanks to our editor Brian who managed to sneak some time in from studying for  exams to complete this. All I did was tweak it a little and enjoyed my short break… As for tomorrow’s releases…I don’t know, I want to give Brian time off to study for exams… so we’ll see.

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2 Responses to DKC – chapter 58 thank you my wonderful team

  1. Midori says:

    Thank you—-!
    -waves to Miss MuffinMan- have fun—- i think video games usually work, to entertain the younger ones? Ahaha!
    Hm, many people have just finished/currently having/will be having their exams….truly the exam season! Horrifying! Lol! Well, it’s important to study indeed…

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