DKC – Chapter 58

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Chapter 58 – Unexpectedly it really was her!

“Jin, your highness Prince Jin?” Liu Ruohua sheepishly asked.

Nangong Liuyun, once again, threw an indifferent glance at her. His frosty eyes were like a pool of ice, remote and cold as he turned his back on her and knitted his eyebrows. “Why haven’t you scrammed yet?

To Nangong Liuyun, there were only two kinds of people: there were people he liked, and the others, who were all considered outsiders.

If you were able to be incorporated by him into his universe, he would absolutely shield you and be partial without any need for justification.

If you were unable to enter his world, he would always seem courageous but also very scathing, callous, cruel and bloodthirsty.

Currently in his eyes, there is only Su Luo. Everybody else was just fleeting like floating clouds.

Liu Ruohua bowed her head with respect before his majesty , but her hands were clenched into a fist.

Yes, there was no mistake! This gloomy, cold, indifferent person was like Asura, that seemed to come straight out of the center of hell. He was definitely his highness Prince Jin..

But, how could he……

Nangong Liuyun’s words were extremely harsh, and most normal women would have already been crying and sent fleeing by now; but Liu Ruohua was different. She already knew about Nangong Liuyun’s cold and callousness, so even if Nangong Liuyun’s words were extremely offensive, she still would not budge.

Su Luo looked at Liu Ruohua in a calm composed manner. A thread of admiration flashed across her eyes.

She never thought that a person’s face could be so thick-skinned. No matter what happened to her, she could not be driven away. At the same time, she was also a little curious, to what degree of outstanding had Nangong Liuyun reached, in order to make this young lady so persistent? .

“Are you full yet?” Nangong Liuyun’s voice sounded similar to nature, like the babbling of running water that warms the heart.

“Not yet.” In fact Su Luo could not eat anymore. But in order to watch this spectacular show, she pretended that she still wasn’t full yet.

How could Nangong Liuyun not know what she was thinking about? His distinctly jointed slim hand stroked toward her nose like fine jade. He gave a spoiled and indulgent smile. “If you can’t eat more, then don’t force yourself. If you want to watch the play, then this king will order them to perform it for you to watch”

“No need.” Su Luo gave a simple refusal . With one shove, she pushed Nangong Liuyun away from being so close to her.

Liu Ruohua was dazzled by his smile.

She could never have imagined that the ice-cold cruel highness Prince Jin could laugh. Nor could she believe that his laugh would be so tender-hearted that there would even be a hint of fawning feeling.

But, but that damn woman dared to reject him. She had even pushed his Royal Highness away.

Oh Heavens ! @$^er! Was she really this ignorant, or had this world just gone mad? To think there would exist a woman who would want to push his royal highness, Prince Jin away?!? Was she retarded?

At this moment, Liu Ruohua was about to collapse from jealousy. Her eyes earlier were pure and bright. But now it was glowing red from jealousy and laced with a bloodthirsty killing intent. She murderously glared at Su Luo, whom she wished she could hack into itty bitty pieces.

Su Luo hardly took it lying down and welcomed her murderous stare. Her mouth hooked into a distinctly cold arc, like indescribably brilliant fireworks that faded into misty nothingness.

Su Luo’s eyebrows declined slightly, cynically staring back at Lu Ruohua as if to taunt her.

Liu Ruohua, aren’t you very capable? Didn’t you rely on the fact that you are this country’s Prime Minister’s daughter, and together with Su Xi, treat the past Su Luo as a dog?

What about now? You must be very jealous right? Going mad huh? Really want to kill someone eh?

Liu Ruohua bit her lower lip, stressing each syllable, she asked furiously, “who are you?”

Su Luo shrugged, like Nangong Liuyun, she aired an identical attitude of disregard.

Liu Ruohua rushed forwards. She grabbed Su Luo’s hands and looked at her wrist. Suddenly her eyes widened, with cruel and cold eyes like the edge of a blade, gritting her teeth said. “You are Su Luo! You can not deny it. The knife wounds on your wrist were ones I caused!“

Su Luo did not deny it, she faintly smiled, “the third Miss Liu, pleased to meet you.”

“How could it be you!” Liu Ruohua would never have thought that filthy harlot, who looked like Su Luo, would actually be Su Luo.

Recalling earlier how his highness, Prince Jin was eagerly attentive while trying to curry her favor; this made Liu Ruohua almost crumble on the spot.

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