DKC chapter 513 Help us name a dragon!

Chapter 513 is second out of three regular chapter for the week brought to you by June and Ninja. Okay help me name this dragon. Currently we called it a Wyrm dragon, the Chinese is literally translated as lizard dragon. And when people curse it the Chinese would say lizard. So we have suggestion of calling it Land Wyrm because dragon seemed redundant. But when people curse it we would called it Wyrm…Any other cool names we could use instead that when shorten sounds like a cursed lizard… I was thinking of using firedrakes… but not sure this dragon even breath fire! Salamander? HELP US post suggestions below!!!!



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  1. Erebus says:

    Hard to say. Land Dragons typically can’t fly, and I seem to recall this one being able to… I wouldn’t use firedrakes, as drakes and dragons are different things, and fire doesn’t seem to be a core point of this dragon anyways…

    At this point, I think you’d be fine with either just Dragon or Lesser Dragon, and still have them call it a lizard for a curse, as it makes lots of sense. A dragon with no power is merely an overgrown lizard, no?

    • Erebus says:

      Definitely not salamander though, as that’s a completely different kind of animal, and much more fire centric. I think there might be some kind of fire rebirth associated with them too, but I’m rather rusty on my mythical animals, and I’ve never been great with chinese lore anyhow

    • June says:

      There will be lots of lesser dragons later so need to give them names now…

  2. Leafyeyes417 says:

    Maybe use wyvern instead? I’ve always heard that a lesser species of dragon were the wyverns.

  3. Just me says:

    Is it monitor lizard?

  4. Fundle says:

    how about a lizard drake? or just a drake? thats a lesser dragon right?

  5. Moo says:

    If I recall correctly wyverns have wings. Hence, if this is a land dragon it would be incorrect to call it a wyvern. I think Erebus’s suggestion is good. The term lesser dragon fits well and depending on what the physique of the dragon it could be called a lizard or serpent.

    • thisIsInCammelCase says:

      Scaly worm would also be a valid insult as well as plucked chicken, dumb dinosaurs, or oversized gator

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. hakaze says:

    Stoorworm or Stoor Worm. One of the lesser members of the dragon family according to legend. And can be called Worm for short!

  8. Riles says:

    Don’t know if this will help~
    Wyvern: dragon w/ back legs & wings, no forelegs or just front legs & wings, no back ones
    Lindworm: dragon w/o wings but can be quadraped, biped, limbless (think snake/serpent)
    Drake: a male duck… jk, drake is like generic term for any/all types of dragons

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