DKC – Chapter 50 and 51

Yeah half way to 100! Here are the final two regular chapters of the week. Bought to you by June, TheMuffinMan and Brian. TheMuffinMan told me to write a warning for chapter 50 so here goes; warning please have lots of cold water on hand!  I and Brian were sacrificed for this chapter while TheMuffinMan happily translated Chapter 51. Tomorrow we will start churning out the sponsored chapters. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to DKC – Chapter 50 and 51

  1. Tangmellina says:

    Fifty sounded like allot when I started reading the raws when you guys were around chapter 5 and 6, but then you realise there are over four thousand chaptersand you had to stop at around the 2000s because of mental fatigue. This girl gets to Damn lucky for all the trouble she gets into.

    • June says:

      It’s a long story. Right now more than 5000 chapters. As an addict i finished all the raws before translating. The story gets even better after they leave this world.

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