DKC – Chapter 51

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Chapter 51 – A strong and overbearing kiss (3)

“No, it’s okay.” Su Luo saw although his face was gloomy, the depths of his eyes held a childish feeling of being thwarted. She couldn’t help but think it was ridiculous. She slid a few steps back to be far from where he sat.

“Come here——,” said Nangong Liuyun with one hand supporting the back of his head. The other lush and jade-like hand beckoned towards Su Luo.

But the gaze he fixed upon Su Luo was with his deep enchanting and boundless pupils. His light, phoenix-like gaze narrowed. It seemed to hold a touch of laughter inside of it. From its disappearing, beautiful nature their hidden depth revealed an insufferably arrogant and noble haughtiness.

That effortlessness exuded the highest quality of a tyrannical king. It was a gaze that, just by seeing it, people would find it hard to defy such elegance and charm that resemble nature itself.

Su Luo perceptively shook her head.

She was not a fool. If she went over now, then wasn’t it voluntarily delivering herself to his door for him to ravage? Of course she didn’t want that!

However, Nangong Liuyun’s beautiful, elegantly thin, rosy-pink, lips started to rise His mouth suddenly issued out a whistling sound. It was a crisp whistle that was loud and resounding.

Suddenly, the Dragon Scaled Horse galloping at lighting speed, by scattering open its four hoofs, abruptly raised up both front hoofs. It followed up with a mighty whine.

However because of the stop, the horse carriage suddenly began to twist, and, not in the least bit on-guard, Su Luo got violently thrown back——

Without the time to react, she had again fallen back into Nangong Liuyun’s embrace.

Before she could sit back up, Nangong Liuyun’s slender, powerful hands dared to clamp like steel around Su Luo’s wrist. His enchanting and devilishly sly lips turned upwards, carrying a trace of arrogance and haute.

His pair of dark, obsidian-like eyes, shone luminously and firmly locked onto Su Luo’s face. The corner of his mouth raised into a wicked laugh. Such a laugh made Su Luo somewhat scared within the depths of her heart.

“You, what are you doing!” Su Luo unconsciously hugged her plump, well-endowed bosoms. Her stammering tone betrayed her guilty conscience.

“You said you won’t come over. Yet didn’t you just take the initiative to deliver yourself into my arms?” His eyes contained an evil and stern smiling expression.

“Obviously this is due to the fact that you cheated!” Su Luo bitterly threw him a glance.

He and his Dragon Scaled Horse had conspired to set her up . So instead of distancing herself, she could have been said to have thrown herself into his arms. It really was truly preposterous!

“So what?” Nangong Liuyun’s smile was really infuriating His eyes turned into peach blossom as they started to shine brightly, “If you have the ability you can also go and catch such a horse. Ah, but right now you should be compensating this king for his time.”

“What do you want?” Su Luo felt she was extremely unlucky at this point.

Nangong Liuyun supported his forehead with one hand, and allowed his soft fine black hair to flow down swiftly. He really did carry such a devilish charm that despite acting wild and rash, it was making him out to be the ultimate lure.

He unhurriedly spoke with a deep and alluring voice. His beautiful, dark eyes resembled a sinister pit of darkness and profoundly mysterious that did not allow people to see into his thoughts.

“How about serving this king.” The corner of Nangong Liuyun’s dark eyebrows raised slightly. As he glanced around: inside of his eyes flashed prettily and flirtatiously, with a touching smile.

Nangong Liuyun’s pair of snow-white hands gracefully swirled the wine cup made of jade celadon. While taking a light sip from time to time, his appearance was happy and content.

“How do you want to be served?” Su Luo expressed that she completely did not know.

Nangong Liuyun with a joyful expression shot her a quick glance. His entire body leaned on top of the soft cushion, giving off an lazy impression. From his long and narrow elegant almond-shaped eyes emerges a smiling expression. “What do you think?”

Su Luo thought about it, picked up the white jade wine jar, artfully poured a cup of wine, and handed it to Nangong Liuyun. “Once you drink this cup of wine, with one stroke we’ll write off what happened in the past! Come, let’s drink.”

Nangong Liuyun, unable to take his eyes off Su Luo, used his beautiful eyes suspiciously to size her up. Suddenly, his mouth formed into an extremely charming, devilish smile, and using Su Luo’s hands , his red lips inhaled the amber colored grape wine in one mouthful.

But, his pair of gloomy deep eyes were always burningly fixed on Su Luo.

The corner of his mouth was perfectly curved, and a scarlet drop of wine rolled down it. This gave off a pretty and flirtatious charm but also cold and blood-thirsty.

Being watched attentively by such a wild and coarse wolf-like stare, Su Luo’s heart secretly shouted to herself, “not good!” She turned around wishing to retreat, but who would have known that Nangong Liuyun already single-handedly clasped onto the back of her head, immobilizing her body. After that, a dense shadow came to envelope her.

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  1. Mr. Tank yu says:

    thanks for the slightly perverted updates!! hoping for more!! I mean “more perverted”.. lol.. xD

  2. libraryrocker says:

    Thank you very, very much for all your hard work!!! How is she going to escape???? XD

    • Jaimy says:

      Why escape? If it was me I would willingly sip the poison, voluntarily jump into the fire, run into the heart of a stormy tornado, go down the most powerful whirlpool…….. Sighing with stars in my eyes and cotton in my brain……..Nangong Liuyun………the last word uttered, the last breath released. If this is infatuation with an imaginary man created in a fantasy book am I crazy?

  3. Midori says:

    Thank you very much!
    Lol—-! So much tension—-! I’m hoping for su kuo to get stronger soon, though!

  4. iloveit says:

    Thx for the Ch. 😉
    can’t wait to know what happens in the next one…

  5. Mech@ says:

    haha pretty hot stuff! Thanks for the chapters

  6. notSoMoved says:

    After all the hype you guys created…… is this was it….????
    what the heck….are you all a bunch of little children….????
    It’s just a kiss…what’s so perverted about it….???
    with all your hype….i thought there would be sex or something…… disappointment

    • June says:

      We are translating a romance, not erotica 🙂 Some of the best romance books hold a reader’s attention through anticipation. The x rated stuff will only come after marriage in Chinese novels set in ancient times.

      • Arkeus says:

        Sadly, the ‘romance’ aspect of the whole thing is one of its worse written point 🙁 I am pretty sure it must work with a lot of people, but as I read through the raws Nangong Liuyun quickly turned into a char I would have really, really liked to be killed offscreen.

        • June says:

          Oh he had his bad moments… But I think at the bottom of why I like him is his complete unrealistic devotion to her. No other women seem to exist for him….

          • blah says:

            That’s called “being a stalker”, not romantic *rolls eyes* Even if she’s the only one in his eyes, that’s great and all… except he doesn’t bother to ask her opinion on the matter or find out if she wants to be in his eyes at all in the first place. I know later it’ll work out and they’ll be together etc but that doesn’t change the fact that this is simply stalker behavior, and it’s a bit worrying that you actually like and defend the behavior, might be some underlying issues there…

    • Ros says:

      If it makes you happier, you can pretend those parts were edited out and use your imagination? (that’s what I do with every chapter that authors *forget* to put a dragon in)

      • Ros says:

        Speaking of which, does the dragon scaled horse count as a dragon? because if not, I was super surprised when the dragon tried to eat it. Good thing it had those reflexes!

        • June says:

          The dragon scaled horse does not count as dragon. It’s just a normal looking horse with fish scales. So since dragon like horses it will even eat this one. Later on lots of different dragon species will be introduced.

  7. chronos5884 says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

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    Thanks for the chapters!

  9. jkcdeo says:

    for an assassin, shes so easily flustered. she should learn from Liu Yue

    that “appearance describing”- whatchacallit, is getting kinda… you know

    • June says:

      What Liu Yue is not a little flustered when she’s with her king in DOP? Or did I get the wrong novel? I feel Nangong Liuyun is much stronger character than his equivalent in DOP. Probably why I’m translating this:) Hope you at least like the story. It will get only better from here.

  10. Arua says:

    I like this story but… all those eyes, eyebrows, smiles, lips, hands, skin complexion description every single paragraph are tiring somehow… The author is wasting so much words to describe a 2 min long scene, the story isn’t progressing.

    I mean, seriously, almost nothing happened in the whole chapter, and what happened could be summarized in 3 sentences.

    Well thank you for the translation though…

  11. Jenny Ha says:

    Wait… he CLASPED the BACK of her HEAD? That means he tightly grabbed onto the back of her head… A little kinky but ok.

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