DKC chapter 1284: Happy early Thanksgiving

Chapter 1284 brought to you by June and Ninja. A gift for Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow. Unfortunately I will be flying to NYC for the holiday so tomorrow’s release will be all over the place. Thanks for understanding. Happy Turkey day.

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2 Responses to DKC chapter 1284: Happy early Thanksgiving

  1. jovination says:

    Aww I just donated expecting more chapters right away :'(

    Jokes, love this series and your translation of it, Have a good holiday ^^

    Didn’t realize this was like 10 thousand chapters long if novelupdates is to be believed (is it?). Keep up the good work.

    • June says:

      Yes it’s over 10,000 chapters long 🙁 but it could be split into a couple of novels. e.g. first 3300 chapters finish their story in this world… then they go to the spirit world (or higher up world). As for donations, once I’m informed by Alyschu the chapters will be immediately released 🙂

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