dkc 1545: Sponsored by Lady Paola F.

Chapter 1545 brought to you by June and Ninja. Chapter sponsored by Lady Paola F for sponsoring this Sunday and next Sunday’s release (1 out of 2 completed). Otherwise I would have taken Sunday off and jumped in the ocean for a swim! Thankfully I was saved from the sunburn.

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2 Responses to dkc 1545: Sponsored by Lady Paola F.

  1. Paola N.F. says:

    It was nothing 😳🙈, do you have patreon? luv this novel… waiting to read more! 💜💜

    • June says:

      I haven’t had time to setup patreon since I manage/translate 2 novels. so if I get too much from patreon I won’t be able to keep up with the sponsors.

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