Destruction Flag Otome’s LIGHT NOVEL IS HERE

UPDATE: Special thanks to J.P. for donating so imperfectluck can get volume 1! Donation goal has been met!

Come and get it while it’s still hot! Destruction Flag Otome‘s light novel is now out! You can now buy volume 1 to support the author from either cdjapan or Amazon. I’d recommend cdjapan because of its cheaper shipping rate.. xD

Also, imperfectluck has a few words to say to you guys. He’s not going to be back until the 1st of September so I’m helping him make this announcement beforehand. He says this: Destruction Flag Otome light novel is out so help a poor translator get it so you all can enjoy the extra chapters too

Yes, there are extra chapters in the light novel so if you want them translated, go donate so he can get the light novel! The quicker we reach our goal, the quicker he receives the book. Our donation goal for now is a total of 1548 yen (US$ 12.69) for imperfectluck to get volume 1.

I’m going to be helping imperfectluck with this, so you can either donate to [email protected] via paypal or go to my group’s bio page and donate to “Other” in the drop down menu. Be sure to mention that it’s for Destruction Flag Otome. It’s better if you donate to the email because the fee’s lower (or non existent if you’re in the US) but it’s up to you guys. I will only be counting the amount after the PayPal fee. PayPal’s Fee Overview.


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11 Responses to Destruction Flag Otome’s LIGHT NOVEL IS HERE

  1. chibi says:

    Who the heck is in the cover õ.Ô?
    Bakarina really have a face of a villainess in the cover, but is still cute.
    Jared is obvious…. but the one at the back…… is it Alan O.o?
    Why not Keith?!!!
    The guys look quite strong, but it somehow fits. Bakarina is cute, but when she want she can mace that face of a villainess~

  2. Ageha says:

    excuse me alyschu may i ask? the light novel is it in english from cdjapan coz i cant read japan?

  3. Kyanpufa says:

    In the cover there are “1”, so is this vol.1? And there will be vol.2?

  4. rizu says:

    So that Bakarina. Trully face of evil side character.

  5. OneSin says:

    Bought , and the shipping fee is actually higher than the cost of the book lol.

  6. Caromokyulin says:

    Want… droll…

  7. Must tell the world! Here s the original link about this happening and the extra chapters in the light novel!

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