Story of a Careless Demon Volume 6 Chapter 15

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Volume 6, Chapter 15: The Demon-God War, Part 2


“[… he…l…p]”




Suddenly, I heard [sounds] in my head.

I don’t understand what the extent of that power is. I can’t see the whole picture…… Even for me, being a [Devil], even though I had power beyond both Onzada-kun and Yuuki-kun together, I could see that giant light rising into the sky…… it’s not unlike looking at a [Pillar].

An aggregation of human desires and dreams.

A whirlwind of ‘prayers’ filled with desires, a God that was created only for ‘humans’.

The ultimate ideal of humans…… a true God.

The true god…… [Tokyo]………




A quiet earthquake shook the entire city of Tokyo.

Was it scared? Was it angry? All I could say with certainty was that this [Full God – Tokyo] regarded me as an enemy.

That [Power], seething strongly like magma, boiled over and rose like steam from the city of Tokyo…… and it started to create something.


Judging by their appearance, they were translucent Oni larger than a human being. With all that collected desire, were they collecting and strengthening the evil spirits? From that Oni, I could feel a similar power to that of a Lesser Demon.

There were tens of thousands of them…… They weren’t my match one-on-one, but with this many of them, I would waste time and power.


“[Yurushia, I will attack from underneath with that Onzada guy]”


As Rinne told me to keep an eye on it, the black dots below me moved restlessly.

“[We should quickly move before that Devil gets here.]”

“…… Oh well.”

At times like this, if it had been the normal Rinne, he would have plunged in and bitten both of them. For him to be staying on my shoulder not doing so… just how weak has he gotten……?


For now, I folded in my wings, and dived downwards.

I couldn’t see Yuuki-kun, did he think I had disappeared? Or was he attacked by those priest people who’d returned? …… Was Onzada-kun turned traitor by them?

“… [Blow Away] …”

My Holy Spirit magic blew away all the priests who looked like Onzada-kun. ……Of course, I put Onzada-kun in the center of the explosion?

As I descended, I found Onzada-kun and called out to him.

“Are you alright?”

“You’re so ridiculous, Yuuzu!”

Onzada-kun was fine even though he had been covered in soil.

“What about Yuuki-kun?”

“He went somewhere else. Perhaps his family? You’re spouting nonsensical things again.”

“Excuse me.”

I don’t mean to stay quiet about this, but I feel like hearing Yuuki-kun’s impression of me, but I stopped because no matter how I put it sounded bad.

“That guy’s acting like a newlywed…… it gives me stress.”

As Onzada-kun talked, he took a sip from his bottle as he sat down on a rock.

“is that sake again?”

“I didn’t get along well with the Buddhist monks. After working all night, I would look forward to eating ramen and having drinks at Yuuki’s shop while on my way home.”

“The work in a temple…… is that the sake from the blessing?”

“Yep, it’s as you expected.”

“How does that make it any different?”

I wonder…… I feel like a totally useless adult.


“…… Yuzu, could you do something about that?”

Onzada-kun spoke out a little seriously, gesturing towards that flock of Onis, the [True God Tokyo] …… Still, in any case, it’s already been decided. Because my aim is to take care of them too.

“That one that looks like a [Oni], is probably what [Oyama] uses as a proxy. Those guys, while they stayed in the temple, they were placing magics upon Yuzu, all in preparation for a fight.”

“…… Are you using the power of that [Existence]?”

“Aah, that’s right. It seems that they draw power through the shrine maidens.”

“…… That is to say: that girl, is also nearby?”

Smiling as I asked him, Onzada-kun nodded slowly as he swallowed his spit.

“Yes. She should be in one of the nearby temples.”

“…… Got it.”


I nodded and looked about quietly for the flock of Oni.

They’re getting closer. This place is no longer safe. If that was a summoning, then maybe it was coming here to save the monks who’ve fallen here.

“Onzada-kun, you should leave here. If at all possible, leave Tokyo…”

“[Yurushia, I’m staying with this guy.]”


Rinne suddenly said such a thing, and Onzada-kun suddenly started, surprised by the black cat talking.

“[Now, it’s only that hindrance left. Because of that I’ve recovered a little…… due to Onzada, amongst other things. Let me guide you to a place where the miasma is stronger]”

“…… I-I understand.”


I don’t know what happened, but I guess I’ve leave Onzada-kun to Rinne?

“Well then, I’m off.”

[Don’t relax your guard.]

“Be careful!”


I spread out my bat wings and flew into the sky. At the same time, a group of the Oni approached and attacked.

“[The Darkness that the Light fears…… come forth, Spear of Darkness] …”

Towards the Oni that were blocking my way like a wall, I pierced them all and cleared a path with the [Spear of Darkness]




The Oni let out raw screams. Maybe, that’s the screams of the people who were manipulating the projections?

As the Oni were extinguished, it seems like the damage also transferred over.

I flew in the direction of the city of Tokyo and cast magic while surrounded by the Oni.


“[The Darkness that fears the light…… Pierce, Bow of Darkness] …”


I released hundreds of arrows from the Oni-less sky over the city of Tokyo.

All of them aimed at the [True God, Tokyo] …… It overlapped with the streets of Tokyo, so if I chose to shoot it, it would be easier to hit.




Feeling the pain, or was it fear? [True God, Tokyo] trembled, and the city of Tokyo shook like under an earthquake, the windowpanes cracked.

I could hear screaming from the city……

Anxiously looking up into the sky were a few people who saw the [Oni] and had their faces cramp up in fear.

They could see the [Oni]…… But, I wasn’t going to be prudent. I didn’t have that in the first place.


There were too many people in this world, and because they destroyed the natural environment and clustered up there’s no magic power around, and all the spirits and Demons are gone.

Because of that, the balance of circle of reincarnation has collapsed, and the world is beginning to collapse.

‘Humanity’, who has lost its natural enemy, needs to ‘fear’.

It was necessary to respect that which could not be seen with fear, and necessary to restore the spirits.

Therefore…… ‘I’ had been summoned to this ‘world’.

To deliver the blessings of a Demon to this world that was beginning to decline……


Well, cover story aside.


“[Spear of Darkness] …!”


At the center of Tokyo…… no, at the heart of the [True God Tokyo], I threw a spear of darkness with all my might.

The spear roared as it flew, destroying hundreds of Oni as it flew towards Tokyo.





An enormous quake shook Tokyo, blocking off my [Spear of Darkness], as the tsunami-like shockwave emanated from [True God Tokyo].

“[Brilliant Shield]!”

I blocked that off quickly, but my consciousness grew hazy for a moment from the sheer force of that impact.

…… As expected of a god.

Following that gap where I lost my posture for an instant, the group of Oni attacked again.

Right now, even a [God] would have barely been an opponent for [True God Tokyo], and moreover, I couldn’t keep up with the countless opponents.


“[Dark winter that falls from the sky] ……”


Although I’m not good at it, it’s not like I’m unable to do ranged attacks, you know? And, the range of this magic…… is the entirety of the city of Tokyo.


“… [Rain of Darkness] …”


As I cast my spirit magic, the entirety of the blue sky was covered with dark clouds.

And falling with the black rain that came from the clouds was a massive magic that struck at the spirits.

“Hey, if you don’t block it, the humans will be harmed, you know?”

Somehow, that sounds like a line a supervillain would use.

They might not have heard my voice, but tens of thousands of the Oni gathered to try and prevent the Rain of Darkness.

It won’t cause them a lot of damage, but their movements are sealed…… right?

Those Oni are not the [True God Tokyo], and it seems that the monks have the power to decide their own actions.




The streets of Tokyo are rumbling again.

What is it this time? Were you getting impatient at the Oni who weren’t moving as you expected? From the land of Tokyo, an immense [Power] erupted, and created something massive.

“…… A Dragon…? No, a snake?”

Simply put, it’s just a snake-like shape, almost as if a child was trying to draw it with a pen and scribbled it out sloppily.

However, I still feel a strong power.

Around 10 of those things came out. Among them, there was a particularly large eight-necked snake that had the overpowering feeling of an Arch Demon.

Finally, you’re getting serious, forming your own [Underlings].



“…… I too, have to call out to my own underlings”

Whether they’d come or not was a gamble. But the odds are in my favor.

“…… [Demon Summoning] ……”


As I cast my summoning magic, a huge [layered magic formation] formed in the air.

I don’t know why, but I don’t have any compulsion in my summoning magic, and I can only summon things that voluntarily cooperate. …… such as marine products.

But when I came here, Rinne told me that they would follow me. Even if I didn’t know where the Holy Kingdom was, if they were trying to follow me and came close……


“Come on now…… my cute little attendants……”


The dark cloud that remained in the sky got even darker, enough to turn the day into night.

In opposition to the god’s underlings, four pillars of light faded as they pierced through the sky, thunder roaring as four humanoid figures appeared.




The demons that came into this world…… four terrifying arch demons that rivaled the power of a greater spirit that could cause a natural disaster.




Like several thousand people running their nails down blackboards at the same time, the laughter of the rejoicing demons echoed throughout Tokyo, shattering the glass windows of Tokyo skyscrapers.

I could hear humans screaming from the ground. While the demons laughed and rejoiced at that.

You guys, you’re getting too ahead of yourself with happiness.





Ripping up the Oni that blocked their way, my four follower Demons flew to my four sides.

The first two to come were the girls with blonde and silver hair in maid dresses. As Fannie instantly jumped for my chest and Tina followed, I grabbed onto her face out of habit.

“W- Wryy?”

“…… Ah, sorry, I’m glad to see you again.”

As I grabbed onto Tina’s cheeks with a *punipuni* and humored her, the brother and sister duo approached me after annihilating the surrounding Oni.

“It has been too long. Master.”

“Yurushia-sama, we’ve arrived~”

“Everyone, it’s been too long…… you’ve worked hard. Are you all aware of what’s happening?”

As I asked them somewhat unreasonably, Nea the Escort Knight, and Tina the maid who didn’t understand at all confidently nodded, while Fannie busied herself fawning on me and wasn’t listening in the first place. Among them, Noa the butler was grinning.

“It’s not a problem. We are your arms and your legs. Your sword and shield. Please give us our orders.”

“Yes, ah, well.”

I grinned broadly gave them their orders.


“Destroy these knaves who are obstructing me.”




Well, the preparations are complete…… but, to leave the four of them, who are Arch Demons, is it alright to let them be?

As they scattered despite my worries, I took out something like a ‘key’ from my pocket and slotted it into the sky.


“[Open…… [Lost Eden] …]”


Suddenly, from the remaining clouds that were dyed black…… a [Door] opened.

“……… Uwaah.”


What is this…… I didn’t hear about this.

Thousands of [Greater Demon]-like evil beings appeared from there and descended upon the city of Tokyo just like black snow.



“There are no problems. All of them are a part of Yurushia-sama’s army.”

“I-is that so?”

Well, whatever…… But now, we no longer have an issue with numbers.

Well then, I’ll give them their orders. It’s a bit exciting.


“Greater Demons!”




As I called out to them, thousands of them looked up to me and cheered.


“Rout the Oni. Broil the puppet masters.”




And so, the battle between the God’s underlings, and the Demon army began.

There were some differences in number, but their strengths were nearly equal.

In the town that was covered in darkness as if deep at night, the [Demons] and [Oni] clashed with one another.

For the people who were living in the Tokyo area, they looked uneasily at the dark sky, and among them, some of those who could ‘see’ knelt on the spot with an expression of despair as if the Apocalypse had come.




As I chanted my spirit magic to use it to peer and check on the [True God Tokyo], I finally found what I wanted from the temple that was under attack by the Demons.

Wearing a lascivious kimono like a poor villain in some horribly-remembered period play, a woman who had twenty-something pretty boys serving her wandering around, came out in a panic with a fearful expression.


“I found you…… Matsuri…”


Author’s Notes:

Next time, the actions of Onzada and Rinne?


App’s Notes:

Well, here we are. The time skip was a bit jarring, but it really is good to be back to what we signed up for at the start of all this, the 4 kings being back really brings it home for me.

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