Demon King Reincarnation, Fixes, Only Sense Online

Chapter 3 of Demon King Reincarnation is out and I have changed the code for the collapsing menu. I’m really bad at coding and such, but it should work on all devices now. Tell me ASAP in Feedback if you’re still encountering problems.

I introduced choco, a translator on my team to Only Sense Online (OSO) and she was hooked! Then I casually mentioned that it had a manga that was untranslated and now choco is the head translator of this new manga that we’re picking up! To be honest, I think I was planning to pick on OSO but I encountered RRS’s manga and life happened so OSO was put in the back burner.. Anyways, let’s all thank choco for volunteering to pick it up!!

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  1. Hoho, OSO manga huh. It’s absolutely in my top 5 for LNs, if you need help with cleaning or proof reading for the manga I’d be willing, since I do have a day job and do some other things my schedule is a bit slow, but I can definitely assist if you need the help.

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