CBGC – Chapter 27 Part 1

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Chapter 27.1: My Subordinate

The disdain in her eyes was too apparent and it caused Spiritual Master Lingwu’s expression to become even colder. He stared without blinking at Su Tingyun. Being stared at by him was like being shot at with ice awls. The gaze stabbed into Su Tingyun so much her entire body turned cold. The Spiritual Master Lingwu simply looked at her quietly like this for a while. Then, he spoke mildly, “Wei Yun has accidentally killed. I hope Comrade Nie will handle this matter while taking circumstances into account.”

Spiritual Master Lingwu has actually pleaded for leniency, so how could the Law Enforcement cultivators dare to refuse? In any case, the person that died wasn’t anyone important. They were all just some low-level cultivators. If it weren’t for the fact that a death had occurred, he wouldn’t have even bothered looking at these low-level ants. Thinking thus far, Nie Qunshan replied straightforwardly, “Since it’s like this, there’s no need to bring her back to the Law Enforcement Hall. She can just isolate herself and think over her mistakes.”

Right at this moment, Chu Yuerong suddenly spoke up, “She was clearly having a night rendezvous with that man. She probably ended up fighting with him over something and killed him to silence him. How could this count as killing someone accidentally?”

When everyone’s eyes shot towards her, Chu Yuerong’s heart violently trembled for a moment and her eyelids also continuously twitched. However, since things had already gotten to this point, she could only toughen her scalp and continue. “Why would she run all the way out here in the middle of the night instead of staying in her own room? There’s no way someone else kidnapped her and brought her here?”

“I was in the Book Repository reading.” After she forcefully managed to spit out those words, Su Tingyun pressed her hand against her chest and panted heavily. Currently, Su Tingyun felt horrible. She felt dizzy, her eyes were unfocused, and the world kept spinning. She was already starting to see in doubles and everyone looked very blurry. It was clear she wouldn’t be able to hold on for much longer.

“Oh? You recognize words? Before we left, your son even requested for us to look after you, saying that you don’t know how to speak and is completely illiterate. That if you accidentally offended us somehow, we should please excuse it.” Chu Yuerong was able to seize a loophole within Su Tingyun’s words. Originally, she was extremely tense but now her emotions relaxed. Her tone was rather smug as she pronounced, “Thus, you are certainly lying!”

The Law Enforcement Hall carried out matters based on the sect rules and always judged fairly. Originally, they had wanted to give Spiritual Master Lingwu some face. However, unexpectedly, a cultivator of his own school has started to create a disturbance. If the person really was lying, then this incident might not be an accidental killing. However, in the end, the way they will handle it will depend on Spiritual Master Lingwu’s attitude.

Su Lijiang has always felt that this Wei Yun in front of him was a little strange.

The person was someone Master had repeatedly urged him to bring back and they really did not bring back the wrong person. She was able to walk up the Cloud Ascending Stairs while carrying a person; that tenacity and determined personality did not change even a tiny bit. That’s why he had said she did not change from the past.

In the past, Wei Yun forced him to marry her. She was also not someone that cared about his attitude, nor did she fear offending him. That’s why, when she called him Spiritual Master and acted respectful and humble, Su Lijiang had felt a bit suspicious. There was also that time when she comforted that young girl, and right now, the way she was bewildered after killing someone; these reactions seemed different from those of the Wei Yun in his memory.

Wei Yun had already killed before during those troubled times. If it weren’t for the fact that she killed those enemy troop scouts the way she chopped vegetables, he would already be dead.

If she wasn’t Wei Yun, then her body must have been possessed by a cultivator. However, that jade ring of his recognized its master by their spirit and there was indeed the aura of Wei Yun present. Su Lijiang was certain that he wouldn’t mistake this fact. That’s why he was currently a little puzzled. However, on second thought, he had only been with Wei Yun for half a year. In that half a year, Wei Yun had rushed about every day: for the sake of his injuries, for the sake of keeping them alive, for the sake of surviving the conflicted times. That’s why he only knew that strong Wei Yun.

In the time span of fifty years, she had changed from a violent country woman to the highest ranking madam of a country. Perhaps after getting older, she had forgotten those filthy things of the past. Perhaps killing someone again after all this time had uncovered the memories of all those years of suffering that she had forgotten.

That was also a scar in her heart.

She definitely thought that he was the one who arranged for that person. That was why she would use that kind of gaze to look at him.

Due to the jade ring, although Su Lijiang was puzzled, he was still certain that this was Wei Yun. He was just about to speak when he heard a voice come from far away. “Damned old woman, why haven’t you come back yet?”

Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Yours Truly

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