CBGC – Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: Took a Person’s Life

Su Tingyun felt extremely nervous, yet she couldn’t show anger towards the opponent. She forced herself to calm down, then said with a laugh, “Never thought that Big Brother Chang would take a fancy to me. Wei Yun is truly…” She slightly lowered her head as if feeling bashful. Old Wax Head was pretty happy to see this and reached out to grab her hand. These hands of the Old Madam had countless calluses and her fingers were thick and coarse. Only after Su Tingyun had used the White Jade Dew did these warped and twisted fingers become more normal. However, that finger hooped with the ring was still as deformed as it used to be.

However, Old Wax Head kept touching it. “Lady Wei is such a competent and considerate person, of course I would fall for you.”

When he felt the jade ring that contained spiritual energy, he became even more delighted.

Su Tingyun was unbelievably disgusted and all the hairs on her body rose up. However, she still had to squeeze her throat and feign sweetness as she said, “Big Brother Chang, there’s clearly only a small road outside this Book Repository, how did a sea of grass end up appearing?”

“Oh, this is an array board that I had specially found. It’s just right to set up a place for us to discuss passion and talk of love.” After he finished speaking, he pounced up to kiss Su Tingyun’s face. Su Tingyun hastily said, “Since Big Brother Chang has harmonious feelings with me, why not find a time to bow to the heaven and earth and complete the rites to become husband and wife? This desolate wilderness is truly not appropriate for the occasion.”

Unexpectedly, Old Wax Head’s eyes turned, then he spoke seriously, “Precisely only with this – the heaven and earth acting as matchmaker and the sea of grass as a woven mat – can my true feelings be expressed to you. I intend to live a long life with you on this piece of heaven and earth.”

His array had a time limit, so he didn’t plan to dally anymore. No matter what, he had to make the uncooked rice into cooked rice first so that he didn’t have to worry about this old woman running off. Thus, he got rid of his clothing and pants in a few swipes, then moved to tug at Su Tingyun’s clothes. Su Tingyun originally wanted to calm him down in order to get past this ordeal before dealing with the rest. She never expected that though he sounded as if he would talk reasonably, his movements were resolute and he hadn’t been confused by her words at all.

As he approached, Su Tingyun’s arms and legs were bound so she gritted her teeth and rammed her entire body over like a bug. With this, she and Old Wax Head hit the floor at the same time. However, she was still bound so after hitting the floor, she started squirming like an earthworm, unable to get up.

“Stinkin’ old hag, I gave you face but you didn’t take it.” Old Wax Head’s entire body hurt from being rammed. He got up and rubbed his arms, then strode over and slapped Su Tingyun.

“Shameless old thing!” After he finished speaking, he pressed down on top of her. This time, he didn’t bother with her clothes and just pulled Su Tingyun’s pants downward. Su Tingyun was extremely alarmed and struggled as if her life depended on it. However, it was futile. As she saw her pants about to be pulled off, she felt as if she had been struck by thunder.

Why would it be like this?

In the deathly pale moonlight, the swaying sea of grass, that wretched, disgusting old man sitting on top of her…

How could he dare? How could he dare!? He clearly knew that she was someone working for an Alchemy Master now…

Could it be, this is the retaliation Spiritual Master Lingwu had in store for her?

Su Tingyun’s eyes were completely red as she used all her strength to struggle. She faintly felt the rope loosen. However, this movement also attracted Old Wax Head’s attention. He once again flung another slap at Su Tingyun while sending spiritual energy into the rope. The spiritual energy of someone at the second stage of Spirit Condensation was a little weak for this Spirit Binding Rope. With Su Tingyun’s struggling, Old Wax Head felt that all the spiritual energy in his body had been used up and was panting a little. Even that toy for doing bad things seemed not as strong as he hoped.

He was also quite old and his physique was rather thin and weak. It had taken him quite a lot of energy to subdue this violent woman. He thought for a little bit, then pulled out the sex drive boosting medicinal pill he got earlier from that person.

“Big Brother’s little brother is hard as iron. Once I enter, I’ll definitely make you comfortable. At that time, you’ll be good and obedient.”

Su Tingyun had already seen Old Wax Head’s dirty thing in the moonlight. She was so disgusted she wanted to vomit, but her entire body was bound so tightly she couldn’t even budge. What to do? What to do!? As she saw the person about to pounce on her, Su Tingyun’s brain droned loudly. At this moment, she recalled the gold-colored little bugs that had been pinched to death by her.

Spiritual consciousness attacks. She couldn’t move and her spiritual energy also could not be used, so she could only rely on spiritual consciousness attacks.

Su Tingyun closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and forcefully calmed down. She wanted to find where the opponent’s primordial spirit was just like the way she looked for the gold-colored bugs hidden on the Purple Costus Root. Old Wax Head’s mood improved when he saw her like this and his movements became a little gentler. He decided to even move closer to kiss Su Tingyun’s mouth.

At this same moment, Su Tingyun sensed it. She envisioned her spiritual consciousness as a needle blade and shot it towards the primordial spirit inside Old Wax Head’s dantian sea of consciousness.

Her spiritual consciousness churned and Su Tingyun felt a head-splitting pain. Suddenly, she opened her eyes wide. Her originally narrow and small eyes at this moment flashed with dazzling light and it seemed as if countless sharp blades shot out of her eyes towards Old Wax Head. Old Wax Head was originally smiling obscenely, but at this instant, his eyes budged out and that image of his wax yellow face was abnormally sinister.

His body turned rigid, and a second later, collapsed heavily on top of Su Tingyun. At that same instant, Su Tingyun discovered that the rope binding her had loosened. Having lost its master’s control, the Spirit Binding Rope became an ordinary rope and Su Tingyun was able to get out of it easily. She pushed away Old Wax Head and turned over to climb to her feet. She hastily pulled her pants up and ran out ten feet before she could bring herself to look back at the Old Wax Head who was lying prone in the grass, naked.

He’s dead.

She killed someone.

Su Tingyun’s hands and feet were ice cold, yet her entire body kept emitting sweat and her back was drench through as if she had been fished out of water. Her legs felt weak so she couldn’t stand steadily. Every time she took a step, she would tremble. All around was the sea of grass. Su Tingyun didn’t dare to approach the corpse and could only head outwards, almost blindly. All that was in her head was to get away from that gradually chilling corpse. Yet at this moment, several rays of light broke through the pitch-dark night and illuminated the sky like shooting stars. In the next instant, those shooting stars landed next to her.

At the same time, the sea of grass vanished and she returned to the little cobblestone road again. She had clearly gritted her teeth and walked far away, yet Old Wax Head’s corpse was not even a meter away from her.

The person leading the group of people was a middle-aged man about thirty years old. He had on a steadfast stern expression and wore a black robe and black boots, giving off a very severe air. Behind the man was two men and one woman, all wearing the same black clothes. There was a sword embroidered on the front of their clothes, indicating that they were cultivators from the Law Enforcement Hall of Wuliang Sect.

“You’ve kill someone!” The person that arrived didn’t ask anything and just shouted this sternly. His voice rumbled like thunder, vibrating in Su Tingyun’s already unbearably aching skull so much that she felt even worse. It was like an enormous wave had surged up in her spiritual consciousness, paining her so much her facial color turned ashen. Her mood churned and it felt like her five visceras and six bowels all shifted a spot over.

Su Tingyun had been retching in disgust the entire time earlier. At present, she finally managed to vomit. She first vomited filth, then blood. She coughed blood out by large mouthfuls as if she was about to cough up her lungs. Fresh blood splashed onto the cobblestone road in a jarring sight.

At this time, several other rays of light shot down. It was actually Spiritual Master Lingwu of Heaven Firmament Peak. Behind him was Chu Ling, Chu Yuerong, and Chu Yu. After they landed, Chu Ling was shocked to see Su Tingyun coughing blood and took out a bottle of medicinal pills. However, she didn’t continue moving and turned instead to look towards Spiritual Master Lingwu.

Su Lijiang had already seen that dead man with his spiritual consciousness.

That man was naked and didn’t have any external injuries. His cause of death was due to his primordial spirit dispersing. His lower body was abnormal which meant he had probably taken an intense medicinal pill before his death. Wei Yun’s expression was extremely frightened and her hair as well as her garments were very disheveled. Upon seeing this, Spiritual Master Lingwu’s brows slightly knitted with a surprised expression. He closely examined Wei Yun, but didn’t open his mouth to speak.

“The Wuliang Sect prohibits people of the same sect to mutually injure one another. No matter what grudges or hatred you had between you, you still can’t kill him.” The Law Enforcement cultivator, Nie Qunshan turned towards Spiritual Master Lingwu after he finished speaking. He bowed towards Spiritual Master Lingwu. “Spiritual Master, I ask that this person is turned over for our Law Enforcement Hall to handle.”

Although the person was someone of Heaven Firmament Peak, it was naturally the Law Enforcement Hall’s jurisdiction to deal with those who had killed others. If it was any other person, Nie Qunshan definitely wouldn’t have bothered to be polite and just taken the person into arrest. However, Spiritual Master Lingwu was the Supreme Elder’s oldest disciple and his rank in seniority was on par with that of the Sect Leader. Hence, Nie Qunshan didn’t dare to neglect him.

“He set up an array and tried to rape me. Could it be that I can’t even resist against that?” Su Tingyun straightened up. She felt extremely weak, but still looked straight at that Law Enforcement cultivator and enunciated clearly, “The person I killed was someone that deserved to die.”

She killed someone, she killed someone. Su Tingyun, who had grown up in a peaceful era, who had never even dared to kill a chicken, had now killed someone. But she felt wronged, she felt indignant. These emotions diluted her panic and fear.

She did kill someone. But that person, he deserved to die! He deserved to die ah! When Su Tingyun recalled that person and recalled that skin contact, she wanted to vomit again. However, she didn’t have anything in her stomach to vomit up anymore so she could only vomit blood.

“Even though your cultivation levels aren’t far apart, you can already use spiritual consciousness attacks. This shows that your primordial spirit is far stronger than that of your opponent. You could have made him completely incapable of committing a crime if you just used slightly pressured him with your spiritual consciousness. So how could he… force you?” The one that was speaking was the only female cultivator in the Law Enforcement group. She seemed to feel as if the word the old woman had chosen was a little inappropriate so she had paused slightly before saying it a different way. While she was speaking, she sneakily peeked at Spiritual Master Lingwu as if she wanted to get his attention.

Pressure with her spiritual consciousness?

Su Tingyun simply didn’t know how to do that at all. Her spiritual consciousness attack was something she figured out by blindly groping around so how could she possibly know how to pressure someone using her spiritual consciousness? She spat out a mouthful of bloody spit and looked straight at Spiritual Master Lingwu. “A few months earlier, I was still an ordinary old lady from the rural countryside. There was no one that had taught me how to pressure anyone with my spiritual consciousness at all. I think Spiritual Master knows this very well.”

Su Tingyun felt that it was very likely Spiritual Master Lingwu had arranged all of this. That’s why, she didn’t harbor hope that he would save her. It was just that she felt deep resentment. This man’s actions were truly despicable. She could understand that for Spiritual Master Lingwu, being raped and losing his dignity was his lifetime’s disgrace, and she also knew that it was very likely she would have to receive all sorts of retaliation in Wei Yun’s place. However, she never expected that Spiritual Master Lingwu would use such disgusting shameless ways.

This person that was as clear and bright as moonlight was currently, in Su Tingyun’s eyes, nothing but the mud from a dark ditch.

Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Yours Truly

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