CBGC – Chapter 27 Part 2

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Chapter 27.2: My Subordinate

Right now, the moon was high up in the sky. Liu Feizhou had finished refining a furnace of pills so he headed out to check the field but didn’t see the old woman. The other two medicinal grass were alright but Rootless Water required attending to at night. Thus, Liu Feizhou angrily searched around for the Su Tingyun, planning to harshly punish her. However, unexpectedly, he didn’t find her anywhere in the field. When he sent his spiritual consciousness outwards, he discovered that the old woman was being surrounded by a group of people and her psychological condition was not good.

Before Liu Feiyun roared, Su Tingyun was still just barely able to keep herself standing. However, her spiritual consciousness was depleted and she had received a serious injury. So when Liu Feizhou sent a roar over that contained pressuring force, it snapped the last straw and caused Su Tingyun’s body to collapse. She couldn’t hold on anymore and fell straight to the ground.

Upon seeing this, Liu Feizhou also panicked and he rushed over as fast as he could. Without pausing to interrogate the others or ask what happened, he rushed straight to Su Tingyun to help her up, then dug out a medicinal pill to stuff in her mouth.

The rank of that medicinal pill was not low. Even from far away one could smell the refreshing and delightful fragrance of the pill, so it was at least a fourth rank medicinal pill. There’s no need to mention Chu Ling and the others, even the three cultivators dressed in black from the Law Enforcement Hall were a bit envious. It was a fourth rank medicinal pill ah. Yet it was fed to an old woman at the first stage of Spirit Condensation just like this.

Even Su Lijiang was slightly shocked. He didn’t care much about a fourth rank medicinal pill, but he was curious why Liu Feizhou was treating Wei Yun this way.

The effects of Liu Feizhou’s medicinal pill were exceptionally good. Not to mention, Su Tingyun’s cultivation level was low from the outset. Thus, she soon woke up after being nourished by the pill’s effects and her head no longer ached as much as before either.

The moment she opened her eyes, she saw Liu Feizhou with a dark expression on his face. In a moment of confusion, she thought she had returned. However, when she turned around, she discovered that everyone was still present. This meant that she had probably only passed out for a few seconds. Lifting her eyes to see Chu Yuerong’s menacing look and Su Lijiang’s cold gaze, Su Tingyun suddenly felt a little sorry for herself.

She gave a laugh, then spoke slowly as she looked towards Chu Yuerong. “You say that I was having a rendezvous with Old Wax Head? Chu Yuerong, you know that my husband is handsome beyond belief. Why would I rendezvous with someone like this?” After she finished speaking, she slightly lifted her eyelids and looked straight at Su Lijiang. “Spiritual Master Lingwu, don’t you agree?”

The expressions of Chu Yuerong and the others immediately changed.

The old woman was Spiritual Master Lingwu’s hair bound wife. Other than the three of them, no other person in Wuliang Sect knew this fact. If the damned old woman insensitively revealed this, how would other people look at Spiritual Master? As her thoughts got to this point, Chu Yuerong immediately shouted without thinking, “Your mouth is filled with nonsense! How dare you disrespect Spiritual Master!” As she spoke, the artifact in Chu Yuerong’s hand flew out. However the moment it lifted into the air, Liu Feizhou blocked it.

Liu Feizhou’s temper wasn’t good. He was an Alchemist so he was used to being unbridled. At this present moment, he lifted his chin so much his nostrils faced the sky, then said, “Even if you want to hit a dog, you’d have to check for its master first. This old woman is my subordinate. That person offended her, so that’s a crime that even death could not wipe out. It couldn’t be that my subordinate can’t even touch a Spirit Herbalist at the Spirit Condensation Stage?”

The status of Alchemists was not ordinary and Liu Feizhou was also Dan Fengyang’s disciple. Thus, the death of a Spirit Condensation Stage Spirit Herbalist was really not such a big deal. After saying this much, Liu Feizhou turned around to glance at the old woman whose clothes were disheveled and whose eyes were still dull. He knitted his brows and thought for a moment before he continued, “I have a faint impression of the deceased. Usually, his completion of his tasks is barely adequate. Yet he actually had enough spirit stones to buy an Intense Yang Pill?” (Ying being female, Yang being male)

He walked calmly to the Old Wax Head’s corpse and searched it. Afterwards, he took out the treasures Old Wax Head had been hoarding and picked through it. Picking out a spatial universe bag about the size of one’s palm, he poured two little green bottles out of it. “One bottle is filled with Intense Yang Pills, one bottle is filled with Spirit Opening Pills.” After Liu Feizhou looked through them, he casually tossed up the medicinal bottles in his hands. “These two kinds of medicinal pills can’t be requested as part of a Spirit Herbalist’s monthly allowance. He also can’t afford it, so I wonder who gave it to him?”

When he got to here, Liu Feizhou slightly lifted his brows and exposed a slightly nefarious smile. “Intense Yang Pills are of very little interest to most people. There usually aren’t a lot of cultivators exchanging for this kind of pill. Once I find out who has recently exchanged for this type of pill in the sect, the rocks will naturally appear as the waters recede. I’d rather like to find out who it was that dared scheme to harm my subordinate!”

As he spoke, he added mental pressure for the sake of seeing if anyone exposed any gaps. This scheme was seriously very clumsy, so the person that set it up was definitely not very meticulous. The important part was that since he set up this sort of trick, he’d definitely bring people here to catch them in the act. Therefore, it was very likely that the person was present.

As Liu Feizhou spoke, Su Tingyun coldly observed the people present. She discovered that Chu Yuerong’s facial color was pale and her emotions seemed abnormal as well. She wasn’t the only one that had noticed, Liu Feizhou had noticed as well. He stepped up and shouted sternly, “It was you that gave that person benefits so that he would lay his hand on the old woman.”

From the start, Chu Yuerong had an impatient personality. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been the first to jump out and discredit the Old Madam in a moment of desperation. The Old Madam’s ability was low and Old Wax Head had that intention from the start, so it didn’t even take the effort to blow dust for her to convince Old Wax Head. Originally, Chu Yuerong felt that it was impossible for the plan to fail since Old Wax Head’s strength was greater than the old woman’s and he even had the array and pills to help him. So when they were caught right in the act, Spiritual Master definitely won’t be able to tolerate her anymore. She never thought that the situation would be like this: Old Wax Head died, the old woman found an Alchemist to rely on, and she had been exposed.

Why would it turn out like this?

Chu Yuerong’s state of mind was flustered. Right at this moment, she lifted her head and saw Spiritual Master Lingwu’s expression as well as felt the pressure that was sent down. It caused Chu Yuerong’s panic-filled heart to instantly crumble. With a ‘putong’ she fell to a kneel on the ground and repeatedly kowtowed as she said, “Spiritual Master, I’ve erred, I know I’ve erred…”

She’s already confessing? Liu Feizhou’s lips curled disdainfully, feeling that this female cultivator really had no backbone so this felt pretty meaningless.

“Go to Forbidden Heaven Precipice to properly reflect.” Spiritual Master Lingwu said mildly. His expression was cold as he spoke and his eyes were also a bit empty as if he was deeply immersed in his own world, completely incapable of seeing anyone in the surroundings. When Spiritual Master Lingwu was like this, he seemed to emit a severe chill, causing everyone to feel overwhelmed.

“Please, no! Spiritual Master Lingwu, please spare me! Spiritual Master, please spare me ah! I did all this, it was only for…” Before she even finished saying the rest, she was forcefully cut off. The person that had moved was Chu Ling. She and the rest of the people subdued Chu Yuerong who was continuously wailing. Afterwards, several cultivators took Chu Yuerong, who was no longer able to speak, into custody and brought her to Forbidden Heaven Precipice.

Liu Feizhou still felt nagging concern for the medicinal field and didn’t want to waste any more time with these people. Without even saying goodbye, he picked up Su Tingyun and left, returning to the medicinal field in an instant. He once again threw the person to the ground from midair. After Su Tingyun hit the ground, Liu Feizhou said, “Behave yourself and properly look after the medicinal field. If any bit of error occurs, watch out for that dog head of yours.”

Liu Feizhou then tsked. “It’s not like that man has never seen any women before. He can actually bring himself to do it with just your looks?”

It would have been better had he not said it. The moment he said that Su Tingyun was so repulsed she felt nauseous. There was nothing else in her stomach for her to throw up so she vomited some acidic water out. That rancid stink caused Liu Feizhou to retreat several dozen feet and his brows pinched together.

Liu Feizhou had on a disgusted face. Originally, he wanted to deride the old woman a little, but the old woman seemed more dead than alive right now. The expression in his eyes flickered. Finally, he just gave a cold humph before throwing the medicinal pill bottles he got from Old Wax Head’s corpse in front of Su Tingyun. “Isn’t it just killing one person? What’s there to throw up about? Back then, I crawled out from a pile of corpses and was still able to smile as I ate meat.”

“Nurse your wounds properly. I’ll come here to check the medicinal field again in a couple days.”

Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Yours Truly

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
Quick note regarding the title, I translated it as my subordinate because that’s pretty much what it means. However, the literal translation would be my person, or person that belongs to me. With that, Liu Feizhou is pretty much saying Su Tingyun is someone that’s his underling and so, has his protection.

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