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15 Responses to Cry of Phoenix: Chapter 4

  1. Raven says:

    whenever I try to read the chapter it just redirects me to this page

  2. Phantomhive17 says:

    Can’t read it… It redirects me back here no matter what I do 😐😐

  3. naina says:

    me too.. i can’t read it

  4. libraryrocker says:

    I tried going to chapter 3 and clicking next chapter… no dice ;_;

  5. libraryrocker says:

    tried going to chapter three, changing 3 to 4 in the url, redirects here

    why is my cleverness so useless???? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~~~~~

  6. Fatjona says:

    I have the same problem ! 😐

  7. FableCat says:

    The cry of fans which havent reach the translator yet. 😂

    i am one of them.

  8. kece says:

    i cant read the chapter T T

  9. Anna says:

    can’t go to the chapter 🙁

  10. Raven says:

    still can’t go the chapter

    • Chiyomira says:

      Good job. Yeah, sorry everyone. I didn’t notice that the last change didn’t save before publishing it. The posted link should work now.

  11. Anny says:

    can’t go to the chapter

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