Clearing up the Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Light Novel, Please Read

Hey, OverTheRanbow here, as the main translator of the Tensei Slime LIGHT NOVEL from Alyschu&Co. I wish to clear up something about Guro/Circus translations and us.

I see way too many comments of “Why bother, guro/circustranslations is at chapter 80+ already…“.

Please, I beg of you, read this post. I’m about to spontaneously implode.

First of all, let’s talk about the DIFFERENCES between LIGHT NOVEL and WEB NOVEL.

  • The LIGHT NOVEL is a professionally edited version usually with changes in story-line and published in the form of an actual book. Because of this, the story in LIGHT NOVEL is usually more detailed and has somewhat less plot-holes.
  • The LIGHT NOVEL has illustrations(those pretty pictures you see) that the author/publisher painstakingly find artists for.
  • The WEB NOVEL is published on the internet(for JP ones it’s usually on ncode), and usually only the author himself is involved in composing it.
  • The WEB NOVEL relative to the LIGHT NOVEL is somewhat like a Draft to a Final Essay.


Now, what I’ve stated aboved also applies to the amazing Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken by Fuse-sensei.

Guro/circus translations are doing a fantastic job at translating the WEB NOVEL version.Seriously so fast and such highquality

And me here along with Avert is trying to slowly trudge through the LIGHT NOVEL version.

And why do you need to care about the insignificant us and read this post? I don’t know, I just want a peace of mind and less confusion for the readers.

I am aware that we don’t have the author’s permission like Guro does, but I hope that our fan translation of the LIGHT NOVEL can also drive some more of you to buy the Light Novel once it’s licensed and released in the US/or your country! Please support Fuse-sensei!

TLDR; LIGHT NOVEL and WEB NOVEL are different versions of the same work, please stop saying things like why bother because I get really sad. Also go read the entire post if you didn’t, i think it’s helpful for future references. Please support Fuse-sensei!

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73 Responses to Clearing up the Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Light Novel, Please Read

  1. Shance says:

    Umu, do your best!

    • Shak says:

      Ok i read your points and i find that a very optimistic look upon light novels.
      Everyone knows that japanese light novel production company’s have a very narrow view on what is over the top and what is not.
      I am talking about stuff like characters being brutaly killed or even the not so brutal scenes will be left out and dumbed down.
      Obviously this is done because they think only kids below the age of 13 read their light novels.

      So my point is i am against the idea that web novels are an prototype/draft for the final product maybe n grammar checks but the actual story is the full 100%.
      And to give an example just watch overlord anime and u will understand what i am talking about -.-.

      • Maou says:

        Only Sense Online has a bit difrent story in wn then ln. Same is true for Tate no yuusha. In wn as you said there are kills that get toned donw or left out. But there are ln that not only leave the kill out but leaved the charecter alive. And the oposite is true too. So its not always the same . As for this novel there is only 70% that match. Even same character are rewriten with new personality. Sorry for spoiling and bad english.

      • Estelion says:

        Mate, I can use the same fucking example back at you: Overlord.

        The novel being translated is the light novel. Have you ever read the web novel? I have. It’s a piece of shit. No joke. The light novel progresses in a much more interesting way, and actually feels like, you know, a story with proper complications and resolutions.

        Now I’m not saying that all editor changes are for the better. I remember Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru changes to the first “heroine” were just fucking stupid in order to pander to the masses, but as somebody who actually, you know, buys the light novel editions of the web novels they read, I can tell you that not all of them are like that.

        Considering how much garbage literature there is for web novels, I really do suspect that most light novels are steered into the direction of ‘proper narratives’ by editors.

        Just so you know.

  2. Timothy says:

    keep on keeping on. “thumbs up”

  3. Shak says:

    Ok i read your points and i find that a very optimistic look upon light novels.
    Everyone knows that japanese light novel production company’s have a very narrow view on what is over the top and what is not.
    I am talking about stuff like characters being brutaly killed or even the not so brutal scenes will be left out and dumbed down.
    Obviously this is done because they think only kids below the age of 13 read their light novels.

    So my point is i am against the idea that web novels are an prototype/draft for the final product maybe n grammar checks but the actual story is the full 100%.
    And to give an example just watch overlord anime and u will understand what i am talking about -.-.

    • Static Transit says:

      Well, it depends on what company picks it up. Some companies are geared more toward younger audiences, and some are more towards older.

      Also, why would you use an anime as an example? The anime for Overlord is considerably more lighthearted than the light novel. It’s closer to the manga, if anything. I mean yeah, the web novel is a bit darker than the LN, but it’s not that much really, and most of the ‘dark” scenes in the WN don’t really have much plot relevance. When I read them, I just thought they were unnecessary and just kinda felt like the author was saying “ooh look how dark and edgy my novel is”.

      • Xiax says:

        Not everything in a novel needs to be relevant to the plot to be good. You need sections that set the tone of the novel and make the readers feel like the world in the novel is an actual world instead of just a bunch of people acting out their drama in empty space. I know given the chapter by chapter format these wns are given to us in make it so that people expect each chapter to be good, but you can’t write a good novel overall that way. Some time needs to be taken to set things up and to build up your world so the readers can really get into it.

  4. Fitzner says:

    People who can’t differentiate the web novel from the light novel don’t need consideration. They aren’t serious readers you should worry about. Just keep soldiering on for the love of the story.

    More power to you 🙂

  5. FTxNexus says:

    Plz do translate the light novel! Don’t bother what others are there will always be those who are grateful for you and your teams contributions!

    Tbh as long as I get to read something good in totally satisfied haha!

  6. laclongquan says:

    :salute: to the ceaseless efforts of our free translators~

  7. Zakiel says:

    it’s good to have both. keep up the good work <3

  8. Junky says:

    Who were those guys? F*ck their grandmothers.

  9. Jowwy says:

    Now cool man, thanks for your translation *thumbs up*
    Been reading the Raws for RRS up to Chapter 100+ (no GT)
    LN version compared to a WN is like a different dimension just like Tate :/
    And i want to see the illustration since the Illust in LN is different in WN 😐

  10. GG says:

    arrrgh idiots who don’t even know the difference between a LN and WN

  11. RobotLove says:

    Your throwing away Guro and Co’s worm just to translate the light novel? How about before you release anything work it out with Guro. Maybe you guys can both on one thing. I recommend you both translate one single version, if not maybe don’t release anything until you caught up to Guro, otherwise this scenario was like with new gate, another group trying to steal someone else’s hard work but ended up failing horribly with all the hate and all.

    P.s if you can’t find a solution then find another LN to translate. Respect Guro being first, and respect the code of honor of fan translations, you never steal other people’s projects.

    • Ilovegoodtranslator says:

      wtf..he did not steal from other group.. Guro translate web novel..this site are translating Light novel..

    • anon says:

      there are quite a few differences between the LN and the WN.
      hes not stealing anything, dont be retarded.

    • KMZ says:

      @RobotLove you are exactly the idiots this post was for and it seems like you didnt even bother reading it.

      Guro/Circus is translating the WEBNOVEL version (the version posted free on the internet)

      OverTheRanbow is translating the LIGHT NOVEL version (the versions sold in bookstores)

      If you bothered reading, light novel versions tend to modify or add many events to the stories. OverTheRanbow did not steal a series from guro and circus, hes translating a different version of the story.

    • svnhddbst says:

      so you didn’t even read the post, and comment “don’t work on the same project”…..

      but the point of the post is that they are different projects.

    • Static Transit says:

      Did you actually read the post? I think the two versions are different enough that they can work on it without being considered “stealing” Guro’s project. The difference with the situation with New Gate is that New Gate’s LN is almost identical to the WN (with the addition of some chapters). Therefore, I don’t think anybody would mind if somebody translated the extra chapters exclusive to the WN, as I don’t think Nell is planning on doing those.

      With this work though, the WN and LN are different enough where it’s fine (in my opinion, anyway). I tend to read a story several times anyway, so for this one, I read the WN translations, and then I also read the LN version some time after that.

    • OldManReader says:

      clown and guro translate WN version and OverTheRanbow translate LN it not same source .u must know their different before u condemn translator stealing other translator work.if u cannot different them so stop using reason to bash .dont forget LN =/= WN.

    • Proggerino says:

      Seriously man chill down. He’s doing a FREE job and hasn’t disrespected Clown and co. If you don’t like it then you can kindly go somewhere else. He recognizes the work of other people and has even given an explanation, so please, stop.
      Anyways was wandering myself about the issue bc I’m new to WN and LN so thanks for the explanation.

    • Pyro says:

      Did you read or just decide to comment? They’re not translating the exact same project. Each group is translating an individual fork and not in some form of competition for readers over identical chapters.

      It is VERY common for different groups to handle different forks, especially when certain groups have the Author’s blessings to translate freely obtainable web based content. So everyone is on the same page typical forks are as follows.

      Web Novel — Basically Fanfic, Authors can freely bless translators so they get a broader fan base.
      Light Novels — Licensed works, usually published and distributed physically or via other means. Author does NOT have the ability to bless random translators to distribute this, this is usually handled by the publishing company & company looking to do localization & distribution in a new region outside of the original release region.
      Manga — Licensed Works usually same stipulations as LN
      Anime — Licensed Works usually same stipulations as LN
      Visual Novels — Usually Licensed Works, usually has the same stipulations as LN. Can come as typical PC Release and/or sanitized versions for consoles.

    • Estelion says:

      Holy fuck, you are an absolute retard. Why am I living on a planet filled with assholes like you?

    • OverTheRanbow says:

      Please read the post again. Light Novel and Web Novel are two different things.
      Also they started after us, we are just slow, lol.
      They do an amazing job at quick and high quality releases, which over-shadowed the LN version we were slowly doing. There’s no stealing going on here at all.

    • alyschu says:

      Steal? Even if we ignore that the two are different, we started this LN and manga project way before they started the WN version. Get your facts straight.

    • @Robotlove

      I was the (part-time) translator from Guro’s team.
      I don’t feel that Alyschu, co and OvertheRainbow were treating us like thrashes (and I think my Lil’ Bro Guro also felt the same).

      It the contrary, you should be grateful to Alyschu and co. Because of after reading Their LN TLs of Tensei Slime (and waiting like… 2 weeks? for the chapter to come out) and the people at wuxiatranslation had a slow WN release, my brother decide to read the WN RAW by himself (while waiting the chapter to come out) while kindly post his rather crude translation on his blog.
      A classic story of leecher turned (inept) translator.
      Then after several slow chapter release (my lil bro take 3-4 day for a hapter), after that Clown arrived and you know the story… Almost 1 chapter a day release… (and disturb many people lives…)

      We appreciate your concern of ‘stealing’ but like what the others had said WN version is not LN version. And I and my bro didn’t think of Alyschu and OvertheRainbow as someone stole from us…
      the Guy who translated he original Famicom game (WN Version) won’t scream to the Person who translated a PS4 game remake (LN Version) for stealing the project from him since both entities are very different.

      So please stop bringing my lil bro name…
      Fuyukai desu! *insert Mirai pic here*

    • whitestar says:

      @Robotlove how about u first start reading the post on which u r commenting !! Didn’t he just clearly tell that here they are translating light novel while on guro its web novel.
      You should honour the code of honour of translators and NEVER COMMENT BEFORE READING THE DAMN POST U R COMMENTING ON U IDIOT!!

    • Amplify says:

      Please help improve the gene pool by removing yourself from it, thanks!

    • Ros says:

      Hey there, RobotLove. You seem to be having some misunderstandings, which I will clear up. You are OBVIOUSLY a new follower, who has become a huge fan of Guro/Clown. Woop. Yay! They’re great people who are doing great things. They are also REALLY FAST. They started about a month and a half ago, at the end of June. Admittedly, they were not the first group to translate the WN – I was following it on Wuxiatranslations for a time before realizing that Wuxiatranslations had passed the torch to Guro/Clown. And do you know how I found the Wuxiatranslations translation of this?

      I. Was. Reading. THIS. On. Alyschu’s. Old. Blog.

      I loved it so much, that I tried to find if someone else had gotten further (back then, I didn’t understand how the translation community worked, or the difference between LN and WN). I found Wuxiatranslations had gotten further, and read it – but it only got to about the same point, despite having many more chapters. Now, I found this using mangaupdates, which maybe isn’t trustworthy. Sure, they have an update history, but who knows, right?

      Look at these. (wuxiatransltations giving clown and guro the translation after 18 chapters) (guro’s first chapter *thank you guro*, dated June 24) (alyschu’s first chapter *thank you alyschu*, dated may 26) (alyschu going strong, on june 11, still before guro/clown took over)

      As you can see, Alyschu was working on the –LN– BEFORE guro and clown took over the –WN–. Therefore, your argument that Alyschu stole this from Guro, Kumo Hana, and Clown is incredibly misinformed.

      I could ALMOST understand if you claimed Alyschu stole this from tsaltranslation, or henouji translation, who (according to mangaupdates) were translating the WN at the time Alyschu started translating this. But, as has previously been stated, the WN is –NOT– the same thing as the LN.

      I apologize if this rant has truly insulted anybody. I just really dislike the fact that RobotLove has implied that Alyschu, who works hard to translate this and other things, would steal something from Guro, Kuma Hana, and Clown. I love Guro, Clown, and the Kuma Hana Team, for their kindness in translating the WN, their quality, and their speed. However, despite what the disparate lengths of the TOC may seem to imply, Alyschu started translating the LN first. Additionally, if you pay attention to the notes posted whenever they post the LN pics, Clown/Guro themselves mention that the LN plot has some differences compared to the WN. It’s like an alternate reality – the main characters are the same, but key changes divert the plot.

      Once again, I apologize for ranting like this. It just really annoys me to see people who don’t know what they are talking about spewing accusations at people who WILLINGLY GIVE UP THEIR TIME to translate these amazing novels for US LAYABOUTS who show no gratitude.

  12. junior says:

    I’ve never read either but thanks for finally clarifying that for everyone that kept asking. 😀

  13. GrimHeir says:

    Ah, well as I said I was just curious, sorry for being one of the ones who made you feel like you were going to implode. Aaaaaaand I hope you have fun?

  14. Burak Yarali says:

    Oh man.
    Overtherainbow. I thought a post like this one is not needed.

    Everyone shouldknow the differenc between web and light novels and why the release speed is different.

    You are doing a goodjob. Do it at your pace. People who try to compare the web and light novel version should just shut up, because they are not worthy to complain.

  15. kirindas says:

    Please don’t be disheartened by those people. I like to see both versions and see how the story diverges, plus the pictures are a good bonus. Both teams are doing a great job with the Light and Web novels series and I greatly respect everyone for the work that they do.

  16. Burak Yarali says:

    Oh man. Really I thought everyone knows the difference between web and light novels.

    OvertheRainbow you are doing a good job. Make it at your pace

    People you try to compare both releases are unworthy to complain.

  17. Static Transit says:

    I tend to read both versions anyway (and the manga, lul).

    Maybe you should direct people here:

  18. Burak Yarali says:

    Will buy the light novel in us version when it’s available

  19. reading junkie says:

    need my fix (LN or WN dont matter), need my fix….

  20. FateSeries says:

    To those who write first , think later. How about you translate this can’t? Then, DONT FUCKING UNDERMINE PEOPLE WORK!!!!!

  21. Yuuka says:

    I’m sorry we caused you so much grief D:

  22. aridharma says:

    well i choose read novel > Anime > Manga.
    of course it because of the details. and i think i fine to read WN ver becouse of the speed, but i recommended LN ver for Re-read for better deatail or some surprise

  23. lazydesuyo says:

    why don’t you just ignore them. They are just ignorant leechers who don’t know and don’t try to know the differents between WN and LN. It’s will be a pain in the ass for you if you tell each person something like that. Afterall, that’s the kind of readers nowadays, supporting fanaticaly and one sidely his favorite translators without looking the POV from the other side.

  24. Dimonay says:

    I actually really like your light novel chapters they are a lot more detailed and I will certainly read all of them

  25. This is Yukkuri Oniisan part of Guro Translation (I only help in some part though).
    First I would like to say our thanks (my lil bro Guro too) for the hardwork of Avert and co and Overtherainbow and co. For picking the LN version.

    My brother and me start the WN version because we first read the LN version in Alyschu site (sorry Henouji…), we really like the story but we cant wait for the next part comeout (since you know… TL was very hard and much work needed to turn it to meaningful English).
    So without Alyschu and co TLing the LN version then there will be no WN TLs from us. (I dont know about Clown)

    Also the LN version was ‘really’ different. (Since we can read moonrune at limited basis…).
    The character motive was more further explored and fleshed than WN version (Shizu-san, Milim, and Guess what? Hinata that was hated by a lot of people, read LN you will be surpriaed by the difference!)

    Keep up the good work!

  26. バカ人 says:

    Just ignore those annoying ignorant/oblivious unpatient brat. Before, when translating is only about LN. yours speed with slime tensei is maybe around normal compared with other translator that time (considering you have others project as well), and as long as it’s not abandoned lechers of that time will be grateful except few ungrateful persons.
    These people now become too spoiled by WN translation group speedy release

  27. Varler says:

    People don’t get how discouraging their little comments can be. Since this is a free, fan made translation, translators and editors aren’t getting the motivation known as money. Instead they have to find motivation from other sources, like the readers and their comments.
    Even though the people who post nasty comments are a small minority and not the majority of nice readers, just one bad comment can be enough to ruin the day of a hard working translator or editor.
    It’s like the old saying: if you have nothing good to say, don’t say it.
    Anyway, the majority of us appreciate the work you guys do. Try not to get to mad because of the small percentage of ignorant douches posting lame comments. 🙂

  28. Tanagashima says:

    Ah that explains that then it was something I was wondering about. If it get released in the US I will buy it for sure as long as I know in advance its coming

  29. Nakiami says:

    Well, I’ve never been keen on the differences between wn and ln, mainly because i haven’t read any wn/ln with both translated. But if you are willing to do so, i would be more than willing to read your ln translation, and see for myself the differences.
    Thank you for translating!

  30. DF says:


  31. Prometheus says:

    Keep on what you are doing.
    There are differences between the LN and WN version, LN usually being easier to read and detailed, enough to be reread, even if you have read the WN.
    In essence, a LN is usually 1.5 to 2 times longer than the WN.
    Think about it this way. If you read xianxia web novels, you will notice the poor grammar and meandering plot, as well as a low quality of writing (the translators have usually forcibly uplift the quality level by 2 to 3 times, and drastically improve grammar). If you have never read the raws, learn some chinese and read the raws, and you will know what I mean.

    Same goes for WN and LN. LN are more polished and detailed, something that WN don’t require.

    Keep up the good work team.

  32. Guro says:

    I’m very confused. -_-
    LN and WN are different so please don’t post nasty comment like that.
    Please Keep up the good work! OverTheRanbow-san and Avert-san.
    I’m always waiting for the new chapter. ^_^

  33. TheClown says:

    Dear OverTheRanbow and Moonbunnycafe,

    This is the Clown from CircusTranslations–if anyone doubts this is really me, feel free to ask on my website and I will confirm the validity of this comment.

    First, allow me to apologize on behalf of the WN community. Many of these… “children” (?), “people” (?) do not understand the difference between the novel, thus I am grateful that you have written this post explaining the difference to them. In the near future, (the following chapter), I will mention something myself regarding this.

    Futhermore, allow me to extend my deepest gratitude for your work on the Light Novel. I can imagine the difficulties involved–all those nasty kanji that you have to look up by strokes and radicals. Hence, I am truly impressed with the work you do. I believe that you put in much more effort into translating this than I do.

    That being said, I can imagine the pain of reading those abhorrent comments. Please do not allow them to bother you as the vast of majority of the community truly appreciates your efforts.


    The Clown

    • OverTheRanbow says:

      Thank you very much Clown!

      There’s no reason for you to apologize on the behalf of anyone at all. I only hoped for my post to inform others and avoid the same situation in the future.

      However, I am merely a Chinese-English translator and is re-translating the LN from Chinese translations. I am very happy, but you are giving me way too much credit for what I do.
      There’s no way that I have put in more effort than you did, as you translate almost one to two chapters everyday. Seriously, you are amazing.

      I may have blown this matter up too much, and there’s no need to specifically mind me. I’m sorry for troubling you and wasting your time.

      Thank you again, Clown!

    • joeglens says:

      Thank you for giving your opinion

  34. Just A Lolicon says:

    Don’t let the comments bother u n just keep up the good work!!

  35. Kaloo says:

    I don’t get why some people don’t get this. I mean you can even find this in the US, though the “self published” English novels don’t usually get ‘adapted’ to a commercial version. (They do sometimes, but the companies tend to take interest in ones that are already high quality and republish them with minor changes… I think that’s mainly affected by the fact that we don’t really have many serial novels though.)

    Some web-novels are great, and I assume those are the ones that people decide to invest their time to translate, and unsurprisingly those are also the ones that companies tend to invest in. (These Japanese Companies seem to be a lot more willing to pick up the Diamond in the rough though)

  36. Derp says:

    you guys need to make a leecher etiquette guide so that readers/leechers(mostly leechers) will know how to act properly

  37. the book says:

    Ahem… okay I don’t give two freaking thumbs about the wn I don’t want to read it I don’t want to hear people say it’s sooo better I want to read the cleaned version so I want to thank you for spending your time doing. Being generous anuff to share it. And patient anuff to deal with the the bull sh*t of those ungrateful people so thank you!!!

  38. Homerosity says:

    Yeah, go it. Since you guys are going to be taking it slow with the translating..I will come back once you at least have the entire first volume done, than I shall wait some more until you finish the next things.

  39. Someone says:

    Forget the idiots, continue the translation, neee~… tehee,,, very very thx for the translation *-*, keep the good work o/

  40. chipsiup says:

    From memory, these are the main differences between the Light Novel and the Web Version:

    – Most of the things that happened to Rimuru are the same. There’s some minor changes but it’s more or less the same.
    – Shizue’s backstory gets significantly more fleshed out, we get to see what her life was like living with the Demon Lord Leon.
    – Shizu’s life goal was not to find and kill Leon, but instead to: “Find out why he saved me only to abandon me, and then make him acknowledge me, and the fact that I live.”
    – There is no mention of Hinata or Yuuki in Vol 1 of the LN.
    – Gobuta’s Great Adventure is an entirely new bonus chapter at the end of the volume. In it we read about Gobuta’s first trip to the Dwarf Kingdom, back before he got his name and was just a low level goblin. (He gets into trouble, nearly dies several time, and falls in love for the first time.)

  41. bertrandfalls says:

    Haven’t read all the comments here but I figured I might voice my support for your translating of the LN.

    Clown and those guys are doing a wonderful job on the WN, and I’ll continue reading the chapters they release over there.

    Thank you for taking your time to translate the LN version of this story which I’m honestly interested in (tho I’ll read it when you have 1 volume out as I prefer reading that way)!

  42. NzmAnhDee says:

    Fumu, try… The light novel might not have much of a difference, only lesd grammatical error

  43. Pyrok says:

    just leave those d*ckheads be, all they can do is nag and read anyways so they can’t feel what your hardships
    if they were translator they wont be saying such things
    if u want some peace of mind talk to a friend then tell all of your frustrations to him/her it really helps to make u feel better (mentally and emotionally)

  44. TehNubcheeks says:

    I started reading the Clown/Guro translations a few days ago and I’m almost done. If the light novel gets brought over to USA, I will definitely buy a copy. I haven’t been this hooked into a story in a long time and I’d love to support the author.

  45. Lowmanontotem says:

    Thank you for all your hard work!

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