CBGC: Chapter 29 Part 3

Two lovers brought together by fate
“You were looking for me?” Five simple words came from his mouth.
She lowered her head, hesitant.
Summoning up her courage, she lifted her head.
Torn apart by destiny
“If you brought me here for the sake of revenge, then you should just do it!”
A Teaser directed by Reee Clitcher
During this recent period of time, he had been unable to truly calm his heart.
However, what her love brought him was humiliation.
Separated forever
The wind screamed.
She closed her eyes and accepted her imminent fate.
A story of true love
Perhaps, death would free them both.

A tale of one-sided love
Translated by Chiyomira
Edited by Sigil
Teased by MSC
Disclaimer: Contents had been modified to make a teaser and may or may not pertain to the actual story.

Chapter 29.3

Lmao, enjoy~


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  1. mrttao says:

    29.2 and 29.3 are not in the project page index (instead it just links to 29.1)
    clicking next on 29.1 or 29.2 goes back to chapter 1 instead of actually going next

    • Chiyomira says:

      The project page index just links to the first part of every chapter if it’s split into parts, for the sake of consistency (and my laziness). On the other hand, the chapters not linking to the next chapters were mistakes on my part. Thanks for letting me know, the links on chapters 29.1 + 29.2 have been fixed.


    Booooooo hang the the teaser for this disgrace this foul teaser!

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