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GDBBM – Chapter 305

Chapter 305 Let’s put our hands together for our supporters who’ve added extra doses of happiness to bring a smile to your weekend! Do check out our happy meter to give these amazing supporters a huge hug! Here’s your extra dose of happiness brought to you by Johannes Hog! *Fireworks* *Fireworks* … Continue reading

GDBBM – Chapter 304

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GDBBM – Chapter 303

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GDBBM – Chapter 301

Chapter 301 Taa daaaaaaaaaa Here’s our last dose of extra happiness… Let’s bring in the jugglers and stilt walkers to this carnival! *starts prancing around* Thank you soooo soooo much our dear supporters! Thanks for bringing a smile to soooo soooo many people, you guys rock! This extra dose of … Continue reading

GDBBM – Chapter 300

Chapter 300 *FIREWORKS* wOw. time flies! It’s been 300 chapters already! Thanks for sticking around guys! Let’s put our hands together for our dear supporters Ysha, Nida Chaithiraphan & Jennelyn Badiola who’ve brought you your extra dose of happiness! *clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap … Continue reading

GDBBM – Chapter 299

Chapter 299 Here’s your regular happy dose! WOW! 299 chapters already! yay!i more to 300~ woooooooooooooooots! We’ve currently 1.5 chapters in queue, to check out our queue and our AMAZING supporters, do hop over to our Happy Meter to check it out. Keep smilin~ Scheduled Chapter Release: 6 Regular Chapters … Continue reading