GDBBM – Chapter 281-283

*drumroll* Here’s your doses of happiness: Chapter 281 regular happy dose Chapter 282 brought to you by Anonymous Chapter 283 brought to you by Anonymous Let’s give Anonymous a huge huge round of applause… *swings pom poms and starts cartwheeling* *clap clap clap clap clap clap clap* Thank you so much! Psssst…the … Continue reading

GDBBM – Chapter 279-280

Double Dose of Happiness! Yes! Stop rubbing your eyes! You’ll love the title when it’s revealed… *evil smirk* *Trumpet* Hear ye! Hear ye! Let’s thank our amazing Anonymous for bringing you guys this double dose of happiness!!! Wooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooo It’s just music… more music and a huuuuuge paaaarty!!! Thank you … Continue reading

GDBBM – Chapter 273

Chapter 273 Here’s a toast to conclude a Zackery Smith day! Thank for being so awesome! Let’s give a huge round of applause! Zackery Smith has definitely chased all the blues away! Hip hip hurray! Hip Hip Hurray!!! Let’s give a fireworks finale~ Here’s your extra dose of happiness! *whooosh whooosh* … Continue reading