Bewitching Prince Spoils his Wife: Chapter 66-67!

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GDBBM – Chapter 653

Chapter 653 Ta Daaaa… hang in there..still ironing out and I’m completely exhausted… so see ya tomorrow! (yesss…IOU 1 more chapter …will post it tomorrow) Thanks sooooooooo much! Here’s your extra dose of happiness~ LOVE YOU ALL! Have you read our new novel that Z is translating? Add another happy … Continue reading

GDBBM – Chapter 642-652

I’m Back! ok, first of all, sorry was away and was in a place with poor wifi connection so I’m back and here’s a massive IOU chapter dose. Sorry readers of Misty Cloud Translations if you’ve been having difficulty with accessing the site, ironing that out too..heehee.. so releases should … Continue reading

DKC chapter 1000!!!!! Made it!

Chapter 1000 brought to you by Last, June and Ninja. Chapter sponsored by readers for visiting everyday with ad blocker off. Now giving credit to reader/commentators at a time. 1000 chapter!!!! It took us a while to get here, honestly I never thought we’d reach this number….lift up a glass … Continue reading