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  1. Silver Seikyoku says:

    AHhh!! I finally found a comment box! So! Hello!

    In the most recent chapter of Cat K (21) , I see this? “My grandpa laughed heartily, saying his poop puppy was cute, and gave me a thumbs up”

    Poop puppy…?

    • itikky says:

      wow I don’t check my own translator page much, so I only just saw this. I believe I included a note on the term in one of the later chapters, and I hope this is clearer for you now? Just in case, the term is affectionately insulting(?) if that makes sense. A poop puppy is a dirty, good-for-nothing dog, but the gramps here is calling K this in an affectionate way. It’s kinda also calling him spoiled and good-for-nothing as well.

  2. Akaisoraa says:

    Hi Ittiky-chan

    I want to ask your permission to translate “Cat K” into Indonesian and upload it to my wattpad account. Of course I’ll put your credit there.

    Thank you

    • itikky says:

      Hi Akaisoraa,

      It’s great that you want to share Cat K with the world like I do. Unfortunately, I am not quite sure if I even have the right to grand you permission to retranslate Cat K. I have reached out to the author about a fan translation, but they have not expressly given me permission, and I assume it is a “no” from them since Cat K is contracted to their publisher. And so, I am actually translating Cat K without permission myself. Please understand that my translation is by no means official or recognized and quite possibly illegal. I might get asked to take my translation down in the future. If you still wish to translate Cat K, it would be at your own risk.

      T.T I’m sorry if this might be disappointing, but I am sure you are in the same boat as me trying to share this great story with others. I personally do not want to prevent you from doing so, but I only want to let you know the stakes at hand.

      PLEASE make sure to credit the author and link to their novel as well.

      Thank you and good luck in your translation journey,


  3. Anonymous says:

    Please update totally captivated

  4. chitn00 says:

    Thanks for translating Cat K! It’s been a fun follow. I appreciate the work behind translating it <3

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