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Doctor of the Demon World

Alternative Name: 괴수 세계의 한의사
Author: Coral Reef
Artist: –
Category: Korean Web Novel, Modern Fantasy, Fusion
Status: Dropped
Source: Link
Translator(s)/Translation Group: itikky
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Since the appearance of the monsters, a strange, new disease spread.
Untreatable by existing medicine, a sickness only curable by an ability user.
The people called it the demon’s disease.




00. Prologue

01. Doctor

02. Oriental Medicine Hospital Intern

03. Fortress of the Believers (Part 1)

3 Responses to Doctor of the Demon World

  1. quack0709 says:

    only prologue?

  2. Allyoucanread says:

    Seems a interesting hope you put up the first chapter soon. 🙂

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