Cat K | Chapter 11

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Chapter 11






Ow. My head hurts.

I stopped thinking so intently to sneak a glance around the room.

Somehow… Looking around, there was something strange. I couldn’t say what precisely, but something was weird. But however much I thought about it, I absolutely could not figure out what it was. I dropped my head onto the cushion again and was lost in thought.

Right now, my right front paw and torso were wrapped up tightly in white bandages. I wasn’t quite injured to the degree that I needed bandages, but the doctor wrapped me in bandages and made me into a mummy. I wanted to chew off that guy’s bandages, but it seemed like Sugar Prince would worry, so I couldn’t even do that.

After I got hurt, these past two days, Sugar Prince had been acting strange.

At first, when he saw I had been injured, his face hardened to rock, and he looked like he was very angry. The palace doctor who had been summoned diagnosed that there were no serious injuries and that I would be fine after being treated, but Sugar Prince’s expression did not relax at all. Actually, I had pretended to faint since it doubled as my revenge on Simon, but I had my own pride too and promptly acted like I had recovered. But Sugar Prince’s mood did not get better one bit, and now two days had passed.

The fact that he was in a bad mood was not very noticeable from the outside.

The entire two days, there wasn’t much change in Sugar Prince’s expression. Of course, just by looking into Sugar Prince’s pretty golden eyes, I could know his mood. But the strange thing was that the other humans, like ghosts, could feel it as well. While they didn’t notice Sugar Prince’s restrained chuckle when he was in a good mood, or his faint smile, it was a bit funny how they could tell when he was angry.

At any rate, for the past two days, the humans in the vicinity watched Sugar Prince nervously and crawled around delicately. When I shifted my position every so often, I let out a slightly pained noise, Mrrn, and the maids would turn completely blue and tremble. At first, I thought it was because of their guilty consciences or pity towards me, but I saw it was not that either.

Anyways, whenever the girls trembled, a phenomenon occurred where I felt a chill on the back of my neck and felt goosebumps appear. I looked over at Sugar Prince, wondering if he felt cold as well, but he did not appear affected at all and looked at my bandage-wrapped body with calm eyes. Actually, I didn’t quite like that the pretty maids were shivering from the cold, but since my most important Sugar Prince wasn’t cold, it didn’t matter much to me.


After I had gotten hurt, my kind and caring Sugar Prince rarely left the bedroom. When he was required to attend the morning briefings, he left me alone for a short while and came back. Wrapped up in bandages, I was in no position to be able to go inside his shirt, so I waited while lying on the bed obediently. After going to the briefing, Sugar Prince brought the work he usually did in his office and worked on it in the bedroom. Seeing how much he didn’t want to be apart from me, I clicked my tongue, but in reality, I was a bit touched.

Because of the bandages, I couldn’t walk around or play, so I passed the time by napping or watching Sugar Prince do his work. If I was thirsty or hungry, I meowed at Sugar Prince, Nyaaong. Once in a while, no, quite frequently, even if I didn’t need anything in particular, I called for Sugar Prince, Nyaaong. This meant I was asking to be stroked by him. Sugar Prince understood this like a ghost and stroked me from my head to my body. When his large hand brushed gently over my body, the aches from the wounds I had gotten from the orc cat disappeared in an instant.

I didn’t know how my Sugar Prince could be so kind and gentle and nice, so like an angel. If he was a girl, I would have wanted to get a job and make her into my bride right away. Once I undid the curse and went back, I worried if I would be able to find such an angel like him.

Mmm… anyhow…

My mind went back to what I was pondering before.

I hadn’t seen Simon since the day I had gotten hurt. According to my plans, I would have had him at my side and worked him like a dog to get my revenge on him, but the fact that I hadn’t seen him at all…




After the palace doctor had treated me and left, Sugar Prince came over to pet me and looked at Simon wordlessly. First, a blue-faced Julia explained how the situation had transpired while shivering. Worried that I would be bored while Sugar Prince was gone, they had brought over the cat that another member of the imperial family was keeping. She added that Simon had given her this idea.

Simon didn’t turn blue or shake. He merely clenched his teeth, his jaw muscles bulging. Seeing Simon speak as if asking Sugar Prince to kill him, I felt a bit bad. So, internally, I notched down my plans from slashing Simon’s face into rags to getting him in trouble as much as I wanted.

Listening to them, without saying much, Sugar Prince sent them out with a gesture of his hand. I was on the verge of losing consciousness, so as I glimpsed the white fur-wad in Julia’s arms as she left the room, I felt victorious along with the regret that I shouldn’t have hit it those last one or two times. Didn’t she say that fur-wad was also being raised by a member of the Imperial Family? If it was suddenly beat up after living a pampered life, trauma was trauma, but it would probably lie ill for the next 10 days. At any rate, the fur-wad must have realized what it would get for intruding into a cold city cat’s territory. Hmph.

But this Simon guy. Where was he that he didn’t even pay me a visit while I was recovering? Wasn’t he supposed to bring a mountain-like fruit basket and beg me to accept his apology? I’m telling you, this one was all prepared to forgive you and all. Hmph.

Ah. I’ve been thinking too hard, and now my side’s aching again.

Nyaang— Nyang—

Sugar Prince. Sugar Prince. My side’s hurting again. Pet me.

At my call, Sugar Prince put down his pen and came over to the bed. I swayed my tail to show I was glad to see him. Of course, I only swung it twice. Because I am precious.

A large hand stroked my body. I purred and rubbed my head on Sugar Prince’s thigh. I wondered if there would be a way to take him with me when I went back. I thought to myself that I couldn’t become too attached to him, but I couldn’t help it. I rested my chin on Sugar Prince’s thigh and gazed gently into his pretty golden eyes

Sugar Prince. Sugar Prince. Do you want to go with me? If I tell my gramps you took care of me, he’ll be completely taken with you and let you live with us. I can’t buy you huge gems like you have here, but I can give you my favorite Cartier watch. I’ll even give you the sports car my gramps said he’d get me for getting into college

In any case, it seemed my message was too long. Sugar Prince looked like he hadn’t understood it. He just stroked my bandaged front paws carefully. Instead of lashing out at him for not understanding me, I let out a sigh. At times like this, I really wanted to turn back into a human quickly. That way he would understand me



So finals are over for meeee!!! It actually wasn’t that bad since I only had one “official” final, but then again I had an essay due the next day, so nothing was fun. Anyways, I’m on break now, but I’ve just been writing scholarship essays the entire time T.T  I’m almost done with those, so as soon as I finish I’ll get to translating more Cat K~ :3 I’m getting my kitty cat treats tomorrow for her Christmas present! (My kitty’s name is Tikky XD) MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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