Cat K | Chapter 12.1

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Chapter 12.1


Ah! It’s Simon!

I was glad to see the person’s whose figure I spotted right as I stepped out the door.

Simon, who I hadn’t seen even a trace of for the past few days, was standing vacantly outside the door. I found him just as I was thinking that an angered Sugar Prince had sent him into exile, so I couldn’t be more happy to see him. True, the kind Sugar Prince wouldn’t have given him such a large punishment for something like that. Even if he holds the title of Crown Prince, would he use his powers however he wished? No way. No way.

Nyaang— Nyang—

Mon-ah. What are you doing here? 

But when I went up to him asking this, he had no intention of answering me and only glanced at Sugar Prince behind me. From up close, seeing Simon’s haggard face, he must have been beating himself up over it. It appeared that he hadn’t been able to bring himself to go into the bedroom and had been waiting outside the door every day.

I turned my head and looked at Sugar Prince, then looked at Simon again. Simon was bowed over in Sugar Prince’s direction as a greeting and was casting his gaze downwards. Seeing him do something so unlike his usual self pained me a little. But the fact that they had become farther apart because of me, even though his role was chief aide to Sugar Prince, made me feel a chick’s tear-crust amount of guilt. Ah, stop bothering me with these feelings when I’m perfectly content.

I thought for a moment and stood, gripping Simon’s thigh with my front paw. Nyaong— I meowed, and Simon looked at me confusedly. His confusion told me he didn’t understand at all. I meowed again and prodded the dense guy, Nyaong.

Hey. Pick me up, quickly.

Did he understand a bit now? Simon alternated his gaze between me and Sugar Prince, wearing an odd expression. As I turned, I could see Sugar Prince nod his head at Simon. At that, Simon’s face illuminated. I stayed still as Simon carefully held me in his arms.

Sugar Prince resumed walking. Holding me in his arms, Simon began following behind. As if he were tense, his arm muscles were straining, rock hard. He must have been scared that his strength would hurt me. Of course, he was right in being careful, since Simon’s forearm alone was wider than my torso.

Really… How am I so generous? I’m forgiving the guy who let another cat into  my turf so easily. Not to mention, I’m even sacrificing this body so he can make amends with Sugar Prince. No matter what, my personality wouldn’t allow anyone else to hold me but Sugar Prince. Except for a beautiful woman. It’s unimaginable that I would put myself at the mercy of any strange man. However, this was in order to let Simon and Sugar Prince make up. However, I had absolutely no intentions of receiving any thanks from Simon, since no such words were needed between real men with cold exteriors and burning hearts. We did nothing but act in this way. Hmph.


Sorry for only being able to TL the first part of this chapter! I’m heading to Korea early tomorrow morning (ugh waking up at 3 AM), so I wanted to get something out since I won’t be able to do any Cat K while I’m there. I’ll be gone for like a week, so I hope you guys cheer up a bit at this small part of the chapter! <333 TYSM Christya for the coffee!


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