Careless Demon Volume 3, Chapter 8 Release (And Eye Surgery)

Hello folks, new chapter for the week is here!

In other news, I’m getting Laser Eye Surgery tomorrow, so I may be blind starting then, if the worst happens, I’ll make sure to let Piroton know to take over fully and he’ll probably need a new partner.

The new chapter can be found: HERE

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12 Responses to Careless Demon Volume 3, Chapter 8 Release (And Eye Surgery)

  1. Framee says:

    Would you be able to shoot laser out of your eyes after the surgery?

  2. steve stevenson says:

    They should do one eye at a time then if theres a risk. At least then you’ll still have one.

  3. Elhessan says:

    No, you won’t be blinded by that. You will be blinded by mw awesomeness.

    Good luck..

  4. Anonymous says:

    tell us the location of the hospital,
    so in case that you don’t come back we can avenge you

  5. GGFBank says:

    I hope for the best of your health

  6. Victor says:

    You should check out the options between PRK and LASIK and make sure you’ve been tested for compatibility before doing so. Also be forewarned that it is temporary as when it older age comes your eyes will get worse again

  7. Shirogane says:


  8. DOHere says:

    Thank you for the chapter~

  9. DipZ says:

    Hey… hey stop it!!! That’s a flag!!!

    Dont say it.. I’ll cry you know……

    I pray for your good health and success for the surgery…..


    How can you let him know if you’re blind?

  11. rooislangwtf says:

    Thanks. Hope the surgery went well

  12. Cheesepit says:

    I will pray for you to get healed faster. numo numo numo numo

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