Story of a Careless Demon Volume 3 Chapter 8

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Volume 3, Chapter 8: I Became a Second-Grader, Part 1


The year changed, and the seasons rolled around, I have become a second-grader at the magic academy, and will be nine years old in a few months.

I’m in the same grade as a certain magic-cannon using girl. (Read: Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha.) I can’t be called a little girl any longer.

…… Should I make a [Transformation] for myself too?

But, if I transformed into a so called magical girl, I’d be troubled about what to do about my [Second Transformation].


Well, although I’m attracted to the idea, putting that aside for the time being, my life as a second year student hasn’t particularly changed much.

I go out to play with Shelly and Betty, having tea parties with them as always.

If I were to talk about things that were a little unusual, it would be that my classmates seem to finally have gotten used to me, and have finally reached the point where we exchange greetings.

…… I’ve suffered for almost two years for this.

Although I speak regularly with my attendants, and receive letters from them, it feels quite different for some reason.

Even if I ask Shelly to explain:

“Yuru-sama is so pretty that it’s a crime”

Is the kind of incomprehensible thing that is repeated over and over, I still don’t understand the truth of it.


Anyways, besides all that, the [Shitty brat Rick-chan] incidents seem to have settled down for the time being, as least on the surface.

Although I’ve been conscientious about it, since there was no special confession event my attitude hasn’t changed, it might have just been my misunderstanding, after all.

… That rascal… playing with a maiden’s feelings, how unforgivable.

But thank goodness that he didn’t ask me… If I had gotten careless, there may have been a [Sore Baby] who would have misunderstand again. How dangerous, how dangerous.

Although I still feel a little depressed……




As I dragging Tina to the salon with me to skip lessons, I was stopped by someone calling me without honorifics.

There was only one [Person] who would do those kinds of things in this school.


Although Rick was basically a [Self-Important Bastard], who normally leaves his servants behind and rudely barges into things, these days, he’s been rather different.

Looking like valiant warriors pulling a [Train] of chasing monsters, Rick was swarmed with waves and waves of girls.

Oh, it increased again.

……It seems. I’m not angry at things like that.

I’m just a little resentful that even though he’s still a brat, when he turned 12 years old and became a [Young Man], his height rapidly shot up to 170 cm, and now he’s fully one head taller than I am.




When Rick approached me, my face cramped momentarily and his feet stopped.

The girls who were following him around finally caught up to him. They were out of breath, but hearing Rick call out, they froze.


“…O, oh”

Everyone, what are you so afraid of? Although I know that I’m a dreaded person, the girls were all staring with their mouths open. Staring at their faces that were red like they were ill, I quivered softly at how strange they looked.

“……How may I help you all?”

When I called out to the girls and turned my eyes towards them, it seems they were freed of their paralysis, and they all pulled back like the tide.

……Eh? Was I that intimidating?


“Y-you, come here for a minute…”


Rick grabbed my arm with a grim face, and began walking quickly, leaving the girls behind.

“…Again, with grabbing my arm…”

“Shut up”

What is it, already…… Tina, who usually makes a fuss about such things is being awfully quiet…… or so I thought, but Tina’s face was cramped and she followed right behind us.


In the salon which only upper-class nobles could use, after confirming that there wasn’t anyone else around, Rick looked into my eyes.

“Yurushia… you, why are you becoming more expressionless”


Expressionless? Although Rick was used to [Me] and my face; because everyone else wasn’t, were they afraid…? Hmm……

Although I don’t understand it well, I realised that I was acting [Inhuman], and so I rubbed my cheeks with a *munimuni* and took a deep breath and Rick gave a sigh of relief.

It is alright already? Looking at Tina, she was nodding her head *kokukoku* in relief too.


“……At last, you returned to normal Yurushia.”

“…What kind of face does the ‘usual me’ have?”

“Aahh~ … A sleepy face…?”

What the heck. Why is that a question?

“Have you been in a bad mood…?”

“……I don’t understand”

I wonder what’s really the matter? Even I myself don’t know.

I see. That rather annoying but cute kid Rick became slightly cool, and he just became the kind of samurai kid that seduced girls. Yes.

“It’s because Rick has become a bad child.”

“What the heck!?”

Muuu… are you trying to feign ignorance?

“Haven’t you been walking around with a huge amount of girls?”

“I don’t know them! They appeared all by themselves. Ah~…”


Although Rick got indignant, as I tilted my head to the side, his lips tightened up. I feel bad.


“By the way, Rick…… Can you release my arm soon?”


Rick finally seems to have noticed that he’s been holding my arm this whole time.

Gripping it with all his strength……… This, might become a bruise. This guy is really overbearing, seriously.

“No, I have business with you.  Come with me for a while.”

“Eh, what?”

Rick went directly into the nearby salon, and in the end, he still didn’t release my arm until we got inside.

Eh, could it be? Does he have some kind of restraint hobby……?




In the salon, the sound of a piano being played quietly could be heard.

It was a relaxed melody that made me want to sleep, a tune that I liked.


For some reason, I’m alone with Rick, listening to him play the piano. ……why.

The tea that I drank while sitting in the chair, was not brewed by me, but rather by him. I’m strangely annoyed that he’s so skilled at that.

Is it detestable? Is it detestable that I have this clumsy skill? I sulked.

Although since Tina, who was stuck outside the salon, is leaking out an intense bloodthirst, I wonder if it’s alright…


“…Don’t fall asleep, Yurushia.”

The music stopped suddenly, and Rick said something rude.

“……I’m not sleeping.”

I was only slightly sleepy, you know.

Assured that I wasn’t sleeping, Rick smiled and parted from the piano, walking to me.

“Have you calmed down?”



Ahh~… I see. As I thought, when my mood is bad I have a scary face.

Although now I’m as calm as I am normally, my spirits don’t raise and lower as intensely as a human in the first place. Probably.


“…Ah, oh well. Leaving that aside, Yurushia. Did you know that there’s a new cathedral of the Kostoru religion in the Colto territory?”

Rick sat down lightly next to me with a sigh and finally got to the main subject.


“That’s right. For this fifth cathedral in Tariterudo, the lord of the territory put up half of the construction budget.”

Did the country properly budget…… Is that actually okay? Is it because it’s the state religion? We don’t enforce the separation of church and state, after all.

“What happened…?”

“No, nothing’s happened as of yet. ……But either tomorrow or the next day, Honoured Uncle… Duke Verusenia thought of declaring Yurushia the Saint of the new generation and the [Princess] of the Holy Kingdom together with the new Archbishop and the lord over there, and he wants you to come.”


What a way to ask…… how rough.

“So I go over, and then…… what am I supposed to do?”

“Weeeelll……… It seems likely that they want the residents of the territory to see your Holy Magic, for you to heal the seriously injured and sick and to preach to and recruit people for a long time……It’s quite unreasonable.”


How detestable… and stupid. But,

“It’s not for forever, is it? How long?”

“Although the other side hoped for a year, it’s up to Yurushia’s convenience. It’s generally be around several weeks.”

I’ll of course I’d reject if it’s a year, but what about several weeks?

I was a little interested in what he said, but then I saw Rick’s face.

“If that’s the case…… why are you telling me about this now, Rick?”

If that was the only thing, there’d be no need for Rick to bring me into the salon alone to talk. So what were the other reasons? As I gazed at him inquisitively, Rick looked strange.

“Uh, um, well …… It’s because you’re the daughter of a duke? More or less.”

“Wha-, what”

“The Colto territory……… It’s the territory of Duke Kaperu.”


The one with terrible relations with House Verusenia, House Kaperu.  

“Sorry, I didn’t think of that.”


Rick’s face became even more strange. …I wonder if it’s a face of resignation.

“Anyway. It seems that Honoured Uncle doesn’t want you to go to such a place. However, as the matter concerns the nation, and it’s a formal request for the [Princess], so you can’t ignore them if they say that they want Yurushia to go.”



It’s suspicious that Duke Kaperu is calling for me specifically. But I can’t refuse as I am the [Princess] and receive treatment like that of a member of the royal family. As part of the royal family, I can’t just refuse them with the excuse that [It’s Suspicious].

Well, that is entirely the fault of Grandfather-sama.

Moreover, if I heard correctly, the schedule matches when Father is going overseas on business exactly.

Wow…… how blatant. I’m getting a little excited now.

And the new [Archbishop] too ……


“Therefore, when Yurushia goes, I will as well.”


Why is that.

“Uh, ehrm…… I’ll probably be fine?”

“I know that Yurushia has more than enough [Power] to be called a Saint. But I think the danger is not towards your [Life] but rather your [Reputation] and your [Spirit]. If I go along with you, they will not be able to play their hand easily.”


As a matter of fact, even if it is Duke Kaperu, I don’t think that he would be so foolish as to aim for my life when I am so beloved by Grandfather-sama, His Majesty the King.

Therefore, as Rick said, it’s quite likely that he’s aiming at the [Reputation] and the [Honour] of House Verusenia, and intends to torment my [Heart].

Although, that is my favourite dish to serve………



Rick went silent, and just stared at me with serious eyes.

If he said that I was in danger, then wouldn’t Rick who would be protecting me be in danger too?

…… Because you look at me with such eyes, various girls have already started to misunderstand our relationship.

It can’t be helped………

Rick…… I will protect you.


Author’s Notes: As always, thank you for pointing out my mistakes.


App’s Notes: Don’t worry about it, Piro, I made sure to polish it up.

Also, I really started this series disliking Rick, so he’s growing on me… it’d be a shame to lose him ;).

Here’s hoping that I’m not blind for next week’s chapter 😛


Piroton’s Notes: Aaaaahhh. The first chapter since I returned. Sorry if it’s unpolished. I didn’t have much time, what with packing and unpacking and New Years’, etc. But I’m back! And oh, there’s so much more to come…

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