Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 8

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Chapter 8 – Arrangements

Zhao Hai nodded and then asked, “Then what about our current source of poultry, grandpa Greene? Didn’t we buy some carnivore magic beasts to raise?”

Greene didn’t know why Zhao Hai would ask this and assumed that Zhao Hai was afraid he would have no meat to eat. He immediately replied, “No need to worry, young master. We had purchased some blue-eyed rabbits and long-haired boars to serve as our meat source. There’s no need for you to worry about poultry.”

Zhao Hai was torn between crying and laughing. It seemed that Adam was really devoid of humanity before. He wanted to look for a kind of animal that would grow fast and not picky with eating, yet Greene actually assumed that he was worried about not having meat to eat. The dialogue wasn’t matching up, man.

Just then, Maylin and Meg walked in with several plates in their hands. On the plates were some food, but were much simpler in comparison to Zhao Hai’s menu.

Zhao Hai looked at what was on his own plate. In his own were a white bread, 2 eggs, a piece of meat and some vegetables. For their current situation, his menu was impressive already.

While the on the plates of Greene and others were just black bread and some vegetables. There was no eggs or meat. None at all. This wrenched Zhao Hai’s heart a bit but he didn’t say anything. He just held his knife and fork to start eating. When Greene and others saw him eating, they too started eating as well.

Greene and others weren’t eating quickly. Only Blockhead and Rockhead were eating very quickly. It could be seen that Maylin gave them much larger servings compared to others.

Zhao Hai had to admit that the taste of Maylin’s cooking wasn’t bad. Although it wasn’t as delicious as Chinese cooking, it was impressive enough in making such simple food taste this good.

Zhao Hai nodded his head in satisfaction and ate the food in front of his eyes quickly. Although he was not used to eating things with knife and fork, he was somewhat hungry, so he ate very quickly.

But by the time he finished, Greene and others also finished theirs as well and were standing as they looked at him. This made Zhao Hai feel helpless, yet he also knew that this situation could not be changed in just a day or two.

After the meal, Maylin and Meg cleared the plates and served a pot of stuff. Once he smelled the aroma from the pot, Zhao Hai knew that it contained coya. Coya was something similar to coffee. It was the most favorite beverage of the nobles of the continent.

Greene immediately poured a cup of it for Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai drank a mouthful of it and found that it’s flavor was close to coffee. He couldn’t help from nodding his head. He took the pot and poured a cup for Greene while pointing to a chair, “Sit down, grandpa Greene. I have some things to discuss with you. Come on. Drink some coya.”

Greene replied in a hurry, “I can’t. I’ll just stand.”

Zhao Hai stood up and pushed Greene down to the chair and said, “Grandpa Greene, you’re someone like my grandfather. You watched me growing up so you’re my senior on that note. Now that Buda family experienced such a catastrophe, if it weren’t for you, then my little life would’ve been in peril. No need to be reserved. Sit. I really have things to discuss with you.”

Greene sat down. Tears flowed suddenly as he looked at Zhao Hai, mumbling, “I will sit. The old me will sit now. Young master has grown up more knowledgeable.”

Zhao Hai pretended it as he sighed, “I should be after going through so much. I’m sorry grandpa Greene. I caused you concern before. I will never do so again.”

Greene shook his head, “Oh no, please don’t say that young master. It’s all this old me’s incompetence that young master had come to this. That Buda family would come to this point.”

Zhao Hai shook his head and smiled bitterly, “You can’t be faulted for this. How would my father accept your words now? Forget it, let’s not talk about this. Grandpa Greene, do you know which magic beast on the continent isn’t picky about food, can grow fast and also breed quickly?”

Greene was stunned by Zhao Hai’s question, but he still knew about such things, so he immediately replied, “There are many of such magic beasts that you speak of, like the blue-eyed rabbits and long-haired boars that we’re keeping. They’re both level 1 magic beasts and don’t have much attack power. From birth to maturity, blue-eyed rabbits need but more than 3 months’ time, and when they mature, they give birth once every more than 1 month in average. The first birthing shouldn’t be less than 5. Long-haired boars’ growth period is longer. They mature in around 8 to 10 months. Then they give birth once every 4 months or so in average. Every birth would not be less than 7. These two kinds of magic beasts are also the main source poultry for the continent. There are many who raise them.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Which of the two is raised by the most people?”

Greene replied, “Long-haired boars. Blue-eyed rabbits aren’t too picky but they’re herbivores. They only eat some plant leaves under normal conditions, unlike long-haired boars which eat anything.”

Zhao Hai nodded. Upon finding out that the blue-eyed rabbits weren’t much different from rabbits on Earth, he stood up immediately, “Grandpa Greene, didn’t you say we bought blue-eyed rabbits? Take me for a look.”

Although Greene didn’t know what Zhao Hai was up to, he was happy from knowing that Zhao Hai had finally started to care about family matters. However, he said, “Young master, it’s already late. I think we should do so tomorrow. You should rest sooner.”

Zhao Hai looked at the sky outside and also felt urgent himself. He nodded, “Alright. Then we will have a look tomorrow. But grandpa Greene, I noticed that there are still many supplies on the empty spot of the castle. Why hadn’t they been moved into the castle?”

Greene looked reluctant as he replied, “It’s not that they weren’t moved, young master. It’s because the castle is too small. We really can’t fit so many supplies, so now we’re organizing the slaves to build wooden sheds, so that we can put those things into them.”

Zhao Hai nodded and looked at the sky, “Do the slaves have places to live yet? It’s already April. Soon it’s going to be rainy season, and we have to settle them down. We Buda family only have a few of us right now. We still need to count on them later on.”

Greene’s expression turned better from uncertainty. He was afraid that Zhao Hai would ask about the slaves when the supplies were mentioned, because in the eyes of nobles from the continent, the slaves were far less valuable than the supplies. If Zhao Hai thought that way as well, he would surely chase the slaves out of their places and then put the supplies in.

But Greene was very clear that Buda family had just these few people right now, and soon it would be rainy season. If the slaves were made to live outside, they would get sick easily, and then there would be a situation where there’d be no one to mobilize.

However, Greene didn’t expect that Zhao Hai had also considered this. He knew that his young master had finally grown up, so he replied in a hurry, “Please relax, young master. It had been arranged.”

Zhao Hai then nodded, “I can relax when grandpa Greene is around. Alright. I should return for rest. Let’s talk tomorrow if there’s anything else.” He went upstairs after that.

Just then, Maylin and Meg came out of the kitchen. When Maylin saw how Greene was standing there emotionally, she asked curiously, “What’s gotten into you, old timer?”

Greene suddenly laughed loudly, “Young master grew up! He’s understanding now, hahahaha! The heavens spared us Buda family!” Then he relayed the words he spoke to Zhao Hai to Maylin. After that, he laughed, “Young master is concerning himself with family matters. This is good news! If young master can manage the family well, even if it can’t be powerful, it’s still possible to continue. Whatever the case, Buda family will not disappear.”

Maylin was also very happy, and said, “Powerful for not, it’s all good. It’s fine young master is safe. I think it’s better right now. Buda family might’ve been glorious back in the empire, but it stood out too much. Otherwise it wouldn’t have been backstabbed by those fellows. Now that we’re far away from the circle of rumors, it’s even better living our humble days here. Black Wastelands here has nothing, and no one will make a move here. Our family is safer here.”

Greene nodded with a grin, “Yes, that’s exactly the point. That’s why I bought 50-50 male and female slaves this time. It’s for the sake of the family’s future developments. Now I don’t need to think about other things. As long as young master is safe, I will be satisfied as long as Buda family can go on.”

Maylin nodded with a grin as well. Meg was standing behind Maylin. Although her face didn’t have an expression, her eyes had a trace of happiness.

Zhao Hai heard Greene’s laughter as well and recalled Greene’s expression just now. He also knew why Greene was this happy. He made a bitter smile when thinking about it. He didn’t expect that acting a little normally would make them this happy. It seemed that Adam really never did anything good.

Zhao Hai couldn’t sleep when he returned to the room. Perhaps he slept too much during the day. Now that he was on his bed, both his eyes were staring like lit light bulbs. He still couldn’t sleep.

Zhao Hai still couldn’t sleep after more than an hour. He thought a few times and he decided to go to the space to look at how the radishes had grown.

When he entered the space, Zhao Hai went blank. He didn’t expect that the radishes which he planted for just a few hours ago had now sprouted large leaves. They seemed to be close to maturity.

Zhao Hai looked blankly at the radishes. He really never imagined that they’d grow so fast. It was said that the space soil and space water could increase the plant growth speeds, but wasn’t this too fast?

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but walk over to the radishes to pull one up. He noticed that it had grown a notch underground. It’s just that because the time was too short, the radish itself wasn’t large. It still needed more time to mature.

Zhao Hai let out silly chuckles and then buried the radish properly. He then stood up and mumbled, “At this rate, they will mature tomorrow morning. Then I can ask grandpa Greene if there are such things. I’ll also see if the blue-eyed rabbits can eat the radish leaves. If they can, then I can open a ranch. Hehehe….”

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