Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 – Horse Bones

Zhao Hai knew well that his space didn’t have any attack ability, and not even a protective ability. Its only use other than planting crops was for hiding.

Zhao Hai wasn’t confident at all about using the space to deal with Rotten Corpse Swamp. Don’t forget that it was one of the continent’s 5 Forbidden Areas, which contained necromantic creatures and toxic beasts. How could he pull it off when the space had no means to attack?

Time flew by without him knowing it. He really couldn’t think of a good plan, so he could only decide to use the castle to fight against the horde when the time came. If it were really untenable, he would have to bring everyone into the space. It had more than 10 acres of ground, so he could fit them all into the space, one way or another.

Just then, Zhao Hai suddenly heard talking noises coming from outside. He looked out and noticed that it was going to be noon shortly. The slaves had returned to eat.

Just when Zhao Hai looked out, he saw Meg, Blockhead and Rockhead walking in quickly. The 3 of them bowed down to Zhao Hai when they stood in front of him, and greeted him simultaneously, “Young master.”

Zhao Hai nodded and smiled at the 3 of them, “Go and make arrangements outside. The corn stalks and cobs are for burning. If the slaves feel cold at night, just let them use the things outside to keep warm.”

Meg looked at Zhao Hai with incomprehension, “Young master, what’s a ‘corn’?”

Zhao Hai smiled, “Corn is going to be our main crop later on. The yield is 2000 kilos per acre, and the stalks and cobs can be used as firewood. I’ve already discussed this with granny Maylin. We’re going to plant them later.”

Meg’s eyes sparkled as she looked at Zhao Hai, “Young master, is the corn’s yield really that high?”

Zhao Hai nodded with a smile. “Yes it is. Alright, go and let the slaves eat. Granny Maylin should be done with the meal-making, so you come and eat as well. I have something to say later.” The 3 nodded and then left the castle.

Maylin also walked out of the castle just then, as she had heard the commotion outside as well. She glanced outside and didn’t pay it any further mind. She knew Meg very well. She believed that Meg would be able to finish up the matter outside, and turned to Zhao Hai, “Come and eat, young master. The meal is ready.”

Zhao Hai nodded and followed Maylin to the dining hall. While Maylin went to bring the meals out of the kitchen, Zhao Hai sat in the dining hall idly. He discovered that he himself seemed to have become lazier and lazier. When he was on Earth, he had to ready his own meals and clean up his room every day. Every chore at home had been done entirely on his own.

After arriving at Ark Continent, he had become a young master. If he willed it, he wouldn’t need to wear his clothes himself, so he naturally wouldn’t need to do chores. To be honest, habits were scary things. In just these few days’ time, Zhao Hai had become used to getting served by other people.

When he was thinking about this, Maylin brought out the meal from the kitchen. The things they were eating now were still very simple. Bread, vegetables and some meat. The meat was for Zhao Hai, and there was none for Blockhead and Rockhead.

Even though the meal was very simple, Zhao Hai saw Maylin’s concern towards him from this. He had the best things in the entire castle, and the things he ate were also the best. The whole castle was centered around him, which made him feel incredibly grateful, and incredibly stressful.

He was no longer Adam the playboy. He was a responsible man. The more Maylin and the others treated him well, the more pressure he felt. These people’s lives revolved around him. In other words, they depended on him to survive. Even though Buda family had fallen by now, as long as he lived, Buda family would exist. These people couldn’t be bullied by other nobles, so perhaps Maylin and the others were already satisfied.

But Zhao Hai wasn’t satisfied. If these people lived because he was the center of their lives, then he had the responsibility to make these people’s lives better. When he thought about how to make their lives better under this current situation, he felt that there was a very large pressure on himself.

Maylin noticed that Zhao Hai wasn’t eating. She assumed that he wasn’t content with the lunch as he was just staring idly at the meal. She hurried to asked, “Young master, what’s wrong? Is the meal not to your liking?”

Zhao Hai snapped out of his trance and turned to Maylin with a smile, “No, granny Maylin. This meal is nicely done. I just wonder when I can let everyone in the castle eat such meals. Then, I’ll be satisfied.”

Maylin’s eyes went red with tears, and she just looked at Zhao Hai with a smile, “As long as young master’s space exists, you will do it one day. I believe in you, young master.”

Zhao Hai nodded his head, “Yeah. Sooner or later, that day will be here.” Meg, Blockhead and Rockhead came in as Zhao Hai was speaking. Maylin went into the kitchen to bring out meals for the 3 of them.

When they were about to finish their meal, Zhao Hai spoke to Maylin, “Granny Maylin, go and arrange some people to pick up the rocks and put this matter as the top priority. I’ll handle the valley. You just need to take me there and bring me back every day.”

Maylin’s confidence towards Zhao Hai had increased greatly after witnessing the amazing performance of his space. She nodded immediately, “Alright. I will organize them to pick up the rocks. Just rest well for the afternoon, young master.”

Zhao Hai simply nodded at that. He knew that he himself wouldn’t be of much help as well. Because of the Water Of Void, his physique wasn’t as powerful as the slaves who worked every day of the year. Besides, Maylin and the others wouldn’t let him go and pick up the rocks.

After lunch, Maylin rested for a while, and then organized the slaves to go and pick up the rocks. They had some tools for rock collecting, and the masonry used to build the castle back in the day was of fine quality, so the tools weren’t very damaged. The rocks were picked out mainly for making stone weapons.

Making the stone weapons wasn’t very difficult. They were primarily stone spears, rock hammers and rock axes. There was no way to make things that were too powerful.

Even though they were just a little more than 100 people, and the number of adult men among them didn’t exceed 50, they could not prepare too few weapons. Stone weapons were easily broken, so each person had to ready several usable weapons.

And Zhao Hai still had to pick up more rocks to be used as falling rocks from above the castle walls, since he never wanted to engage in a direct resistance against the necromantic creatures and toxic beasts when Zhao Hai and others prepared their weapons. They never had the power to fight, anyway. They could only use the castle itself as a means of defense, with the assumption they were working under being that the horde were small. Otherwise, they would absolutely not be able to hold up at all.

But a problem came immediately. The mountain here had been an iron ore mine in the past, but one that had been dug out by the dwarves, with places that could really be excavated for rocks now turned into lakes. Simply finding an excavation site in the afternoon made Maylin’s group waste a lot of energy.

In the end, Maylin’s group found a small mineshaft that could be excavated, which wasn’t far away from the castle, but it couldn’t be said that it had too many rocks. Maylin herself couldn’t help but sigh internally over the fact that this dwarven-excavated mountain looked like it had been robbed clean. So clean, it made people want to cry.

Maylin’s group had to return to the castle dejectedly at late afternoon. They found out that the idea of making stone weapons out of rocks wasn’t going to work. One reason being that they didn’t have experience in quarrying, and another reason being that the tools in their hands weren’t very effective, thus the work speed was too slow. Plus the rocks here weren’t many, so it wouldn’t be enough even if this place were to be dug out. Maylin could only relay this to Zhao Hai. This plan had to be aborted.

Zhao Hai was really resting at late afternoon as his body couldn’t keep up. Since he had trained in the morning and walked for such a long distance today, he was really tired. He fell asleep as soon as he laid down.

Maylin had returned by the time he woke up. When he heard what Maylin said, he ran out of ideas. The only thing he could do was waiting for Greene’s return and then sell the radishes, before buying some weapons from outside.

Before Greene came back, there was nothing they could do. If the horde from Rotten Corpse Swamp really came, they could only hide inside the space.

Just when Zhao Hai was at his wits’ end, Meg suddenly ran in from outside with excitement on her face as she said, “Good news, young master!” Meg had changed subconsciously ever since she hugged him when Zhao Hai had improved the soil for the first time. Now, whenever she saw him, she no longer lowered her head, and was more natural, not to mention more active.

Zhao Hai and Maylin were both taken aback, and the latter asked, “What’s the matter?”

Meg smiled, “Granny, a slave came and talked to me. She said she knows about grass-weaving, and can turn the grasses on the mountain into different things, like mats, curtains and shoes.”

Zhao Hai went still for an instant before his eyes sparkled. He felt that this was an opportunity. In his regulation of removing the status of slavery, it was stated that as long as one had skills and performed well, he would remove his or her slavery status, but none of the slaves came to him in these days who said that they had certain skills. Although the slaves were energetic in their work, Zhao Hai was still very disappointed.

Zhao Hai also knew that the slaves wouldn’t change directions in such a short time. They didn’t perform because they were afraid. A long and time consuming process was needed to change this situation, and there also had to be someone taking the lead.

The slaves had been oppressed for too long and their thoughts had become rigid. It would take time for them to accept the new order.

Zhao Hai had already prepared himself mentally, but he didn’t expect that the slaves would give him a surprise today. There was actually someone who stood out on her own. Even though it wasn’t a notable skill, this lead was too great. Zhao Hai had the intention to ‘buy the horse bones with 1000 gold pieces’. And now behold: the horse bones had come.

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