Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 27

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Chapter 27 – 5000 kilos A Day

Just when Zhao Hai was getting worried about weapons, a voice suddenly came, <Corns have matured. Please collect as soon as possible.>

Zhao Hai went blank, but he soon reacted and looked at Maylin, “Granny Maylin, the corns I planted have matured. I’m going to collect them. Are you coming?”

Zhao Hai had already brought Maylin into the space before, so it wouldn’t be a big deal to do it now. It’s just that Maylin wasn’t Blockhead and Rockhead. He still respected Maylin very much, so even when he wanted to go into the space, he would first seek Maylin’s opinion.

Maylin also wanted to look at the space when she heard that. She nodded, “Sure, young master. I also want to go take a look.” Zhao Hai nodded, and with his thought, the 2 of them appeared inside the space.

Because the radishes were planted during the morning, there were only small leaves right now. But the corns had completely matured.

The maturity of the corns was different from what Zhao Hai had seen in the game. In the game, even if the corns were mature, they’d be glistening green, while in the space, the leaves had dried up. However, these corns had grown in a wholesome way. Each with nearly 50 centimetres of length, the corns had already broken through the covering leaves. They looked golden yellow and very appetizing.

Maylin had obviously never seen a corn before, so she didn’t know what to do. She was just looking at the corns curiously without an idea of what to do about them.

Zhao Hai walked to the side of the corns gladly and plucked one from a stalk. He peeled off the covers to reveal the full looking golden yellow pellets. Seemed like the yield would not be low. Calculating according to the production, these 2 acres of soil could at least produce more than 5000 kilos of corn. If they could be used as seeds, they would be enough to plant 1000 acres of soil.

Zhao Hai handed over the corn to Maylin with joy and smiled, “Granny Maylin, look. This is corn. With just simple processing, it can become food. It’s not very delicious, but it can fill the stomach. These 2 acres of corn can produce more than 5000 kilos. If they can be used as seeds, they are enough to plant 1000 acres of land. We can collect them once everyday later, and we won’t have to worry about food this way.”

Maylin took the corn and she stared at Zhao Hai, “Young master, are you saying that we can produce more than 5000 kilos of food everyday later on?”

Zhao Hai nodded with a smile. He knew what Maylin was thinking. More than 5000 kilos of food might not be much for more than 100 people, but everyday, that figure would be a bit terrifying. Plus the maturity time for corns in the space was around 14 hours. More than 5000 kilos a day was an understatement on Zhao Hai’s part.

Maylin was so excited her face went red. She couldn’t stop murmuring, “5000 kilos a day, 5000 kilos a day….”

Zhao Hai smiled, “Alright, granny Maylin. This corn thing isn’t very delicious, so let’s plant something else later. We’re in a transition period right now, so we can only plant this.”

Maylin returned to her senses and immediately said, “No, young master. Let’s not plant anything else. Just plant this. Just plant this. This is the food with the highest yield I’ve ever heard. Young master, let’s not plant anything else. Just plant this….” She was so excited her words were getting incoherent.

Zhao Hai smiled, “Alright, don’t plant others and just plant this. Don’t get so worked up, granny Maylin, hehe. There are many high yield crops. Though not as high as corns, they are more delicious. Don’t worry, I have it in me.”

Maylin nodded after hearing what Zhao Hai said, “Very well then, young master. Let’s do it. Should we settle these?”

Zhao Hai smiled, “Don’t worry. In this space, I call the shots.” He then commanded, “Collect the corns. Collect the corn pellets, corn stalks and corn cobs separately.”

Actually, there was a more elegant way of referring to corn cobs. In Zhao Hai’s hometown, they refer to corns as maize, while corn cobs are things that grow corn pellets, which in Zhao Hai’s hometown are called maize beards. They’re also good for burning.

Zhao Hai wanted to see if the space could accept such complicated commands. If they could be accepted, then he could confirm that the space obeyed him completely.

Maylin looked at Zhao Hai with incomprehension as she didn’t know who Zhao Hai was talking to. But what happened next in the space made her look on with eyes and mouth opened wide. She saw the collection basket flew up and the corns all flew into the basket on their own.

It didn’t take a while for all of the corns to be stored. Without waiting for Maylin to react, Zhao Hai walked quickly to the door of the storage and touched it. He then relaxed, exhaled deeply, and laughed heartily.

Maylin went to Zhao Hai’s side and asked, “What are you laughing about, young master? What’s going on?” She asked while she was pointing at the empty spot of land.

Zhao Hai laughed, “It’s fine, granny Maylin. I told you, right? In this space, I call the shots. Which is why I don’t need to worry when it comes to planting or collecting.”

Maylin asked emotionally, “That’s too great, young master! Let’s plant on this soil now, alright?”

Zhao Hai nodded, but he was still very careful. With a thought, a handful of corn pellets appeared in his hand. That handful was the pellets that just went into storage.

When Zhao Hai took the corn pellets out, the notification came again immediately, <Type: Corn. Quality: Excellent. Can be used as seeds. Can be taken out of space for use.>

Zhao Hai’s expression was joyful. With a deep exhale, he then ordered, “Plant the corns.” After the end of his voice, the shovel flew to the ground where the corns were and started turning the soil over, followed by the corn seeds flying out of Zhao Hai’s hand like they appeared out of nowhere, and landed into the ground. The water bucket then poured water onto the soil.

Maylin stared at this with eyes and mouth opened wide. She never expected that Zhao Hai’s space could be so amazing. She never even heard of it, let alone seeing it.

It didn’t take a while before the 2 acres of soil were planted again. Zhao Hai nodded at this and went to the radishes. He looked at them but he didn’t worry about bugs. When he played the game, the space could remove the bugs on its own. He believed that if there were really bugs in here, the current space would also remind him.

Maylin was constantly standing next to Zhao Hai as she was truly overjoyed today. With this amazing space, it would be a very simple matter for Buda family to soar up high.

Once Zhao Hai found no problems with the radishes, he stood up and smiled at Maylin, “Granny Maylin, let’s head out.” Maylin nodded. With his thoughts, the two of them appeared inside the living room of the castle.

Zhao Hai looked outside. The time they spent in the space wasn’t long and there were no changes to the sky. Zhao Hai then turned to Maylin and said, “Granny Maylin, I’ll go and bring the corn stalks and corn cobs out. With those things, we won’t need to worry about firewood.”

Maylin nodded hurriedly, “Alright, follow me, young master. Put those things into the kitchen.”

Zhao Hai shook his head, “No, granny Maylin. They still need to be dried under sunlight. Otherwise, they will carry some moisture. Put them into the storage after they’re completely dry.”

Maylin nodded, “Alright. Then let’s put them outside the castle. There aren’t a lot of open spaces in the castle.”

Zhao Hai agreed and then followed Maylin out of the castle, to where he improved the soil yesterday. This patch of soil couldn’t be planted at the moment, so instead, he put the corn stalks and cobs here. It was done in order to prevent the improved soil from being blown away, and also to block the view of this soil having a different color than the rest.

Once all the corn stalks and cobs had appeared on the empty soil, Zhao Hai turned to Maylin and said, “Granny Maylin, we can use these to cook meals from now on. They don’t burn as long as wood, but they’re usable. If the slaves get cold at night, they can also burn these to keep warm.”

Maylin looked at the 2 piles of burning materials with face full of smiles. Now she finally wouldn’t need to worry about firewood issues. She nodded nonstop, “Very well, young master. Just leave this to me.”

Zhao Hai nodded and then looked at the sky, “Granny Maylin, it’s getting late. Meg and others will come back soon for lunch. Let’s have the people go pick up rocks after lunch. It’s a pity we don’t have blacksmiths, or we could’ve let them modify some metal tools into weapons.”

There were very few carpenters among slaves to begin with, so there were even less blacksmiths among them. Slaves owners were afraid that if the slaves knew blacksmithing, they would forge their own weapons to rebel against them, so the slave owners never let them approach such things. Even if there were blacksmith slaves, they would be blacksmiths who became slaves later.

Maylin also knew that if the farming tools weren’t modified, they wouldn’t be as easy to use as stone-made weapons. Besides, they didn’t have fuel, so it was impossible to modify the metal tools.

Zhao Hai led Maylin back to the castle who then went to prepare lunch. Zhao Hai sat alone in the dining room to think about things quietly.

Now that they were facing 2 crises instead of 1, if the toxic beasts and the necromantic creatures from Rotten Corpse Swamp charged out, what would they use to hold back? And once those things charged out, his entire plantation plan would be ruined. This was what he was most worried about.

Plantation was the greater portion of his plan of future development. If he gave up now, it would be too unfortunate. But not giving up meant that he had to solve the problem of Rotten Corpse Swamp first, as it would cause him to be unable to raise animals.

But how to solve it? For so many years, experts on the continent had come, yet Rotten Corpse Swamp was still one of the 5 Forbidden Areas on the continent. With his space? It doesn’t seem to be useful, right? Zhao Hai was now at the end of his wits.

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  1. tsume says:

    Overall you’re doing well (and please keep up the good work), but this time, there were two repeated grammar errors that threw me out of the story:

    1. The plural of “corn” is “corn”, not “corns”. It’s like “wheat”, “sheep”, or “moose”. You can also use “corn plants” if you’re referring to the things standing in the field with corn cobs dangling off them.

    2. Corn has kernels, not pellets. Chinese may not have a separate word for them, but English certainly does.

    • Armored Raven says:

      1. Nice try, but unlike ‘wheat’ and ‘sheep’, corn’s plural IS corns. Spellcheck doesn’t invalidate it. In case you want to prove me wrong, you have to overturn what is essentially a digital foundation for all English spellchecks, before you can convince me.

      2. Thank you for the word. Blame my English for not being my first language.

      • tsume says:

        Spellcheck doesn’t invalidate it because “corn” has another meaning (“a horny thickening of the skin”, derived from the French word for “horn”) which does have plural “corns”. The word for “corn” the agricultural product derives from a Middle English word for “grain”—in other words, what you have here is two different words with the same spelling (and different plurals). So your spell checker was correctly answering the wrong question. ;P

        English is a weird language. You won’t catch something like this unless you’re a native speaker (possibly only if you’re an *educated* native speaker for some cases) or consult a good dictionary. A spell checker isn’t sufficient.

        • Dane says:

          There are also different types of corn, such as yellow and white, so if you had just yellow corn, it would be corn no matter how much yellow corn you had, but if you were referring to having different types of corn it would be corns, similar to people and peoples.

  2. Random Internet User (tm) says:

    Thank you kindly for the chapter!

  3. Peri says:

    Hmm..he should try to plant rare or legendary kind of magic plants hahaha

  4. BellCross Wolfstein says:

    hold it Fcking right there! Who told you thag corns are not delicious? Wtf have you even tasted a corn before? Author?

  5. Passerby says:

    Actually, the corn might not be tasty depending on the kind of corn it is. The vegetables we have are drastically different ancient vegetables due to many many generations of selective breeding.

    But the MC didn’t taste it, so maybe he was just talking out of his ass.

  6. Turtlestorm says:

    I feel personally attacked by him saying corn isnt delicious

  7. Jingle Belle says:

    fun fact about corn, its only nutritious after Nixtamalization ( soaked in warm limestone water). Malnutrition in the form of pellagra, which is a deficiency of vitamin B3, was widespread across Europe after the Spanish brought maize back due to the Conquistadors ignoring the Native American women’s way of cooking it. They didn’t think the indigenous women knew anything of value.

  8. Rebecca says:

    How can corn not be delicious? What awful corn has he been eating?

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