Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 277

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Chapter 277 – Best Time To Counterattack

After kicking Gasol a few times, Wales finally stopped. Gasol did not put up any resistance, and Wales’ kicks were quite heavy, making Gasol spit out two mouthfuls of blood.

Wales did not want to kick Gasol to death like this, so he stopped. Looking at Gasol, he said, “What is your brain made of? Is it full of goat shit? Did you feel like our father had mistreated you from the beginning? Is it because you achieved the greatest merits in battle, and did the most for the tribe, but you still couldn’t become the chieftain?”

Gasol gave a cold snort and said nothing else. It was very clear that he was agreeing with what Wales had just said. Wales looked at Gasol’s appearance and suddenly felt an an urge to laugh. He really wanted to laugh at the fact that Gasol was too foolish. Even now, Gasol still did not realize why their father did not want to give him the position of chieftain.

Wales shook his head and sighed as he said, “Gasol, I had always thought that you were a smart person, but now I finally realize that you are just an idiot. A fool that could not be any dumber. Did you not realize that our tribe had been fighting less and less with foreign tribes? A few years ago, father had the same idea as you. He wanted to prove that our Herculean Bull Tribe was the number one tribe amongst the bull-headed races, but then what? Our father found that after every expedition, although we obtained many slaves, the strength of our own tribe was slowly being consumed, and slowly, most of our youth were dying out. But because he chose not to fight for a year, the youth population of our tribe slowly began to increase once again. Our father realized this, and chose not to launch any military campaigns, just so he could give our tribe a chance to rebuild our strength.”

When he said this, he saw the expression on Gasol’s face changing. Today, he decided to let everything out, so that Gasol would no longer feel like he had suffered any kind of injustice.

He took a deep breath, and then said, “After learning of the Fighting Bull Tribe’s threat towards our tribe, our father reduced the number of foreign troops, and began to support West Wonder King, who the Fighting Bull Tribe’s chieftain is at odds with. If West Wonder King broke out, the Fighting Bull Tribe would be weakened. Without our father’s support, what do you think West Wonder King would rely on to fight against the Fighting Bull Tribe for so long?”

Gasol’s expression turned even uglier. He had not seen through anything that Wales had just told him, and he had always wondered why his father would be close to West Wonder King rather than the Fighting Bull Tribe’s chieftain. It was for this reason that he had cried out for injustice from the Fighting Bull Tribe’s chieftain. It could be said that the reason why the Fighting Bull Tribe had recovered so quickly was inseparable to his support.

Wales saw Gasol’s expression and he gave a cold snort, “What? You’re regretting your decision now? You couldn’t see why our father supported the Western King, and stubbornly supported the Fighting Bull Tribe’s leader. You were completely fooled by just a few words of praise. What a joke. Just based on this one point, are you worthy of being the Herculean Bull Tribe’s chieftain? A pity. What a pity indeed. Father was too soft, and chose not to limit your military power, otherwise, the Herculean Bull Tribe would not be in this kind of situation today.”

Gasol quickly got up and said, “Nonsense, that’s all nonsense, it’s all fake. Father never thought of this, and everything was fabricated by you!”

Wales gave a cold snort and said, “You’re already clear on whether I made it up or not. In order to sit on that spot (chieftain position), you went crazy and even dared to cause the death of our father. Now you’ve even dragged your own tribe into the deep abyss. I’ll see what sort of face you make when you see the Beast God after you die.”

The beastmen all believed that after they died, they would meet the Beast God. The Beast God would look over the deeds you accomplished throughout your life, and decide whether you were to be a beastman or just a beast in your next life.

When Gasol heard Wales say this, his face turned completely pale. He had been on the verge of breakdown to begin with, but now he had already fallen to ground while continuously muttering, “It’s a lie, it’s all a lie.”

Wales looked at Gasol’s appearance, and then he turned his head to look around at his guard and said, “Prepare the white flag, brother Sixth. It’s your turn.”

The white flag was a beastman tradition. It was something that was used to wrap dead traitors. The beastmen had a legend saying that the Beast God hated the color white the most, so anyone that was wrapped in white when they died would be turned into a beastkin by the Beast God. It was because of this that beastmen executed their traitors in this fashion. They wanted them to become beasts in their next life so they could compensate for the debts they had incurred in this life.

As soon as the guards heard Wales telling them to prepare the white flag, they immediately understood what he meant. They rushed off to prepare it as Mendez picked up his giant axe.

He did not have the slightest bit of compassion for Gasol right now. How could he possibly have compassion? It was this man in front of him who had caused the deaths of his father and brothers, and caused them to lose the camping grounds that the Herculean Bull Tribe had inhabited for thousands of years. Right now, Mendez wished that he could skin Gasol alive, so how could he feel any kind of compassion?

Meanwhile, Gasol had completely lost his will to live. He curled himself up into a ball, not knowing what was happening around him at all. When Mendez lifted him up, he did not react at all.

Soon, a piece of white cloth was prepared, and Mendez helped himself to it. A single swing of the axe chopped off Gasol’s head, not giving him a chance to retaliate at all.

After Gasol died, the guards wrapped his body in the white cloth, while Mendez threw the giant axe in his hands away and broke down loudly in tears.

Wales let out a sigh. His eyes were also a little wet, and he was filled with sorrow. The Herculean Bull Tribe had been destroyed by Gasol’s hands in such a way that even if they reclaimed their main camp now, their status among the beastmen would fall by a large margin. This was a bad kind of news that could not get any worse.

After seeing them tidy up Gasol’s corpse, Wales let out a sigh and beckoned with his hand as he said, “Find a place to bury him.” The guards took the body away.

Wales felt as if he had somehow lost all the strength in his body. He stumbled back to his own tent and drank large mouthfuls out of a silver wine jug.

Although he had exacted his revenge now, he did not feel any happiness at all. On the contrary, he was deeply saddened. The sadness in his heart was getting close to driving him crazy.

Yale and Zhao Hai had also noticed that Wales’ emotions were unstable, and quickly followed him into the tent. When they saw Wales’ appearance, Yale couldn’t help letting out a sigh. He knew that Wales had been suffering a lot of pressure lately. The Herculean Bull Tribe was like a rock that kept weighing him down. Although he had exacted his revenge, he still had to kill his own brother in the process. Wales was a very compassionate and righteous person, so Yale knew that must be feeling very uncomfortable in his heart right now.

Zhao Hai did not know how he should approach Wales right now. He had never gone through anything like this, so anything he said right now would seem tactless. Zhao Hai did not say anything, and just gave a sigh. He sat down beside him and picked up another silver jug to pour himself a cup of milk wine. After drinking a mouthful, he turned to Yale and said, “Mister Yale, please sit. I have something I want to discuss with you.”

Yales looked at Wales once, then nodded and said, “Alright. Go ahead.”

Zhao Hai said, “I met Gasol in the Large Horned Raging Bull tribe’s territory while he was robbing them. He had killed almost all the youths, and was transporting something, wanting to go to the Western King’s territory. I killed all his guards, but please rest assured that I buried them all. In order to make sure that this disappearance was not spread, I sent people to bring all the Large Horned Raging Bull Tribe’s people to another location, and they will never appear in the bull-headed races’ territory ever again.”

Yale did not understand what Zhao Hai meant by this in the beginning, but after thinking about it for a bit, he immediately understood. He looked at Zhao Hai with an expression of gratitude as he said, “Thank you, little Hai. If it wasn’t for you, the Hercules Bull Tribe would not have had the opportunity to reclaim the position of the ruling race.”

“That’s right, little Hai. I, your big brother, am truly thanking you. If it wasn’t for you, the Herculean Bull Tribe would have been done for.” At this moment, Wales had already let go of his wine jug, and he looked at Zhao Hai with a grateful expression. Mendez had also just come in from the entrance.

Wales was truly a heroic figure to be able to recover himself this quickly. Actually, this was also thanks to Zhao Hai. If Zhao Hai had not talked about this matter, Wales would not have recovered himself this quickly. Compared to Gasol, he cared more about the future of the Herculean Bull Tribe.

Wales and the others were very clear that if the other bull-headed tribes knew about the matter of Gasol robbing the Large-horned Raging Bull Tribe, then the Herculean Bull Tribe would never receive the support of any other bull-headed race in the future.

The Large-horned Raging Bull Tribe hadn’t had a high status within the Bull Head Race, and they weren’t powerful in fighting ability, but they were always hospitable, and their disposition was famous. If it became known that Gasol had tried to rob them, it would have definitely incurred public outrage.

The Herculean Bull Tribe had just been chased out by the Fighting Bull Tribe, so the branch tribes would definitely not be willing to accept them. And over the years, the Herculean Bull Tribe’s chieftain had taken care of the branch tribes, so these people had not forgotten this kindness. This was very important for Wales.

If the branch tribes knew that it was Gasol who had robbed the Large-horned Raging Bull Tribe, then they would come to dislike the Herculean Bull Tribe and not support them anymore. For the Herculean Bull Tribe, this would definitely have been a catastrophe. What the Fighting Bull Tribe could only dream of, would then have been realized by Gasol himself.

Wales couldn’t help but shake his head upon thinking such thoughts. He really did not know when Gasol had become this stupid. He remembered that Gasol had not been this dumb in the past.

Zhao Hai turned his head to look at Wales as he said, “It was because I was lucky enough to bump into Gasol. Otherwise, things would have truly become troublesome.”

Wales let out a sigh and shook his head, “Little Hai, come with me to see the Mastiff Tribe. You have many things in your hands, so perhaps you can help your big brother stabilize the current situation there.”

Zhao Hai did a double take. He looked at Wales and said, “Big brother, are you serious? You aren’t going to West Wonder King? Are we not going to find out the situation with the Fighting Bull Tribe?”

Wales let out a sigh, but he did not know what to say. He wanted to find out the current situation with the Fighting Bull Tribe and West Wonder King, but he also felt as if he could not leave Zhao Hai’s side right now. This was all making him feel very conflicted.

The beastmen all worshiped the Beast God, and from what Wales could see, Zhao Hai was a benefactor sent to him by the Beast God. He had encountered all kinds of trouble during this period of time, but Zhao Hai had solved it all for him, making him want to keep Zhao Hai by his side.

Zhao Hai saw Wales’ expression and said with a smile, “Alright, big brother, no problems. We should stick to our original plan. You and others go meet the Mastiff Tribe, and I’ll go find West Wonder King to get some news. Then I’ll immediately come to the Mastiff Tribe’s territory and look for you. What do you think about that?”

Wales nodded, “It’s our only choice. You should stay here tonight and have a good drink with us, and then you can leave tomorrow.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “No problem. Oh yeah, I still have something I want to give you. Come with me.” After he finished speaking, he walked outside.

Wales and the others had confused expressions on their faces as they looked at Zhao Hai, but they still followed him outside. When they came out, Zhao Hai took out all the resources he had taken from the Large-horned Raging Bull Tribe. He pointed at the resources and said, “Big brother, these are all the items that Gasol stole from the Large-horned Raging Bull Tribe. They have all been used, and they cannot be sold on the prairie, so you should use them.”

Wales patted Zhao Hai’s shoulder and said, “Thank you brother, I won’t say any unnecessary words. Let’s head into the tent and have a drink.”

They reentered the tent and after sitting down, Zhao Hai looked at Wales and said, “Big brother, what plans do you have to attack the old camp?”

Wales was stunned for a bit. To be honest, he really did not have any plans. Right now he was only thinking about pacifying his tribesmen. He had not thought about attacking the old camp at all.

When Zhao Hai saw the expression Wales had, he knew that he had not thought about this at all. He couldn’t help but say, “Big brother, I think you should give it some more thought. Although the Herculean Bull Tribe has suffered heavy losses, the tribesmen’s hearts are also filled with hatred. As long as big brother has a supply of grains and they can eat their fill, the first thing they will think of will be revenge. Adding on the fact that the Fighting Bull Tribe has just seized the old camp and still do not have much control over the bull-headed races, there should be many tribes still in support of you, which you can make use of. If there is a need, you can also ask the Mastiff Race for help. If push comes to shove, just give them some grains. If you give the Fighting Bull Tribe enough time, they will be able to regain their footing, and your tribesmen will be disappointed in you. It will make getting revenge much harder when the time comes.”

Wales silently listened to Zhao Hai speak. This was his first time thinking about this, but he had to admit that what Zhao Hai said was right. The beastmen were like this; they worshipped the strong, but the Fighting Bull Tribe’s reputation was not good, since they liked fighting too much. Considering the fact that the Herculean Bull Tribe had ruled the bull-headed races for many years, the majority of the branch tribes all supported them. It meant that this was indeed the best time to launch a counterattack.

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