Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 278

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Chapter 278: In Need of a Maniac

Yale nodded and said, “I think what little Hai said is very right. Sometimes, hatred is not a force to be underestimated. If we can use this power well, then defeating the Fighting Bull Tribe by ourselves is not an impossibility.”

Mendez had just recovered, and he also nodded and said, “ We also have the element of surprise on our side. No one would think that we would counter attack right after a big loss. Didn’t the Fighting Bull Tribe also use the element of surprise to steal our main camp?

Wales frowned and said, “These are valid points, but the problem is that our tribe’s only high elder is injured. I’m afraid it’s not enough to deal with the Fighting Bull Tribe’s high elder. Furthermore, didn’t the Fighting Bull Tribe also hire a level 9 human powerhouse?”

When Wales laid it all out, everyone fell silent. Regardless of their plans, the presence of a level 9 powerhouse had always been a giant rock weighing down on their hearts. If they really wanted to fight against the Fighting Bull Tribe, they couldn’t do it without a level 9 powerhouse of their own.

Zhao Hai turned to Wales and said, “Big brother, do you think we can use grains, vegetables and oil to convince the Mastiff Tribe to use their level 9 powerhouse? You’d best ask the other tribes and see if we can also use what we have to bring out their powerhouses too. Also, don’t forget that, out here in the prairie, if a human powerhouse is too full of himself, the larger fighting tribes won’t let that fly. If we can bring out the powerhouses of the other tribes, we can win. Maybe with the Liquid of Life and the Magic Peach Juice, we can heal the high elder of the Herculean Bull Tribe as well. That will greatly improve our chances of winning.”

Wales frowned, “The wounds of a level 9 powerhouse don’t heal that easily. If we can actually heal the wounds of the high elder, I will immediately arrange for a counterattack. If we can’t, then we will just have to endure.”

Zhao Hai nodded at that. He still admired this careful part of Wales’ personality. He hadn’t let hatred fill his mind, and instead remained calm. This was good.

He replied immediately, “Good. If big brother has needs, I have all the grains you need. Oh yeah. Tell them that I also have vegetables and oil. All are guaranteed to be fresh.”

Wales nodded and turned to Mendez. “Sixth brother, slaughter a raging bull. Let’s have whole roasted bull today.” Mendez turned around and left.

Zhai Hai was somewhat surprised. Usually, the beastmen wouldn’t slaughter cows. Cows and bulls had many uses to them. Normally, they only served cows and bulls to the most respected of guests as a feast. He never would have thought that Wales was going to slaughter a bull.

He spoke hurriedly, “ Please, big brother, we are already a family. Why do you do this?”

Wales smiled and said, “Save it, little Hai, you don’t have to mind. I have been feeling uneasy because I haven’t been able to serve you a whole roasted bull ever since I met you. And today, I, your big brother, have settled a big grudge. We are going to have a big drink.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “Fine. Since big brother is in the mood today, we will drink till we drop, hahahaha.” After the conversation, they went outside to find the bull already slaughtered and ready for roasting.

Laura and the others weren’t just loitering around doing nothing. They were helping the guards rearrange stuff. This was permitted by Zhao Hai, as he was now the blood-sworn brother of Wales. Laura and the others weren’t outsiders, so they should be helping.

After Zhao Hai and company sat down, they began to discuss the matter of their counterattack nonstop. Even though Wales was highly conservative, he still had a fire in his heart when it came to the Fighting Bull Tribe stealing their main camp. However, now that he was the Herculean Bull Tribe’s chieftain, he couldn’t afford to make a mistake because of a moment’s rage. That was why he was being careful. If there was a chance to counterattack, however, he would still take it.

Like he had said before, he would immediately begin preparations for a counterattack once the Herculean Bull Tribe’s high elder was healed. That was his intention.

Later that night, Zhao Hai couldn’t help but get drunk again. Wales’ feelings were complicated, so he needed to drink, and Zhao Hai thus had no choice but to drink with him. In the end, everyone fell asleep drunk.

But this time Zhao Hai did not get wasted. He had arranged for Cai-Er to give him the Space’s water if he got too drunk, so he could wake up faster. He didn’t want to sleep in a big tent with Laura and the others, because while it would feel good, it would honestly still be quite awkward.

If anyone knew that Zhao Hai used the Liquid of Life as a means to cure hangovers, they would strangle him for sure. The Liquid of Life was too precious to be used as a mere hangover cure. No one would stand it.

After drinking the Liquid of Life, Zhao Hai sobered up immediately. It wasn’t too late, so Laura was just sitting in the tent chatting. When she noticed Zhao Hai waking up she immediately said, “How are you feeling, Hai-bro? Feeling well? Do you have a headache?”

Zhao Hai chuckled. “Good, no pain at all now. We have to go back to the territories of the bull headed tribes tomorrow, so we must be completely on our guard. I’m afraid the Fighting Bull Tribe might catch word of our presence.”

Laura paused. “Are you saying the Fighting Bull Tribe might obtain information regarding our meeting with big brother Wales? No way, right? We haven’t encountered that many beastmen tribes on the way here, right?”

Zhao Hai shook his head. “It’s better to be careful. We should try to avoid going outside to gather information. It should be fine if we can just be more attentive than usual. Do not actively gather information. That may attract suspicion.”

Laura and the others all nodded, then Zhao Hai turned to Wales’ camp and sighed, “The Herculean Bull Tribe has been hurt badly this time. Even if they reclaim their main camp, the humiliation they’ve suffered will be forever recorded in their history. A stain that can’t be erased. Most importantly, with their main camp stolen, it’s a death blow to their authority. It won’t be possible for the Herculean Bull Tribe to rule the bull headed tribes again in the future. There will surely be more and more challengers.”

Laura had once been part of the upper class, so of course she understood this logic. That time when she was assailed, the Magidel family had wanted to immediately take over her business. Many of her employees were thinking of betrayal, so after the incident she had mercilessly cleaned house. It was because of her ruthless policy that she was able to become completely independent from the Magidel family.

Now that Laura heard what Zhao Hai had to say, she couldn’t help but nod in agreement, “Yeah. The thing that took the biggest hit from this incident was the Herculean Bull Tribe’s authority. It will become increasingly difficult for them to rule the bull headed tribes again.”

Zhao Hai nodded, and with both eyes staring coldly, said, “If I were big brother Wales, I would mount an all-out counterattack with the entire tribe to take back the main camp as fast as possible, and slaughter all of the Fighting Bull Tribe’s members. We’ll have to eradicate all of the Fighting Bull Tribe. This must be done so that we can deter the other tribes and instill fear in anyone who plots against us. You must understand that, in this world, the most feared person is not an expert who calculates his losses and gains, but a maniac who doesn’t care about them. And right now, that is what the Herculean Bull Tribe needs.”

Laura frowned. “But won’t that just cause more problems for the Herculean Bull Tribe? How will they ever rule the bull headed tribes again?”

Zhao Hai smiled. “There will be no other tribes that will dare to fight to the death with the Herculean Bull Tribe. Even if they can knock the Herculean Bull Tribe down, will they even be able to hold on to the throne afterwards? Once the Herculean Bull Tribe takes it back in that manner, there will be no one that can easily push them off. If they can peacefully recuperate after that, there won’t be any problems in the future.”

Laura nodded. Sometimes that was what a tribe had to do. Use a moment’s rampage to bring about a longer period of peace. It was highly necessary.

Zhao Hai sighed. “Forget it, I’m not even the Herculean Bull Tribe’s chieftain. There’s no use talking about it anymore. It’s getting late, so let’s go to sleep. We still have to rush tomorrow.”

The next morning, Zhao Hai said his goodbyes to Wales and headed towards the West Wonder King’s territory. It was apparent that the movements of West Wonder King had become increasingly important. If he were to support Wales still, then the chances of Wales winning against the Fighting Bull Tribe would be greater. Of course, it would have to be under the condition that they were able to control the situation. Wales did not want to create another Fighting Bull Tribe’s chieftain.

Zhao Hai had now grown curious about West Wonder King. He thought West Wonder King had to be someone with capabilities. West Wonder King had been at war with the Fighting Bull Tribe’s chieftain, who hadn’t been able to get rid of him. With the support of the Herculean Bull Tribe, he had been able to fracture the Fighting Bull Tribe. He was not some simple personage. Zhao Hai really wanted to know what kind of person was capable of doing such deeds.

It would take around 10 days to reach West Wonder King’s main camp from their current location. They would also encounter several smaller beastmen tribes along the way, which Zhao Hai wouldn’t bother with anymore. He needed to speed up, so he attached both the Big Bellied Pig Tribe and the Large-horned Raging Bull Tribe’s friendship flags on his wagon and headed straight for West Wonder King’s main camp.

Along the way, Zhao Hai’s group mostly spent their time either in the Space or in Iron Mountain Castle. Now that the school was up and running, it seemed to be fairly effective. Although the Large-horned Raging Bull Tribe’s children had yet to adapt completely, they started to attend school under the supervision of Alaes’ group so they wouldn’t run all over the place. The school was slowly getting on the right track.

What Zhao Hai needed to do right now was to quickly build processing factories for mutton and goat hair. Also, he had had another idea, which was getting Alaes’ group to build a milk wine processing factory.

Milk wine had always been a specialty liquor of beastmen. The main ingredient came from the milk of various animals, and the refining technique was not that complicated either. However, beastmen had not yet come up with a means of distillation, therefore their milk wine was not so easily preserved, and its alcohol percentage was not as high. That was why whenever the beastmen drank, it was always one jug after another nonstop.

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