Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 276

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Chapter 276 – ‘You Have Won’

No one went against the plan Zhao Hai put forward. On the continent, children were enrolled in school at around the ages of 6-8 years old. Children that enrolled at around the age of 6 came from well-off families like merchants or nobles, and children that enrolled at around the age of 8 were from families that were not well-off, mainly commoners.

But the school enrollment age that Zhao Hai had set was 4 years old, two years younger compared to those noble children. Teaching these children some basic knowledge wouldn’t be detrimental, and wouldn’t affect their martial arts studies.

Zhao Hai carefully examined the map that Wales had given him. Right now, Wales should have reached the horse-headed race’s territory and become very familiar with them. Based on this, he should hurry and catch up with him.

From Zhao Hai’s current position, he would have to walk around five days or so to reach Wales’ position, but Zhao Hai did not want to waste that much time walking. His undead did not need rest anyway, so he could just let them walk without stopping. This way, they could reach Wales’ position in around two days.

During these two days, they did not meet anyone on the prairie. Zhao Hai did not care about the prairie, and let Cai-Er manage everything. He was currently busy constructing the school with Maylin.

Although the size of their school was not very big, it still needed to contain several hundred people. Zhao Hai had just realized that they did not have enough teachers, but they did not have enough workforce available. They were especially lacking in people that were literate and could teach mathematics.

One person that was literate and could do mathematics that Zhao Hai had prepared was Orloga. Even though Orloga was an undead and did not need rest, there were too many children, and it wasn’t enough for him to do it alone.

But the problem was that Zhao Hai could not take people out to act as the children’s teachers, which made Zhao Hai feel very difficult. Eventually, he had no choice but to pull out some undead mages to teach the children how to read and write, and the person he chose was Zhao Jia.

Zhao Jia was a great light-element mage, so naturally he was literate. But the students were all Large Horned Raging Bull children, and they could not learn magic, so letting him teach the children how to read and write was very normal. As the matter stood, the literacy aspects would be handled by Zhao Jia, and the mathematics would be given to Orloga.

As for the children aged 4-7 years old, Zhao Hai did not pull out a teacher for them. Rather, he selected two female slaves, as well as a female from the Large Horned Raging Bull Tribe, to teach these children. The children aged 4-7 were still young and needed to be nurtured, so it was better to let females do this.

At the same time, there was another matter that was causing headaches for Zhao Hai, and that was textbooks. He had already decided on the teaching material, but what would he do about textbooks? They did not have enough books on hand to give each child a book.

In the end, Zhao Hai had to come up with another method. He gave each child a stack of white paper which was bound together by strings. They would be using these to write down what the teachers taught them. Although it would slow down the teaching process, it was still a good method.

Although they would need a large supply of paper and ink to teach the children like this, it did not matter. On the continent, buying paper was much cheaper than buying books.

On Ark Continent, there were currently no moveable printing presses; what they used was a simple primitive engraving printing, so books were much more expensive. There were many commoner children on the continent who couldn’t afford textbooks in schools, so they used the same method Zhao Hai was using now.

Zhao Hai gave those children the steel pens he had prepared for them. Zhao Hai had purchased these in bulk when they were still in Casa City. He had originally bought them for the beastmen, but now they were being used by the children.

But Zhao Hai had said that the children had to treasure the pen and paper in their hands. They had to take notes everyday, and the teacher would check them the next day. The teachers would also check their pens. If their pens were even slightly damaged, they would receive punishment.

Of course, it wasn’t any kind of corporal punishment, and Zhao Hai did not want the teachers to hand out corporal punishment. But this punishment which was to not let them go to physical education class, was quite serious to a child.

If one had to say which class was the favourite class of all among the students, it would be physical education, because they would be allowed to go out and play. But the physical education they taught here was different from the one Zhao Hai had on Earth. Here they used physical education class to teach the children martial arts and riding skills.

This kind of physical education was very beloved by the children. Once they heard that if they even slightly damaged their pens, they would not be allowed to go to physical education, to them this was the most serious punishment possible, and thus the children all treated their pens with care.

With the full support of Zhao Hai and the others, the school was finally finished, and those Large Horned Raging Bull children became the first batch of students. But they were only daytime students. Once the children were let out of school, all the people in the castle could go to school to learn how to read, write, and do arithmetic. This was something Zhao Hai had stipulated, since the teachers for language and arithmetics were all undead, they wouldn’t get tired, and could give extra lessons to the beastmen and servants.

These two days also allowed Zhao Hai to completely understand how vast Beastmen Prairie was. After moving non-stop for two days, Zhao Hai had not met a single beastman on the road, which completely surprised him.

After two days, he had already gone from the Bull Head Tribe’s territory to the Horse Head Tribe’s territory. Because this was the adjacent area between the two territories, there were few people that came here, out of fear of causing a misunderstanding.

But once they entered the Horse-headed races’ territory, not much time passed before Zhao Hai saw a camp not far away. The camp was not very big, but the ruling flag of Herculean Bull Tribe fluttered in the wind above the camp.

Zhao Hai couldn’t help but reveal a faint smile. He knew that Wales was a very proud person, and although his Herculean Bull Tribe had been defeated by the Fighting Bull Tribe, he would not hide his identity. He would always show his ruling flag high on his tent wherever he went.

Zhao Hai did not say anything, as he just sped up and hurried towards Wales’ camp. He did not release Gasol because he was being held by Cai-Er. Cai-Er had been controlling Gasol, or rather, it was more accurate to say that Gasol had been in a half conscious state the whole time. Cai’er had been giving him water from the space, which was why Gasol had not starved to death yet.

Actually, not only had Gasol not died, he was living quite well. It had to be known that the water from the space was the water of life, which was a rare treasure on the continent. It would have been strange if something had happened to him instead.

It was very obvious that Wales had also seen Zhao Hai, as people came rushing out from his camp, their hoofbeats creating a shocking sound. When Zhao Hai saw this, he gave a faint smile and turned his head to speak to Laura, “It seems big brother Wales is anxious to see Gasol. What do you think they will do to him?”

Laura gave him a bitter smile, “How will they treat him? You can tell by the brothers from my family, fighting to the death over their positions. Big brother Wales is still alright, but Gasol caused the death of his father, so he definitely will not let Gasol off. Even though they really need people right now, Gasol will not be able to live.”

Zhao Hai nodded; he understood Laura’s logic. The Herculean Bull Tribe needed people right now, and Gasol was a level 8 expert, which would be a great help to the current Herculean Bull Tribe. But because the grudge between Wales and Gasol was too deep, Wales would definitely not let him go.

When Wales appeared in front of Zhao Hai, he did not greet him, but instead immediately asked, “Little Hai, where’s Gasol?”

Zhao Hai smiled and waved his hand, then Gasol appeared in front of Wales. The vines on his body had already disappeared and he was still unconscious.

When Mendez who had followed Wales saw Gasol, he immediately released a roar of rage and jumped down from his bull. An axe head then flew at Gasol.

With a “dang” sound ringing out, Wales blocked Mendez’s axe. Mendez’s eyes were blood red as he turned to look at Wales and angrily roared, “Little Seven, what are you doing? I want to kill him, I must kill him!”

Wales spoke with a cold expression, “Calm down, sixth brother. He is still unconscious right now, so if you kill him, he wouldn’t be aware of it. That would be letting him off too easy. We’ll wake him up and then kill him.”

Zhao Hai quickly said, “Big brother, don’t get worked up first. Let’s go to the camp first, I have some things I want to discuss with you.”

Wales nodded and waved his hand. A subordinate immediately came over and turned his head. Without dismounting from his bull, he grabbed Gasol and placed him onto his bull as he followed Wales back into the camp.

Once they arrived at the camp, Zhao Hai saw Yale standing in front of the camp. Yale’s complexion was a little thin and pale; it was clear that he had been running around the past few days settling the worries of the Herculean Bull Tribe.

Zhao Hai and Laura dismounted from their wagon and greeted Yale. Yale returned their greetings, and then looked at Gasol on the back of the bull with a complicated gaze. He was not a part of the Herculean Bull Tribe, so his hatred towards Gasol was not as deep as Wales and the others’.

Wales and the others also jumped off of their bulls, and Wales looked over at Gasol. He said to Zhao Hai, “Little Hai, how do we wake him up?”

Zhao Hai gave a faint smile and said, “Just dump a bucket of cold water on him.”

Wales did not have any cold water. He just walked forward and sent Gasol flying two meters with a kick, which woke him up.

When he opened his eyes, Gasol saw Wales and the others, as well as Zhao Hai standing beside Wales, and he understood what was happening. He did not show a trace of nervousness and slowly stood up. Looking at Wales, he suddenly revealed a faint smile and said, “You have won in the end, haven’t you.”

Wales went forward and grabbed Gasol by his collar. He punched him to the ground and angrily scolded, “Bastard! Are those the kinds of words you can still say? Are you even a member of the Herculean Bull Tribe? You bastard!” He continued to scold Gasol as he kicked him several times.

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