Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 261

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Chapter 261 – Poetic Payback (以彼之道,还施彼身)

Rumbling galloping broke the silence on the prairie, and the dust they kicked up in passing seemed to hasten the setting of the sun. Wales didn’t want to witness a scene where brothers engaged in mutual violence. He sat on his own mount in silence. He didn’t wear any armor. Instead, he wore a robe, and his large axe was stuck into the grassy ground next to him.

Mendez was in a similar get-up as Wales, but his large axe was in his hands. 400 warriors in arms had lined up behind them. Behind them was Zhao Hai’s undead army.

A black line soon appeared on the distant horizon, coming towards them like a torrent. Wales squinted at it, while Mendez and the others gripped their weapons tightly.

Very soon, the galloping sounds became greater. It was as if the earth itself were trembling because of it. But this had no effect on Wales and the others. They were standing there quietly. Wales even closed his own eyes softly.

Soon the galloping died down as it got closer. Wales knew that Gasol wasn’t far away from them now. He then opened his eyes.

The sun was about to set completely. Although it wasn’t too far, Wales was still not be able to make out the faces on the other side. Gradually, Wales was able to determine that the one in the lead was indeed Gasol.

What surprised Wales was that there weren’t many herculean bulls among the troops Gasol had brought with him. There were only 500. The rest were all fighting bulls. Wales was puzzled as to why so many fighting bulls had come alongside Gasol.

Just then, Mendez grunted coldly, “Little Hai was right. Gasol got the Fighting Bull Tribe’s support. No wonder he has such gall. What an idiot.”

Wales knew what Mendez’s words meant. The herculean bulls had held 2 attitudes when it came to the fighting bulls. One was affectionate, and another was being cautious behind closed doors. The former was Gasol and his lot’s attitude, while the latter was Wales and his father’s attitude.

Wales knew well the threat the fighting bulls posed. Gasol leading so many fighting bulls to deal with him right now was something that made Wales gnash his teeth in anger. Now, he suspected that the reason Gasol had treated his father in such a way was due to the fighting bulls giving him that idea.

Wales gradually calmed down after taking a few deep breaths. Gasol and the others slowly came to a stop about 100 metres in front of them.

Even though Gasol and the others numbered 2000, all of them were tall and brawny beastmen, which was why they appeared to be black and boundless from a distance.

Zhao Hai saw Gasol and the others, but what he noticed more, were the ones beside him.

The ones next to him were also from a bull-headed race. One thing about them that was different from the smooth-skinned herculean bulls was that their faces had short black hair, while their horns were curved instead of straight. The short length of their curved horns made them look like pairs of daggers.

Just when Zhao Hai was sizing up these bull-headed people he had never seen before, Yale let out a cold snort, “As expected of the fighting bulls. They’re the ones who have been supporting Gasol.”

Zhao Hai immediately understood that the ones he was looking at were fighting bulls. He asked Yale with incomprehension, “Mr. Yale, didn’t big brother intend to get the Fighting Bull Tribe’s support? Why is it that they’re all very close to Gasol right now?”

Yale sighed, “Actually, the fighting bulls are split into 2 sides. One side is the faction under the current fighting bull chieftain. They are close to Gasol, and they’re also the ones the eldest princess and 4th princess were married to. The other side is the Fighting Bull Tribe’s West Wonder King’s faction, who are closer to the late chieftain and young master Wales. 2nd princess and 3rd princess were married to this side. Young master was trying to meet the West Wonder King’s faction.”

Zhao Hai nodded and asked, “If the fighting bulls have never been united, how can they threaten the herculean bulls’ position as the ruling race?”

Yale sighed yet again, “Actually, the Fighting Bull Tribe was originally united, and it was much stronger back then, to the point of threatening the Herculean Bull Tribe’s position as the ruling tribe. The late chieftain discovered this, so he intentionally supported the West Wonder King, who is at odds with the fighting bull chieftain. The plan was very successful. Under the tribe’s backing, the Fighting Bull Tribe was divided into 2 factions. Although West Wonder King’s strength wasn’t as great as the chieftain’s, it wasn’t weak either. However, in recent years, the chieftain had gotten close to Gasol. In order to get the Fighting Bull Tribe’s support, Gasol started supporting the chieftain. Now, the chieftain’s strength is much stronger than it was before, and West Wonder King is now at a complete disadvantage.”

Yale continued, “Perhaps this was something they have learned from the Herculean Bull Tribe. Our tribe once supported West Wonder King, who was able to fracture the tribe, but unable to shake up the Fighting Bull Tribe’s chieftain. And in return, the Fighting Bull Tribe is now supporting Gasol to achieve the chieftain’s position, which has divided the Herculean Bull Tribe, while getting a lot of benefits in the process. If Gasol wages wars, a lot of the herculean bull young adults will perish, and the tribe’s strength will decrease greatly. When that time comes, no one will be able to stop the fighting bulls when they seize the position of the ruling race.”

To use one’s ways against them in return. Poetic payback. Zhao Hai suddenly thought about this. He didn’t expect that the beastmen, who appeared to be straightforward and inflexible, would also be capable of twists and turns. It seemed that no sentient race on this world was to be underestimated.

Yale continued after a disappointed exhale, “The Herculean Bull Tribe was vicious back then, and the Fighting Bull Tribe was split. Now, the Fighting Bull Tribe is even more vicious. They want the Herculean Bull Tribe’s roots to be cut. Grasses without roots will wither over time.”

Zhao Hai watched those fighting bulls with disbelief. He thought that the fighting bull chieftain was impressive on account that he had plotted it all out to this extent. Including perhaps even the death of the previous herculean bull chieftain.

Just then, Wales didn’t make a single move; he was just watching Gasol calmly, who was appearing to be spirited. However, Gasol’s expression wasn’t pleasant right now, especially after seeing the undead creatures behind Wales.

Gasol put down his reins softly and walked out. The 2 escorts next to him were one herculean bull and one fighting bull. They were muscular and had gruesome scars. They appeared to be ones who should not be taken lightly.

Wales put down his reins as well and walked towards Gasol. Mendez followed him with his weapon in his hands. They slowly got closer, until both sides were only 10 metres away from each other.

Gasol stared as Wales coldly, “You have indeed colluded with humans, Wales. You really are a traitor to the Herculean Bull Tribe.”

Wales spoke coldly in response, “Everyone knows who has colluded with humans, Gasol. An idiot like you is only worthy of being used by others.”

Gasol let out a cold laugh, “Your words are useless. I am the chieftain, and you are the traitor. Surrender, brother, and I will spare your life.”

Wales stared coldly as Gasol, “You could kill even our father and our sickly 5th brother. Can I even believe you? Now I’m really suspicious. Does the blood of herculean bulls flow in your veins? Or is it not blood at all, but murky bull urine instead?”

Gasol’s eyes flared at Wales. Even though he killed his own father, he hadn’t spoken a word of it. He only claimed that his father was poisoned. What Wales was doing now was like slapping Gasol on the face. How could Gasol take it?

Gasol grumbled with anger, “Who said I killed our father? I’m saying he was killed by you. You dared to team up with human black mages. Who on the continent doesn’t know that black mages are the most evil of them all? They’re the best at using poison.”

Wales laughed coldly, “Didn’t you say that father died of illness? How has it become ‘he was poisoned’ now? No matter how poisonous black mages’ poisons are, they are not as poisonous as your heart. Your heart has already betrayed the Beast God. You will be judged.”

Gasol’s expression changed, and he then spoke coldly, “Cut the bullshit. You won’t elude death no matter what you say, traitor. You think that handful of people and those loose bones will win against us? Stop dreaming and prepare to die.”

Wales retorted coldly, “I will let you know today, Gasol, that you are not invincible. I didn’t want to do this, since I thought that you would bring our tribe’s warriors. But since you have brought the Fighting Bull Tribe’s people, I don’t need to hold back. Accept death, Gasol.”

Gasol replied, “Ignorant runt. How can undead creatures compare to us beastmen in terms of strength, Wales? You’re incapable of living down your reputation of being smart. I think you are a fool.”

Wales gave Gasol a cold smile, “You are speaking too much crap, Gasol. Can it be that after a long time without battles, you have become a useless person who only knows how to move his lips?”

Gasol snorted coldly. He knew that he would never be a match for Wales in conversations, so he didn’t speak any further. He turned around and walked back to his troops. Wales also returned to his escorts.

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