Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 262

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Chapter 262 – ‘Finish Him Off After Drinking’

Yale knew after watching Wales and Gasol’s expressions that the conversation had fallen through. He turned to Zhao Hai and said, “The talks have soured. Get ready to make your move.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “It’s not a big deal. Most of the people Gasol brought with him are fighting bulls. This is even better. I can use all of my might. To be honest, I’m still unwilling to fight against herculean bulls.”

Yale smiled at Zhao Hai, “I feel that you are more and more like a herculean bull yourself. On Beastmen Prairie, the power of a race isn’t just about how powerful the ruling race is. It’s more about the overall strength of a whole race. Whether it’s fighting bulls or herculean bulls, they all seem to have forgotten about this issue. We buffalos know about this, but when it comes to conflicts of interests, they rarely listen to us. That’s why, even though we have prophets, it’s useless for us to persuade them. You can see this point clearly. You don’t like to make a move against herculean bulls, yet you want to deal with fighting bulls. Although it looks like an extermination of life on the prairie, it’s a good thing from another perspective. If the Fighting Bull Tribe becomes too powerful, it will surely engage in conflict against Herculean Bull Tribe, as long as both race’s tribes are the strongest among the bull-headed races. If they don’t come into conflict, then all of the bull-headed races will be stronger. There is only one way to prevent conflict amongst them; Make one side completely stronger than the other to make the other side unable to fight back.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “I seriously haven’t thought about it that much. I’m just thinking about what’s best for big brother. The bull-headed races are a major race together. Simply having the herculean bulls’ support isn’t going to work. The other branch races have to become stronger as well, so that the entire race can be even stronger. But the situation here is that only a single powerful race can rule the entire bunch. The whole bunch of races keep engaging in conflict. How can they become stronger?”

Zhao Hai went silent after speaking to this point. He suddenly thought about ancient China. Before the Qing Dynasty’s resistance against 8 foreign powers, warlords engaged in skirmishes, industry fell behind the global pace, and there wasn’t a centralized administration. Those were the reasons why China was so far behind the world, and an incomparably painful price was paid in order to fight back against all the intruders. If the bull-headed races were to keep on fighting each other like this, the outcome would not be much better than that of ancient China.

There was only one way to strengthen the entire bull-headed race; Let the bull-headed races have only one unshakable king. That was his reason for defeating the Fighting Bull Tribe.

Of course, Zhao Hai wasn’t doing it entirely for Wales. Even though the two of them were blood-sworn brothers, he wasn’t selfless to the point of removing every single one of Wales’ obstacles.

He was actually doing it for himself as well. He currently had the best relationship with Wales and Spiel. Spiel was a given; his tribe was too small, and could be exterminated by others at any time. The only help Zhao Hai got from them was the friendship flag.

Wales was different; Wales was royalty, and right now, he was fighting for the chieftain’s position. If he could become chieftain and thus remove all the obstacles in his path, it would bring Zhao Hai unimaginable benefits.

Although Zhao Hai was having a conversation with Yale inside Xenomorph, they were also paying attention to the battleground. The sky was darkening, which could be said to be bad for prairie battles. Zhao Hai didn’t know if Gasol was going to attack at night, but he didn’t have any worries. To him, night didn’t have any affect on him.

He had undead creatures, and undead creatures were the true rulers of the night. For the undead, it was best that there was no light. They were the best night battle legion.

Now, Zhao Hai just wanted to see what Wales was going to do. If Wales wanted to attack right now, he wouldn’t hold back as well. If Wales didn’t want to, he wouldn’t make a move.

He didn’t want to steal Wales’ spotlight. Even though he and Wales were blood-sworn brothers, even born siblings would turn into enemies in the face of power, not to mention blood-sworn brothers. Even if Wales would do nothing to Zhao Hai, it would be a great loss if Wales didn’t support him. He was helping Wales in order to get Wales’ support.

After Wales returned to his formation, Mendez spoke to him after a glance at Gasol’s troops, “Are we going to hit him right now? Any later, and we will be unable to see.”

Wales smiled, “No need to rush. Let’s back away slowly. The sky is about to go dark. We can’t see them, and they can’t see us by then. But don’t forget that little Hai’s undead army is behind us. When have you ever heard of undead creatures being afraid of the dark?”

Mendez was reminded by Wales’ words. There were still 4000 undead behind them. At night, the fighting power of undead creatures would be increased. This could only be something positive for them.

Mendez had decided that this battle must be fought. After all, they no longer had any reservations. If they let go of this chance, it would be more than a little humiliating.

After Wales lifted the axe that he had planted into the ground, he waved his hand to signal the 400 escorts to move backward slowly. Just then, Zhao Hai made the undead creatures advance at a gradual pace. Although he didn’t discuss this with Wales, he made the most appropriate decision.

Xenomorph was mixed into this undead army, though it wasn’t particularly eye-catching. Gasol and his troops wouldn’t even know that there was a human mixed within this undead army.

Now, Wales and the others had gone behind the undead army, and were firmly protected by it. Even should Gasol start charging now, he would have to face the tall platoons of undead magic beasts.

Obviously, Gasol was not a battlefield virgin. He was a warrior who had been through 100 battles and was famed for being good at fighting in the Herculean Bull Tribe. It was impossible for Gasol not to know about what he was going to face.

The sun had just set, while the moon hadn’t yet appeared. It was the darkest time. Fighting against an undead army now of all times would be an attempt at self-induced defeat. Gasol would never do it, so he waved his hand as well and led his 2000 cavalry to move backward slowly. It was obvious that they didn’t want to engage in a night battle.

Wales nodded at the sight of Gasol’s retreat, with no disruption to the formation. Wales spoke to Mendez, “6th brother, I have to say, Gasol really has a touch when it comes to fighting battles. It’s unfortunate that he is so passionate about power. If he were willing to put up with us brothers, we could have made our race stronger and stronger.”

Mendez sighed, “It was because of being too good at fighting battles that he has lost sight of himself. Now he has colluded with the fighting bulls, and maybe even humans to kill father, all in order to get that position. Has he never thought about whether the position is really that important? Working with fighting bulls is just like sleeping with wolves.”

Wales spoke coldly, “The Fighting Bull Tribe has been waiting for this day, and Gasol actually went ahead and did this himself. It looks like we’ll have to talk it out with our 2nd and 3rd sisters. Once we resolve the matter with Gasol, we will have to deal with the Fighting Bull Tribe as the next step. Now that the fighting bull chieftain isn’t being honest, perhaps it’s time for us to teach them a little lesson.”

Mendez spoke coldly, “Then fight. Only fighting can make them settle down. I think it wouldn’t be bad to let West Wonder King become the next Fighting Bull Tribe chieftain.”

Wales replied, “Now is not yet the time. Besides, do you think West Wonder King is really dependable? If he didn’t have ambitions, he wouldn’t have left his tribe under father’s support. Once he has enough strength one day, will he leave Herculean Bull Tribe’s side as well? We can use such a person, but we must keep our eye on him and not let him run rampant.”

Mendez nodded and then he smiled, “Do you know why I have always supported you, little 7th? It’s because you’re really smart. You’re not like a beastman. There are too few smart people among us beastmen. You had great luck in finding little Hai. I believe he will help us, the herculean bulls, become the most famous race on the continent.”

Wales smiled upon the mention of Zhao Hai. He laughed, “If I had to put it in a way I was happy with, I’m more relaxed when it comes to Zhai Hai compared to West Wonder King. He might threaten our rule, but little Hai won’t. I’d rather trust little Hai who is a human and who cannot possibly threaten us.”

Mendez nodded, “Yeah. Compared to West Wonder King, I’d rather trust little Hai. But you have to pay attention as well, little 7th. We cannot trust him completely. Don’t forget the Black Bear Tribe’s lesson.”

Wales nodded, “Of course I won’t forget, but you don’t need to worry about this. When I met little Hai, I mentioned that, if he could help me, I could make him the Herculean Bull Tribe’s sole grain dealer. Guess what he said?”

This piqued Mendez’s interest. He hadn’t known about this yet, so he asked curiously, “What did he say?”

Wales smiled, “He said he can help me, but he doesn’t want to be the tribe’s sole grain dealer. He just wants our tribe’s friendship flag.”

Mendez was stunned, and then sighed, “He is indeed different from other human merchants. If you asked any other human merchant that question, I bet 100% of them would choose to become our sole grain dealer, because that would mean seizing our tribe’s lifeline.”

Wales nodded, “This was what I saw in little Hai. He knows what he’s doing, how to do it, and how to keep doing it. It’s a pity he’s not a beastman like us. He would be an unbelievable person otherwise.”

Mendez laughed, “I think it’s quite nice right now. I don’t know where little Hai appeared from, but at least it looks like he has no evil intentions towards us. It’s enough that he treats us big brothers with respect.”

Wales smiled, “Well, enough about that. Let’s go and have a drink from little Hai’s place. I hear that he has fine wine from the human lands. We’ll look for trouble at Gasol’s place later. He doesn’t want to fight at night? Well, he’s not the one calling the shots right now.”

Wales and Mendez gave orders to their escorts, and then rode their mounts towards Zhao Hai’s place. Although there were a lot of undead creatures, they could still recognize Xenomorph.

Zhao Hai didn’t let the undead creatures pursue Gasol due to not knowing Wales’ intentions. He stopped as soon as Gasol left. The undead creatures stood where they were in silence.

He immediately let Xenomorph open its jaws when he saw Wales and Mendez coming his way. Laura had prepared the coya as Wales and Mendez entered.

Wales sat down hurriedly as soon he entered Xenomorph’s inner space, and spoke to Zhao Hai, “Brother, make preparations. We will attack Gasol after a while. I don’t think he set up his camp too far away.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “No problem. Night battles are the undead’s expertise, so relax. Even if we can’t keep Gasol here tonight, we’ll be keeping those fighting bulls here if we have to.”

Wales laughed, “Looks like I don’t have to tell you. You have gotten the picture. That’s right. Our goal this time is those fighting bulls. We’re going to be beating them until they’re done.”

Zhao Hai smiled and poured Wales and Mendez a cup of coya each. Wales drank a mouthful and said, “I still think our beastmen’s milk wine is much better than this. Which reminds me…. Bring us 2 bottles of your humans’ fine wine.”

Zhao Hai laughed. “Fine. I’ll let you taste our humans’ fine wine. Laura, bring some fruit platters with snacks. We’ll finish him (Gasol) off after drinking.”

Laura and the others heeded with a laugh. Actually, most of the things were inside Zhao Hai’s space. Zhao Hai took out 3 bottles of wine, while the rest was handled by Laura and the others.

It didn’t take long for the appetizers to be ready. There weren’t just fruit platters, but also some famous continental snacks, which had been bought by Zhao Hai and the others and stored inside the space beforehand. After all, the space would not change their taste, and Laura and the others liked to snack on them, so Zhao Hai had readied quite an amount of them.

These things weren’t too attractive on the continent, but to the beastmen, they were incredible. Wales and Mendez had never seen most of these things before, so they ended up having their appetites satisfied.

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