Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 – Unlucky Identity

The split second Zhao Hai fainted, a chain of memories that were not his own, suddenly appeared in his mind, like a program that was not a part of your computer was suddenly installed, which almost crashed Zhao Hai’s brain in an instant. Although he didn’t crash, it was enough to stall his brain as he looked at the information inside, bit by bit.

An unknown amount of time had passed. When Zhao Hai woke up, he felt that his mind suddenly had memories that were entirely not of his own.

In the memories, his name was Adam Buda. Born in a warlord family under Axu Empire of Ark Continent. The family served Axu Empire for 3 generations with marquis rank, but it fell during Adam’s time. Adam was a playboy, and with the early deaths of his mother and his father frequently leading the troops, he was lawless to the extreme. Bullying men and forcing down on women, there was no bad deed he did not commit. But his father was a very protective person, and he controlled elite troops, so no one touched him.

But his father made a mistake. When Axu Empire’s new and previous kings switched positions, he took the wrong side. Axu Empire’s previous king was the 47th. He had a total 15 princes, 5 of which could inherit the throne, who were the eldest, the 3rd, the 4th, the 7th, and the 13th.

Axu Empire’s laws stated that only the king, queen and concubines’ born children could have the right to succeed the throne. Of course, not all of them could actually do it, as only those titled archdukes and above could qualify.

When a royal member was born, there would be a title of earl. If he didn’t achieve merits for the empire, then he would only be an earl for life, and one without fief. Only through accomplishments could they be promoted, with the highest rank being sovereign.

Of course, children of the queen and concubines would not just have a singular earl title. They would normally be titled dukes, and with just a little accomplishment, or just finding an excuse, they would be promoted to archdukes, and become sovereigns in the end. They were able to succeed the throne this way.

The 47th king of Axu’s 5 sons that could inherit the throne were all sovereigns. Among them, eldest prince and 4th prince were born from the queen, while the 3rd and 7th were born from concubine Carin. The 13th prince was born from concubine Eiwell, whose power was the weakest and not favored by others. People always believed that the eldest prince was born from the queen so he was the main heir, and the 3rd prince was always wearing the same pants with him, so many of the nobles in the empire supported the eldest prince’s succession. The 4th and 7th were together. The 7th prince had the support from the 4th, and he also had Carin family’s support, so he also had a very loud calling in the royal court. Only the 13th prince, being the youngest, was the weakest. He had the lowest profile, so no one favored him.

Adam’s father was part of the camp supporting the eldest prince, which was normal, because the eldest prince had the highest calling at the time. Buda family wasn’t a long running noble family. It only managed to reach marquis rank step by step with the help of military accomplishments from Buda family’s lord. The family wanted to make it to the long running noble families’ lineup in a hurry, so the lord chose to support the eldest prince who was most likely to become the next king at the time. Once the eldest prince became king, Buda family would have the chance to enter the center of Axu Empire’s power, becoming truly recognized nobles in the empire.

It should be noted that on Ark Continent, any king’s nobles were divided into 2 kinds. One was an old nobility, and the other was newcomer. The difference between new and old nobles was very obvious. Newer ones would commonly be regarded as noveau riches who weren’t acknowledged by older nobles, and would not be able to enter the center of the country’s power.

After so many years of development on the continent, nobles could play massive roles in a country. Sometimes, they could even decide a country’s rise or fall, especially the long running noble families which developed for more than a thousand years and for dozens of generations. They were a force which even royals feared. So it could be said that the old nobles were the core of power for the entire empire. Every newly risen nobles wanted to gain their approval.

In order to gain the approval of the old noble families, it would be natural to have respective strength. The speed of Buda family’s rise was too fast. This was Axu Empire’s previous kings’ way to balance the old noble families, but when the 46th king died, Buda family’s days became worse. The new king wanted to raise their place, but the old nobles wanted to suppress them, so they could only keep on supporting the newly crowned king in order to let their own families develop.

But Adam’s father picked the wrong side. He supported the eldest prince who had the highest calling, but did not become king in the end. The most quiet 13th prince who seemed to be the weakest of all became king instead. The eldest prince was sentenced to death, the supporting camp had negative outcomes, and Adam’s father was sent to prison after an excuse, who then died absurdly in prison. Adam’s past deeds were then exposed, but due to the presence of Maylin and others, the empire feared that its own level 8 experts would cause trouble. The newly crowned king needed to appear magnanimous to the people, so they dealt with Adam lightly. Adam’s original marquis inheritance was lowered to viscount, the family’s fief of fertile lands was switched to Black Wastelands, and Adam was made to drink the Water Of Void, becoming a complete and utter cripple.

Even when common nobles had fiefs, the lands would be given to caretakers or trusted people to manage. The fiefs were their roots, but they would stay at the imperial capital in order to notice the changes of the empire. Which changes were good for their family, and which ones were bad.

But not Adam and others. After their fief was switched, they were ordered to leave the imperial capital within 3 days and never to leave the new fief for 3 years. This never happened for all other families.

Axu Empire’s current king, former 13th prince Aboyye Axu, dealt with Buda family in such a fashion because one, Buda family was part of the eldest prince camp, and two, because of the pressure from the old noble families. He just got on the throne, so must oppress the camps of eldest prince and 7th prince, but he didn’t dare touch the old nobles. The old nobles found Buda family to be an eyesore, so they gave Aboyye pressure in order to elicit such a decision.

Adam was made to drink the Water Of Void because Buda family had a battle aura training method which was passed down from their ancestors: Mad Dragon Battle Aura. This training method was very famous in the continent, which was accidentally found by Adam’s great grandfather. His training speed was 3 times faster than normal training methods, and the attack power was very strong as well. It was a training method intensely sought after by the noble families in the empire. If they let Adam learn battle auras and ended up learning Mad Dragon Battle Aura, then he would remember what was done to him, and that would be a threat to the royal family and nobles alike, so Aboyye let Adam drink the Water Of Void.

Other than the above reasons, there was one reason why Aboyye didn’t kill Adam, which was Greene giving the training method to Aboyye. Greene even made an oath, saying that Buda family would never practice Mad Dragon Battle Aura again, so Aboyye spared Adam.

Of course, Greene didn’t offer the training method to Aboyye in public. He snuck into royal palace at night, found Aboyye, and offered it to him. Doing this was to plead mercy for Adam, and to let Aboyye know of his strength, making him dispel any thoughts of killing Adam.

Aboyye indeed feared that experts like Greene would cause him trouble, so he held Greene’s promise, and just demoted Adam’s title, switched the fief, and spared Adam’s life.

Greene also agreed. He was very clear that while his own strength wasn’t weak, the royal family’s strength was also very powerful. He managed to slip into the palace without anyone knowing because he was familiar with the circumstances of the palace, and the coronation shuffled the palace’s forces. The palace’s strength was a little weak, and Greene’s own martial arts were special, so no one discovered him.

The reason why Greene didn’t rescue Adam’s father because he thought that Aboyye wouldn’t kill him. No matter what, Adam’s father was a means for the royal family to deal with the old nobles. The royal family shouldn’t discard it so easily.

But they didn’t anticipate that Aboyye could become king was exactly because of the support of the old noble families, so when Aboyye took the throne, he naturally needed to please the old nobles by killing Adam’s father. When Greene heard the news, Adam’s father was already dead. Greene could only find a way to protect Adam, the last of Buda bloodline.

Greene would hand over the Mad Dragon Battle Aura training method, was also due to Water Of Void. The reason why Water Of Void became an peerless treasure was not only because it could let people unable to train magic and battle aura. More diabolically, the condition would last all the way to their descendants.

In other words, if you just drink the Water Of Void, your descendants will also never be able to learn magic and battle aura until after the 10th generation which the condition stops.

Whole 10 generations! What would it be if 10 generations of people could never learn magic and battle aura? It’s an unknown variable whether the family would still exist or continue for 10 generations. This was the fearsome part of the Water Of Void, and also why Greene would hand over Mad Dragon Battle Aura.

Adam and the 10 generations after him would never be able to learn Mad Dragon Battle Aura, so what was the use for keeping it? Using it to save Adam’s life was better off, so Greene did not hesitate to do so. And as facts proved, he made the most correct choice. If he didn’t hand it over, then Adam would not survive out of the imperial capital.

But no one knew if someone did something with the Water Of Void as well, or if Adam himself had a strange clash with it. Whatever the case, after he drank it, Adam fainted and he didn’t wake up during the way to the fief. When he woke up, he already went from playboy Adam, to hobo from Earth, Zhao Hai.

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