Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 12

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Chapter 12 – Headshake

As expected, not long after Zhao Hai sat down, Greene entered and bowed down to him, “Young master, I had taken care of things here. I will set off immediately.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “No need be in such a hurry. Just rest assured. Those things are safe with me. They’ll be fine. Even 10 or 8 years won’t be a problem. Once you leave, you must find some big dealers and sign some kind of a long-term cooperation agreement. And remember; We will have to raise large quantities of blue-eyed rabbits. We have to cooperate with them on this as well. If my guess is correct, after our magic radishes cause impact with the market, the price might go down. We have to be mentally prepared for that.”

Greene nodded his head. Zhao Hai pointed to a seat at the side, “You should sit down, grandpa Greene. I can’t stand if you’re standing like that. I have a lot of things to say to you while sitting down. Blockhead, go and bring a breakfast for grandpa Greene. We’re letting grandpa Greene eat here today.”

Blockhead glanced at Greene, and Greene nodded. Blockhead then made his way to the kitchen as Greene sat down. Zhao Hai had nothing to say about this. He was crystal clear about how Adam was like in the past. If it weren’t for the steward such as Greene, Adam would’ve died countless times over. Of course, he wouldn’t be jealous of Greene’s authority now.

After Greene sat down, Zhao Hai spoke, “Grandpa Greene, you too know what our current situation is, so I hope you remember; Low profile. We have to keep a low profile. We’ve come to this sort of place now. If we do something those powerful nobles can’t accept, then all of us here are doomed. So the cooperation this time must not be known to others that we’re related to it.”

Greene nodded, and Zhao Hai then sighed, “I don’t know why those nobles would let our Buda family go. They simply drafted us here. But I think that there’s something we have that’s making them cautious. They will have to pay a heavy price as well if they want to deal with us. But if we let them know right now that the Buda family might rise again, then will stop at nothing to kill us. That’s why we have to keep a low profile now. It might seem cowardly when I say low profile, but it will allow Buda family to live on. So until that day comes, we can only keep a low profile for time being.”

Greene’s eyes went red and bowed down to Zhao Hai after standing up, “Rest assured, young master. This old me will surely settle this matter.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Don’t be like this, grandpa Greene. Sit down. Remember those magic radishes are just the first step. After a while, I’m going to try and see if I can turn the black soil outside into normal soil. That would be much better. But then we’ll need more hands at that point, so you have to use any channel possible to buy some more slaves. I don’t care which race they are. As long as they’re useful and have special skills, they can be bought. Ordinary people wouldn’t come and take a look anyway, but we must still exercise caution.”

Greene nodded his head. He discovered that his young master had really changed. If it were before, the young master would never think of all this. The changes right now were definitely a good news for Buda family.

Blockhead served Greene’s breakfast just then. Zhao Hai looked at Greene’s breakfast. It was simple, which made Zhao Hai shake his head. He spoke to Greene, “Grandpa Greene, after you sell the magic radishes, first buy blue-eyed rabbits, then buy some long-tailed chickens. Then buy some scaleless fishes. Our moat is empty right now. I took a look, and the water seems to be active. It can support fishes. Let’s not care about how much we can earn right now. We have to make our lives passable by all means. When you go, don’t be afraid of how many magic radishes they want. They want a quantity we can provide, but I think that once the magic radish market gets crashed by us, many people will surely experience losses, and then they will look to the bottom of things.

So no matter what, do not let them find us out. Also, buy some books. It’s best that they’re books about the continent’s flora and fauna. They’ll be very useful for us. Anyway, that’s all I can think about thus far, so the rest is up to your management. Ah, that’s right. Our defense power is too small right now. You should pay attention and it’s best that you bring some slaves that have fighting power. But do this bit by bit. Our number 1 goal is to change our life.”

Greene heard Zhao Hai’s words while he was eating breakfast. He remembered all of it. The things had an order to them, but they were things that he, the steward, had to do.

It didn’t take any longer for Greene to finish his breakfast, who then let Blockhead put the dining utensils back to the kitchen before standing up. He bowed down to Zhao Hai, “I will now leave, young master. In these few days of my absence, you must let Maylin know if there something is up. You must take good care of yourself, for you are Buda family’s last hope. If something happens to you, how will I face your late father?”

Zhao Hai smiled, “Relax, grandpa Greene, I know what to do. I will never fool around like before. Just go out and return as quickly as you can and settle the things. Oh right, our outward transportation for the magic radishes are a problem. I’ll be waiting for you to settle things down, and then I’ll send them over myself. That way it won’t attract attention. What do you say?”

Greene thought for a bit and said, “Then let it wait until I settle the matters. Don’t worry, young master. This old me will arrange everything.”

Zhao Hai nodded at Greene. Suddenly he stood up and bowed down to Greene, “Grandpa Greene, I hereby thank you on behalf of Buda family. From today onwards, you are my relative.”

Greene’s eyes went red with tears. He accepted Zhao Hai’s gesture and laughed with his head held high, “Master, older master, do you see? Young master is getting competent. He’s knowledgeable now. Buda family has hope now! Even if this old me will work all of the old bones to break, I will have to make Buda family rise again!” He bowed down to Zhao Hai after that and left, but he had none of the looks of a servant right now. His mighty air as a level 8 fighter was on full display with apparent valor.

Zhao Hai looked at Greene’s back and smiled. He walked to his own room. He knew that there had a process for other people to accept his changes. Now that his performance was too brilliant, he should dial it down. The things at home had been settled by Greene anyway, and other matters were attended to by Maylin and Meg, so there was no need for him to concern himself. He went back to his room in an attempt to enter the farm. That was his foundation for keeping his life afloat.

But Blockhead and Rockhead were too stubborn. They were like phantoms who were hell bent on shadowing him. They followed him no matter where he went, and they followed Greene’s orders to a tee. Zhao Hai felt helpless about this.

Zhao Hai didn’t want to let Greene and others know too much about the spatial farm, but with the stubborn twins, he was afraid he had no choice.

After walking into his own room, Zhao Hai turned around to the twins, “Blockhead, Rockhead, go back to your room. I want to rest for a while, and there’s nothing around the castle as well. No need to concern yourselves.”

The two of them then shook their heads at the same time and said nothing. Zhao Hai spoke helplessly, “I want to rest. Go and help granny Maylin, ok?”


“I want to sleep. You can’t just stand next to the bed, right? Go stand outside!”


“I am the young master, and you two get the hell out!!”


“Bros, I’m begging you. Give me some personal space. You just be on your way. Go on.”

Zhao Hai saw that he really had nothing for these two, and he just said, “Blockhead, Rockhead, I know the two of you were raised by my father since you were little and you are absolutely loyal to Buda family, but where I really want to go right now is a place that concerns the future development of Buda family, so it’s best that you don’t follow me. You can’t even if you want, so after a while, if I suddenly disappear, don’t panic and shout. This will do, right?”

As soon as Zhao Hai stopped speaking, the twins both moved their hands and pulled out their zweihänders behind their backs and placed the cutting edges on their own necks. Their faces were saying ‘If you don’t let us follow you, we will die right now’.

Zhao Hai smacked his own cranium. Facing such stubborn people was really headache inducing for him. But he had no other way. He knew it when he saw Blockhead and Rockhead’s actions. If he really didn’t let them follow him, they might really kill themselves. They were part of the very last few people to be absolutely loyal to Buda family. How could he let them die this way?

But bringing them into the space like this would mean that they would know its secrets. Zhao Hai was quite unwilling, actually.

Yet Zhao Hai didn’t grasp the knowledge of the space completely. The radish seeds were planted before the sun was up, and now that it was well into the morning, he didn’t know what became of them. He had to take a look. When the radishes matured, they must be collected. They were money, you know.

Most importantly, Zhao Hai still wanted to know how to bring the water and soil from the space to outside of it. They could change soils. If he really could, then the black soil outside would likely be changed into a good farming field. This was what Zhao Hai needed the most.

Just when Zhao Hai was weighing the pros and cons of entering the space, Blockhead and Rockhead were still holding their swords. Their eyes looking still at Zhao Hai. They were afraid that he would disappear in an instant.

After a while, Zhao Hai went back to reality. He looked at the two and smiled wryly, “Alright, you can come, but what you’re about to see today must not be spoken of. If you do, at most it’s going to be grandpa Greene, granny Maylin and Meg. Other than them, you must never speak of it to anyone. Not even during your dreams.”

The twins nodded at the same time, but they still haven’t put down their swords.

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