Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11 – Arrangements

Greene lived his life in the empire and he had seen lots of grand occasions. He immediately snapped out of it. He didn’t look at the thing on the table, but look at Zhao Hai with sparkling eyes instead, “You can use magic, young master?”

Zhao Hai shook his head, “I can’t use magic and you know it. Anyone who drinks the Water Of Void cannot use magic ever again. This is just a kind of ability. It cannot attack. It just lets me store some stuff.”

Greene nodded while looking slightly disappointed. He then turned to look at the table and noticed the radish on the table. He did a double take and immediately held it up. He looked at it carefully, smelled it, and then even took a bite. He nodded and put the radish back on the table and turned to Zhao Hai, “This is magic radish, young master. It’s a very common type of magic vegetable.”

Zhao Hai was dumbstruck, “What magic vegetable? Are there other kinds?”

Greene nodded, “Yes, young master. There are 2 kinds of vegetables in Ark Continent. One is normal vegetables. These are commonly eaten by civilians and slaves. While the other is magic vegetables which nobles normally eat. These vegetables themselves contain some magic energies. They can only grow in especially fine soil and require tender care. Magic radishes are this kind of magic vegetables, but they’re also the most common. The current market price is about 1 silver coin per kilo.”

Zhao Hai calculated quickly in his mind. He now had 80000 kilos of radishes. 1 silver coin per kilo, which meant 80000 silver coins. Changing them into gold coins would be 8000 gold coins. This was a lot more profitable than selling back to space. Selling them back to space would only get 500 gold coins, which meant that every kilo would only yield just 6 copper coins and a bit. Comparing this world’s money power to Earth’s, it meant that if he sold these to space, he would only get about 60 cents per kilo while selling them to the people here would yield 10 bucks per kilo. About 20 times in difference. Even dumbasses would know this transaction should be done.

Just then, Greene held up the radish again and said, “But this magic radish is kinda strange. No magic radish on the continent was ever this big, and its flavor is much stronger than others. Where did you get this, young master?”

Zhao Hai didn’t answer him and just said, “Do the blue-eyed rabbits eat these leaves? When we buy magic radishes, do they come with the leaves?”

Greene shook his head and said, “We don’t want the leaves when we buy them. The flavor of the leaves isn’t anything, but blue-eyed rabbits actually like eating them. Why do you ask, young master?”

Zhao Hai yelled as he stood up. He walked in circles twice with a giddy expression, “The heavens haven’t forsaken me! Great! With this, I can build a ranch!”

When Greene saw Zhao Hai acting that way, he felt a little afraid. He didn’t know what came over Zhao Hai and immediately asked, “Young master, what’s up with you? Don’t scare the old me like that.”

Zhao Hai snapped out of it and laughed while looking at Greene, “Fear not, grandpa Greene. I’m just too happy. Oh yeah, let me ask you. Is this magic radish sellable?”

Greene relaxed upon seeing how Zhao Hai returned to normal. He nodded and replied, “Very. Now that there aren’t a lot of battles on the continent and people have a lot of income, many civilians have also bought some magic radishes to eat. They’re the cheapest of all magic vegetables, so a lot of people buy them.”

Zhao Hai nodded and sat down. He also let Greene sit down and said, “Grandpa Greene, I have 80000 kilos of magic radishes right now. Think of a way to sell them out. It’s fine if they’re sold a bit cheaper, but you have to get them out as soon as possible, and then buy as many blue-eyed rabbits as possible. We’re living on this mountain and there are many abandoned dwarven mineshafts. We can turn those mineshafts into blue-eyed rabbit burrows, and we will have a fixed income this way.”

Greene was stunned. He stood up excitedly and said, “Did you say you have 80000 kilos of magic radishes, young master? How did you have so many of them?”

Zhao Hai shook his head, “Don’t fuss about the details first. Just finalize this matter as soon as possible. And you must get a big buyer, and tell him I have magic radishes all over my hands. There will be 80000 in about 2 days. He can have as much as he wants.”

Greene stammered, “Is it real, young master? You…. you really have t…t-t- that many magic radishes? Wh.. Where did you get them?”

Zhao Hai smiled, “There’s no need for you to trouble yourself about that. Just settle this matter as soon as you can. You must be quick, but you must also keep a low profile. Don’t let others discover that the goods are sold from us. Can you do it?”

Greene calmed down in an instant. He didn’t know where Zhao Hai got all those radishes, but he knew it must’ve been related to that ability of his, so he immediately replied, “Relax, young master. This old me can still do it. I will arrange it immediately.”

Zhao Hai nodded called out to the leaving Greene, “Grandpa Greene, tell those slaves to stop minding the supplies and clear those mineshafts immediately. It must be done within the shortest time. We want to raise lots of blue-eyed rabbits. I will keep the supplies. Don’t you worry.”

Greene’s eyes sparkled. He gained a new recognition of Zhao Hai’s ability. Although Zhao Hai said that his ability didn’t have an attack capability, but just being able to store so many things and provide that many magic radishes were impressive enough already.

Greene nodded immediately, “Don’t worry, young master. I will arrange that. Blockhead, Rockhead, from now on, protect young master well in every step. I will leave for several days. Maylin, Meg, take a good look at the slaves. You must do the things young master arrange in the shortest amount of time, understand?”

At this moment, Greene finally displayed the prestige and prowess of a noble family’s steward. He arranged the several most important things in the shortest time. First was Zhao Hai’s safety. Second was working time. Third was heading out to sell the radishes. Obviously, the was going to do all three himself.

Maylin and others were dumbstruck. They never thought that Zhao Hai had such a secret. Now that Greened bossed them, they snapped out of it. They all heeded to Greene with a sound before he walked out hurriedly.

Zhao Hai looked at Greene’s back and nodded. Seemed like it wasn’t as if Greene knew nothing. The reason why he spent all the money before coming to Black Wastelands might be something Zhao Hai guessed. It was to let Adam have no money to spend and stay here honestly. But it seemed that Greene would no longer need to worry about this.

Once Maylin saw Greene leave, she turned to Zhao Hai and spoke, “You’re hungry aren’t you, young master? You haven’t eaten anything since waking up in the morning, right? I’ll prepare something for you right away.” She walked to the kitchen after that.

Zhao Hai replied hurriedly, “Forget it, granny Maylin. I’m still full from eating half a magic radish. I can’t take another bite.”

Maylin shook her head, “How can it do? How can you be full from eating such a thing? Just wait, young master. I will go ahead and make a meal. It will be done quick.”

Once Zhao Hai saw that he couldn’t stop her, he interrupted, “Granny Maylin, take this magic radish with you and make a dish.”

Maylin took the half-eaten radish into the kitchen, while Meg stood next to Zhao Hai with Blockhead and Rockhead to his rear left and right.

Zhao Hai looked at them and couldn’t hold back his bitter smile. He knew that Blockhead and Rockhead would not hear a word he would say. These two guys were very stubborn. They would only listen to Greene so he didn’t say anything else. He just turned to Meg and said, “Bring me some coya, Meg. I’m a little thirsty.”

Meg heeded with a sound and went to the kitchen. But when she got behind Zhao Hai, she peeked at him before heading to the kitchen in a hurry.

Zhao Hai sat there in boredom. There were too few people he could talk to in the castle right now. They’re just Maylin and others. The slaves couldn’t hold a normal conversation with him right now. If Zhao Hai were to start one, they would be frightened, so he could only sit there alone right now.

He originally wanted to talk with Blockhead and Rockhead, but the two of them were the kind of people who didn’t have big enough brains, so a conversation would go nowhere with them. That’s why he could only sit there idly in boredom.

Good thing that Meg brought out a pot of coya after a moment, but after she poured a cup, she retreated to Zhao Hai’s back and made no sounds. This frustrated him incredibly, but he didn’t know what to say to Meg as well. Because of what Adam did to Meg, it made Zhao Hai feel very awkward when facing Meg as well.

Maylin’s movements were still pretty quick. It didn’t take more than a moment for Zhao Hai’s breakfast to be prepared. Similar to Earth’s western breakfasts, the one Maylin prepared for Zhao Hai was still bread, gravy and some eggs. These eggs were not the same as Earth’s eggs, of course. They’re eggs from a level 1 earth chicken from Ark Continent.

Zhao Hai turned to Maylin and others, “Granny Maylin, sit down and eat. You have a lot to do after eating, so no need to keep me company.”

Maylin nodded and didn’t refute this time because she knew that after eating, they really had many things to do. Maylin and Meg returned to the kitchen again to bring out several sets of breakfasts and ate them with Blockhead and Rockhead.

After having breakfast, Zhao Hai didn’t return to this room. Instead, he went to the living room on ground level and drank coya as he sat down. He knew Greene would report to him after managing everything, so he didn’t rush.

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