BBP’s Consort: Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Beaten Viciously

Su Qi Qi was knocked down to the floor by the force of the blow. Her face immediately started swelling, yet the depths of her eyes were ice-cold, looking straight at Hua Qian Zi.

“Oh, how could I forget, you’re Wang Fei niang niang!” At this moment, Hua Qian Zi trembled for a moment, but immediately returned to a smiling expression. She walked up to help Su Qi Qi up, only to slap her again.

The other side of Su Qi Qi’s face also started swelling.

Though she called her the wang fei, she did not hold back her slaps at all. This Hua Qian Zi was clearly provoking Su Qi Qi.

And completely did not care about this wang fei‘s status.

“What did you all see?” Though Hua Qian Zi had just slapped someone, she arrogantly looked at the surrounding servants, the depths of her eyes flashing coldly.

“This servant…… didn’t see anything.” All the people present replied weakly.

Hua Qian Zi’s smile became even more aggressive and wide.

“Come, someone lock Su Qi Qi into the firewood shed. Without my command, she shall not be let out. No one is allowed to send food and water to her, if I find out, humph……” Hua Qian Zi’s attitude was completely like that of a mistress, after giving out her command she immediately turned and left.

Su Qi Qi knew, whether she was weak or she was strong, opposing this kind of woman, either way there won’t be good fruits to eat1.

(1) It’s a pretty simple metaphor. Basically, even if she is strong, dealing with Hua Qian Zi’s bound to make her life a pain.

Even if she’s strong, so what? In truth, she was only an wang fei in name.

She sat quietly in the firewood shed. It was already the period when autumn was about to end and winter was to begin, this northern region was already very cold.

All she had on her was just that flimsy piece of rough cotton clothing. The firewood shed had wind blowing through the cracks everywhere. Su Qi Qi could only hug her shoulders trying to keep warm. She only wondered, why would this woman stay calm for two months, and suddenly cause trouble now.

The moonlight was slightly desolate and added to the bleakness of this night.

The door of the firewood shed was softly pushed open, and a small skinny figure carefully and cautiously walked in.

Su Qi Qi who was cold to the point of turning numb slightly lifted her head when she heard noise. Seeing that the person who came in was actually Jing Man, her heart warmed. Being together with these laundry maids for this long, there was a bit of affection.

Especially Jing Man, the two’s relationship were the closest.

“Jing Man, why did you come.” Su Qi Qi quietly asked this one question.

“Qi Qi…… I’ve wronged you……” Jing Man choked with sobs. To let this incident’s blame fall on Su Qi Qi, the worst would be to be locked into the firewood shed and being beaten, but if she, Jing Man, had to shoulder the blame, she definitely would have lost her life today.

Yatou2, what are you saying, aren’t I just fine.” Su Qi Qi hurriedly smiled, heavily pushed herself up to stand, leaning on the wall: “You shouldn’t have come here, hurry and leave. Remember to live well.”

(2) Did I mention Ya Tou can also be used as a form of endearment from someone of higher ranking to someone of lower ranking? Well, how unexpected. I thought it definitely would’ve been used in scolding first.

Jing Man repeatedly nodded, opened her hand, placing two white steamed buns onto Su Qi Qi’s palm: “Hurry and eat, I have to go now. Tomorrow I’ll bring you more.”

Her lips smoothed from the happiness she felt, Su Qi Qi took one steamed bun, and slowly started eating.

The door of the firewood shed once again closed.

Not waiting for Su Qi Qi to sit back down, outside a burst of flames lit up the sky, more than ten guards rushed here.

Hua Qian Zi walked at the front: “Such nerve, to dare to disobey this lady’s commands. Come, someone tie her up, I want her beaten viciously.”

Jing Man who had just walked out of the firewood shed was lifted by several large men.

Su Qi Qi rushed to stand up and threw herself to the side of the firewood shed door, yet her voice carried a note of dignity as she said: “Cousin Miss, don’t make things difficult for her.”

Casting a glance at Su Qi Qi who was inside the firewood shed, Hua Qian Zi clenched her teeth. If she could, she definitely wouldn’t make things difficult for just this one servant.

Unexpectedly, that gaze was full of resentment.

“Hit.” Hua Qian Zi grinded her teeth again as she said.

Ignoring Jing Man’s begs for forgiveness, several large men raised their lashes to beat her3.

(3) The image I’m getting from the text is that they’re surrounding her and just all hitting her at the same time. Not like in the historical movies where they’re dragged onto a plank and beaten in an orderly manner.

“Hua Qian Zi, ben gong4 orders you to stop.” Su Qi Qi watched as Jing Man’s small and skinny body tumbled around on the floor, her body already covered with blood. She bitterly clenched her teeth as she ordered in a cold tone.

(4) Ben Gong is a way of referring to oneself, employed by an empress or a high-ranking consort when speaking to a person or an audience of lower rank or status

Hua Qian Zi trembled for a moment, wanting to say something, but swallowed it back down.

“Such impertinence, I said to stop.” Su Qi Qi turned to look at those guards.

Her presence was astonishing, with an imposing manner as if that of someone great.

It made those large men holding the whips pause, stunned.


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