Bewitching Prince Chapter 223-224

Chapter 223-224


Also for some reason when I read really sad or tragic romantic scenes, my chest throbs and hurts a lot. Like a dull ache but it hurts painfully when it throbs? Uh hard to explain. But its so strange! Is it just me?

Also im going on a 6 hour car trip tomorrow… any ideas to stop me from getting insanely bored? 😛

Translator: Kiki

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5 Responses to Bewitching Prince Chapter 223-224

  1. Floating noodles says:

    Ahhh i know right, tragic and sad romantic scenes hurt a lot and also make my hands uncomfortable for some reason

    Probably itching to chop some character to death

  2. Floating noodles says:

    Thank you for your hardwork!

  3. Silent Radioactivity says:

    I do get the heart throbbing on romantic scenes, but it happens rarely. Though it doesn’t hurt it’s more like… comfortable tingling?

    If you have space on your phone, download movies or tv-shows. Or take a nap, I always do that when I don’t have fellow passenger to talk to.

  4. we be kings says:

    I got chills reading the first few chapters of Xiao Qi, wait. It was sad that she loved the guy so much before but has forgotten him completely.

    And A fragrance waiting to be appreciated. When the couple met again after years apart. So sad and sweet 😢😢😢

  5. S_a says:

    Or download some podcasts you’d find interesting to listen to.

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