GDBBM – Chapter 321-322

Double dose of happiness brought to you by Sam Gillis! *wolf whistles & clappers* yAaaay yaaaay it’s friday! Let’s crank up the music and throw Sam Gillis up in the air, ready… get set…. GO! Hip hip! Hurray! Hip hip! HurraY!!!! WOOOoooooooooo HOOOOooooooo! Chapter 321 Chapter 322 Have an awesome … Continue reading

GDBBM – Chapter 318-319

Sorry for the late release! Here’s your extra dose of happiness chapter 318 brought to you by Rochelle Remolana~ and your extra dose of happiness chapter 319 brought to you by Sam Gillis! *flings pom poms madly in the air amidst the fireworks and confetti* Thank you so much! Let’s put our hands … Continue reading

GDBBM – Chapter 317

Chapter 317 Surprise! hahah ok, was exhilarated when I woke up to find a jump in the queue, let’s thank our amazing supporters! Before work gets crazy again, here’s your regular happy dose! Special shoutoutz to Sam Gillis who’ll be bringing you lots…and lots ..of extra doses of we … Continue reading

GDBBM – Chapter 314

Chapter 314 *trumpet* ta daaaaaaaa… *gasp for air* Yay! We made it! squeezed out an extra dose of happiness! *wheeze* *pant*.. here you go! This awesome dose was brought to you by Jubintoro Shannen! *Fireworks in rainbow colours that comes out with the outline of the various peaks* … *Boom boom boom* **clap … Continue reading