Accompanying The Phoenix- 8.1

Rest of Chap 8/8.1

So here’s the rest, earlier I said it’d be longer so it’s 2x the normal part length. 1/5 done. It’s finally getting serious, 0.0…. Also I managed to find some Chen Li cosplay out there so it’s on the top of the chapter.

Shout out to Midori for some reason managing to comment on all of the parts. So weird… but cool!


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Accompanying The Phoenix- Chapter 7

Chapter 7, sponsored by Darine! A round of applause for him!  I’m not sure if I should feel pity or anger at Xing Yun…

I’m going to start making a quota for weekly chapters, that way I can’t use regular chapters as sponsored chapters when I’m lazy. So normally, you will get a max of 5 parts a week (1-2 chapters a week). That way I get organized free time, and you don’t get wasted money. This will start on Friday and reset every Friday.

Sorry, this part is kinda short, A longer one will be out on Thursday! Or maybe Wednesday.


Accompanying the Phoenix Chapter 6.1

As promised, The rest of chap 6!

Whoa whoa whoa though, you guys were seriously awesome. I meant the chapter page, but that was still more than 15 comments 0.0. I never said anything about quitting though…. and donating isn’t a must or anything, so please don’t over do things XD. Chapter 6 was surprisingly short though, wonder why. Tomorrow will have a total of 2 parts, look forward to it!

p.s I’m a noob with tech, so if u see something like a link not working, please do tell!

TL; Kiki