DKC chapter 90 and thank you for all the offers to help

DKC chapter 90 our 3rd regular release of the week is here. Brought to you by Brian and June. I would like to thank the overwhelming response to help with editing from our readers, we are all set for now…And I will be introducing them soon. Tomorrow onto the sponsored … Continue reading

DKC chapter 88 always looking for more people to help

Chapter 88 is here (1 out 3 regular release of the week). Had a wonderful relaxing weekend and found another Chinese novel with kick-ass female lead on reddit…The series was translated up to 9 chapters (very long chapters) with total of 43 chapters….Once I have more time I may try … Continue reading

DKC chapter 82 time warp because of cliffhanger

Yeah!!! 😀 I get to say chapter 82 is a regular chapter for next week…Do the alyschu time warp dance. Also I don’t like cliffhanger so its sort of turned into a double release 😉 Brought to you by AyabeWakasa and June. Oh yeah…we are on a roll but still soooooooo far … Continue reading