DKC chapter 378-379 Reader sponsored

Chapter 378 and Chapter 379 are chapters sponsored by readers for clicking our page brought to you by June and Ninja. Hoho…should be down with all sponsored queue in two days then FREE WEEKEND and beyond!!!! Here are more reader/commentor we would like to thank:

Sith Kazar                         Mushfwo
Dell                                    anon
Busy Bee                           Foxy
rubah                                 Narcolepticmunchkin
pocscz06                           agni

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5 Responses to DKC chapter 378-379 Reader sponsored

  1. Penny says:

    You sound so happy in the post but I’m so sad 🙁

    But you deserve a break after indulging us thus far. Thank you for your hard work !

    • June says:

      Well I haven’t had time to catch up with my other readings in Chinese Novels… I’m like hundreds of chapters behind so having more free time to catch up is great. DKC isn’t that popular so sponsors come in waves… even though it seems like it’s pretty constant. And you are welcome 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sighs* I don’t really understand… So it means… No update for a while. =| kinda sad but. Everyone deserves a break. =]

    • June says:

      It means that we’ll be back to three to four chapters a week after this weekend as I will be finished with all the sponsored chapters 🙂

      • Bhlover says:

        Oh~ I thought there will be no update for a while… That made me happy.. Thank you so much june… =] happy weekends~

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