DKC chapter 406 Another 10 sponsored done

Chapter 406 is here to celebrate completing another 10 sponsored chapters from Dewi S, Donald Trump Making Anime Real 2016, Ana C, Suchada L, Samantha W, Carolyn C, RedApple (2), Anna J, Teresa G and Anonymous. Chapter brought to you by June and Ninja. A free weekend here I come… See … Continue reading

DKC – Chapter 405::: Welcome back Moonbunnycafe

Chapter 405 lets use this chapter to celebrate MoonbunnyCafe’s move and hope we get better service than before!!! I don’t think I could take another unexpected shut down of MoonbunnyCafe. Chapter brought to you by June and Ninja. The only good thing that came out of the shutdown was I managed … Continue reading

DKC chapter 403, 404 sponsored by Anonymous

Chapter 403 and Chapter 404 are the sponsored and gift chapter by Anonymous who managed to submit a donation when MBC was under attack… A toast to your dedication to refreshing our page 🙂 brought to you by June and Ninja. We are done!!! All sponsored queues cleared so see you … Continue reading

DKC chapter 398 and future release info

Chapter 398 is another chapter sponsored by RedApple brought to you by June and Ninja. Yes this chapter was released yesterday but due to DDos attacks I haven’t been able publish the post about it. I still can’t edited the DKC mainpage where all the chapters are linked 🙁 Right now … Continue reading