ATG Chapter 496

First, let me answer a question asked by a few readers. The reason why we made the poll after the chapter was so the element of surprise/fun would not be lost, and that you guys can read the entire chapter again using whatever name you deem fit. If made first, the poll would’ve totally ruined the chapter before its release if I had to explain it!

For those of you who like the pinyin names because it looks/sounds more like a name, it’s actually not suppose to sound like a real name in the first place, and it really doesn’t! Making it sound more “intelligent and easy” was not the author’s intention. Anyways, along with the approval of the majority of our readers, we decided that since it’s actually cringeworthy in Chinese, it shall be cringe in English!

Chapter 496 is brought to you by gloo and alyschu.

This chapter was sponsored by Brett F, Kenneth L, Flip G, Ryan H, Steven H, Andreas N, and Daniel K. Enjoy the chapter!

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