ATG Chapter 193 and 194

A brand new week, starting with two brand new regular chapters and a new member! I have started to open up translator recruitment again so throw yourself at me if you wish to join us here for ATG~

Chapter 193 is brought to you by RedWingedXyl.. I mean RenWoXing and not much of alyschu.
Chapter 194 is brought to you by 7ofSpades, some of gloo, and some of alyschu.


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2 Responses to ATG Chapter 193 and 194

  1. Charles says:

    Thank you!

  2. jacobpaige says:

    If that really is the reason that they insist on maintaining their chastity, then it seems to me that it would be a far better idea for them to pop their own cherries as soon as they’re old enough to enjoy doing so. If that doesn’t work, they could pop each others’ cherries. If a man has to be involved, then they could find a guy to pop it before beginning to learn the Sect’s Profound art and just practice some other ice attributed art until then. If they have to have practiced the art for it to matter, then they could just be required to suppress their own breakthrough to the True Profound Realm until after they’d popped their cherry.

    The only reason at least one of these wouldn’t work would be if the Art became utterly unusable after the cherry was popped. And if that’s the case, then he not only raped her, but also stole any chance she had of becoming stronger without abandoning her sect’s Art.

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