ATG Chapter 160

Chapter 160 is brought to you by Dodo and alyschu.

This chapter was sponsored by keenan e, Muhammad F, and Axel S. Thanks guys!

Also, I see that some of you have questions and things you want to say and ask me personally, feel free to contact me via email for a response!

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9 Responses to ATG Chapter 160

  1. Don says:

    Not there?!

  2. Jowwy says:

    Someone stole your project 🙁

  3. ymehappy says:

    Thanks for translating, dun worry about the other idiot translating, yours are the best, long live alyschu!

  4. YunChe says:

    Thank you for translating this. <3

  5. Rubah says:

    I see someone’s been digging holes again…hopefully ATG won’t have as sad an ending as ST.

    P/s: And here’s the link to Ren’s rant on poaching for those who need a refresh on ST and its demise

  6. ryoma says:

    you have to fight more chapters ,, so that they can not be searched attention again

  7. Charles says:

    TL;DR – I love you, translators!

    Not a Reddit user, so I don’t see much that goes on there, but that was an interesting read.
    Personally, I started reading online with English webnovels, and didn’t even discover translated works until a year or two ago (odd, considering how long I’ve read manga scanlations). All the translators out there do an amazing job not only translating but trying to give us frame of reference for cultural things we wouldn’t catch otherwise.
    Re: digging holes, as a leecher, all we can do is to support and encourage, and I’d hope people would realize they are in no position to demand anything. This is people’s free time which they give to bring you enjoyment, how could they owe you anything?
    Sure, I always wish things came out faster, but I know that I myself can’t translate, so I just express my thanks and wait. I’d rather have a competent group than a speedy release. That’s been true since I started reading manga.
    Anyway, sorry to rant, keep bringing us that ATG and MMS goodness! And of course your other works, which I haven’t gotten around to checking out yet. ;-P

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