ATG Chapter 136 and the somewhat bad news

First of all, Chapter 136 is here, brought to you by alyschu, gloo, and OverTheRanbow.

This chapter was sponsored by Michael Du and gleb c. Thanks guys!

Now onto the somewhat bad news. I decided that Summertime Madness is now officially over today. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, Summertime Madness was what I called the sponsored system active for this translation that was only suppose be effective until the end of August. Now that August (and our summer) has come to an end, it is suppose to have ended and releases should have went back to the casual “at least one chapter a week” non-commitment. However, there are still sponsored chapters in queue and we don’t want to not repay all of your kindness so what I’m going to do is decrease the number of regular chapters per week from three to two and just leave the sponsored system up. My goal now is to try to at least get one out once every two days! Unless an extremely free person joins our team, I don’t think it’s likely that we’ll have time to translate.

If you guys want more chapters, go throw translators who are free at me.

Enjoy the chapter and the dancing bunny.

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2 Responses to ATG Chapter 136 and the somewhat bad news

  1. Chance Thompson says:

    Sad but you gave us more then we could hope fore

  2. Qate says:

    3 chapters a week is already a chapter every 2 days.. So I don’t understand where is the change…
    You just replaced a regular chapter for a sponsored one!

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