Adorable consort chapter 36: Want to hibernate

Chapter brought to you by Lilian, Su Jeong, June and Ninja. From 70F to 40F in less than a week… This editor/translator will continue hibernating until she get to that tropical island in Japan. Really tempted to buy that Adult sized teddy bear for $29.99 in costco for warmth…except it’s bigger than me 🙁

Adorable Consort Chapter 36

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2 Responses to Adorable consort chapter 36: Want to hibernate

  1. Samhain says:

    Okinawa, near japan has a very healthy environment and the most people over 100 years old around the world. Should consider moving there if you can.

    • June says:

      I’m only going to be in Okinawa for two years… I doubt I’ll be able to pickup healthy eating habits as I munch away at a bag of cheesy garlic bread potato chips 🙂

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